Let’s face it – shopping for men can be a challenge for anyone and today I am hoping I make your shopping trip a little easier for you.  I am the only girl (woman) in a house filled with men (my husband and 3 sons) so shopping for me is a breeze once I know their style.  Knowing the style of your special gentlemen is key in finding a gift that will suit them.  Most men are not very picky and if they are, you should know by now what they do and don’t like.  Use those things as inspiration to do your shopping and hopefully the gifts I share with you will give you a little idea as to where to start.  Here is my Gift Guide for the Man in your life – use this information wisely. lol

Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life


Unconventional Gift Idea: Let me start off by saying, if you are shopping for your husband, fiance or boyfriend and want something a little special and you’re comfortable doing so – boudoir shots or just a really pretty glam shot of you framed in a nice setting could be a great option as a gift.  I didn’t list it above, but it has been a great choice for me a few times already.  There is no need for any nudity and it can be tastefully done and look wonderful.  That makes a great Valentine’s Day gift as well.  One year I took head shots in a pretty top and had my hair styled and makeup done.  My husband still carries it in his wallet.

1. Men’s Arm Candy – I’m a watch addict (most people know this), so each year I buy my husband a new watch either for Christmas or his birthday which is Dec. 1st.  I have my favorite brands to buy him and because of his job G-Shock tends to be a really great brand for wear and can handle his daily use for his job.  There are many other brands out there to select from.  Some of my favorites include:  G-Shock, Invicta, Fossil, ESQ, JORD and Martin & MacArthur.

2. Skin care – My husband has sensitive skin and is always looking for products that will not only work for him but that will be gentle on his skin.  A favorite in our house is Menaji Skin Care for Men.  This brand offers a variety of skin care products for the man in your life including Masques, Shave creams, eye gels and more.  Menaji has an awesome set called:  The David Skin Care Set that includes four travel sized goods in a very cool expandable travel case.  Each product included in the set comes from their “Most Popular” and has a retail value of $135.95 but is currently on sale for $79.00.  This is a great gift for the man who travels for work or who just loves to keep his skin great.

Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life

3. Scarf – If you live in a cold climate… it’s normal to see men walking around with scarves.  It is not the norm here in Hawaii, but I figured I would include it.  Scarves can range in cost from affordable to high end and luxury prices, but a great scarf that gives a man a little swagger is always a great find.  If scarves are not your thing, a great necktie or beenie would be a great fit as well.

4. Fedora or a new Hat– Hats are a huge hit in our house and man we surely have a very large collection.  One of my husband’s favorites (and mine since I tend to take them from him) are Fedoras.  They are classic and make sure a great statement piece to any ensemble.  Fedora’s are fun because they come in different fabric and style and have a variety of colors to choose from.  They offer a swagger to them that most men will like and look really classy.  My husband can wear his with anything but looks quite dapper in a full suit topped with a Fedora.  I totally suggest one of these and they can be the perfect topper to a great outfit.  If your man may not like a Fedora or it may not be his style – a regular hat or something he will enjoy will be an awesome gift too.

5. T-Shirts – We all love a great cozy and soft t-shirt.  I will always pick up at least one t-shirt for my husband during the holiday as a gift.  This year with Star Wars releasing just before Christmas, what better gift than a Star Wars shirt.  A fun cool saying or a neat Star Wars graphic will be a great addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially one who is a Star Wars fan.

6. A New Belt – Ah, nothing says love like buying a new belt – right?  Well, it may not be a traditional choice for a gift, but belts make great gifts for the Father or Father in Law figure in your life.  It’s a professional yet stylish gift that can be purchased in a variety of colors, types like leather or fabric, choice of buckle and even price range.  There are so many available.  I am a huge fan of Coach so when I look at belts, Coach is my go-to for something like this.  But, don’t be afraid – there are a ton of them available to choose from.

Of course, there are other items I like to pick up for my husband including some new tools or drill bits, electronic stuff he can use in his car or even some new knives for cooking but these are some items that will make for fun gifts.  If you have that techie man that has his eye on a new phone case or someone who enjoys music, there are so many items out there to choose from.

  • Music Lover – Amazon Prime Music or Spotify membership.
  • Techie or Smart phone addict – E Gift Card to iTunes or Google Play for their favorite apps.
  • Chef – a new set of Santoku knives or a new saute pan.
  • Sports fanatic – something with their favorite sports team logo.

Remember, the key to shopping for the man in your life is to know their style and what they love.  Once you have all that information set – the rest is easy peezy and shopping is a breeze.  In fact, you can get most of everything you need from online shopping and you don’t even have to step foot outside your door or get out of your PJs.  I hope the holiday shopping is going well for all of you.  Do you have a man that is hard to shop for?  If so – I hope you can find the perfect gift for him this year!

Happy Holidays!

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Disclaimer:   Some of the products mentioned in this post were sent to me for feature.   All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and I was paid to feature the product(s).  Affiliate links are posted through out.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Great suggestions! Men can be so hard to shop for, or at least Jeff can be 😉

  2. In Michigan a scarf is so needed and they get ratty after a year when used this often. That and gloves are traditional around here.

  3. I want to get that Star Wars shirt for my husband. He’d like the soft, comfy feel of it and I could giggle at him wearing it around and not getting the reference. 3:)

  4. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    yes, it’s a PITA to shop for guys. My hub’s bday is coming soon, I asked him bajillion times what he wants and he always says he doesn’t need anything. Whatevs!!!!

  5. I should have thought about a belt for my hubby. Maybe I should get one for my dad. He’s impossible to shop for now, but he still wears belts!

  6. polarbelle Reply

    You have a few things I was planning to get my guys. I’d like to get my son a body or skincare set, but I’m not sure I could pick a scent he would like. I always over think these things.

    • The Menaji set is very light scented… there is a fragrance there, but really not enough to give off any particular scent or to be a turn off. 🙂

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