I absolutely love how universal and stylish footwear is and how it can change a look in a matter of seconds with a switch of the shoes.  But, sometimes – using high heels can be uncomfortable on my ankle injuries and a little massage can go a long way.  Today I’m sharing with you some goodies from Kushyfoot, a brand I have been introduced to that helps to massage your feet with every step you take.  With a wide selection of products for your every need – your feet can be pampered and comfy for any footwear your choose to use.

Komfy Kozy Kushyfoot - Massaging Your Feet With Every Step

Kushyfoot is a brand that offers a selection of different foot massaging cover-ups that help your feet to feel comfortable in any type of footwear.  They also have Flats to Go! which are there to help you on those days that you need to give your feet a little break from your heels.  They are comfy and come in an array of sizes or one size fits all.   With each step you get a little massage that helps standing on your feet all day or wearing your favorite pair of shoes comfy and cozy.

Komfy Kozy Kushyfoot - Massaging Your Feet With Every Step

The Flats to Go! are fold-able ballerina flats that come in four different patterns (I got Leopard) and retail for $9.99 – $11.99.  They are perfect for those days where you may be on your feet longer than expected and are so easy to travel with, they fit right in your purse.  I received size 9-10 which was a bit too big for me, so it doesn’t stay on my feet and slides off, but I’m sure with a size smaller, they will be perfect.  I keep them in my car or in my purse and love that I can use my heels and then switch out as my feet become achy.  They are so convenient and stylish.

Komfy Kozy Kushyfoot - Massaging Your Feet With Every Step

The Sheer Anklets are perfect with pumps and come in nude and black.  They have a zig zag sole to help protect the ball of your foot, are super stretchy and fit every foot shape and size.  They retail for $11.97 and you get 3 pairs which is not only a time saver but a money saver too.  I love how comfy these are and they make slipping on your favorite pumps and heels easy and really comfortable to wear.

Komfy Kozy Kushyfoot - Massaging Your Feet With Every Step

The Peep Toe with Heel Grip Foot Covers are fun and perfect for those peep toe pumps you love.  They retail for $11.97 and include three pairs.  Available in Nude & Black and easy to put on and take off.  These feel so comfortable on that it makes me want to use my peep toe heels all the time.  This foot cover features cut outs for your toes and heel grip that keep them in place for you all day.  You can use these with pumps if you would like, but they are meant for your peep toe or open toe heels and work wonders.  I love how comfy my feet feel when wearing these inside of my favorite shoes.

Komfy Kozy Kushyfoot - Massaging Your Feet With Every Step

The Lace Top Toe Covers are my favorite from Kushy Foot.  They are so flirty and girly and very feminine.  These cute toe covers come in two colors – black and nude (nude pictured).  These retail for $23.97 and include 6 pairs.  Each toe cover has a sweet lace top that covers the toe area and a clear elastic band that hooks around the heel.  It’s a lot more comfy then they look and once they are on – they feel like you are wearing nothing at all.  These go great in your favorite open back or sling back sandal or pumps.  I just love how feminine these are and add a little extra something to your outfit, even if they are hidden beneath your favorite shoe.

Kushyfoot also offers a variety of different ankle and knee high sheers for you to use under your favorite mary janes or other footwear and I absolutely love the Sport Foot Covers under my Under Armour Tennis Shoes as they have a ventilated mesh top, arch support and stay put and in place even through my most aggressive run.  Each of their products feel so comfortable and cool and I notice that I don’t have a sweaty feeling when I remove them.  Kushyfoot also offers socks for men which make it great for shopping when you are looking for something for you – you can buy something for the man in your life too.  After using these over the last few months, my feet don’t hurt as much as they normally do without Kushyfoot – which is a big deal for my injured ankles.  I love how versatile these can be and how easy they are to use.  They are priced reasonably and you have a plethora of options.

Have you heard of Kushyfoot before or have you used or seen any of the styles I have shared with you today?  Is this something you could see adding to your footwear needs?  What are your favorite heels to wear and will Kushyfoot be a good match for you?

Shop or check out more products from Kushyfoot here:

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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned and discussed in this post were sent to me for review and consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted through out.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I got the cute little tiger flats to go and a great pair of tights last winter. I LOVE them!

  2. The peep toe socks look like the socks I had to wear when I was on dance team so I didn’t totally ruin the bottoms of my feet from spinning LOL. These look great!

  3. My blog partner has a lot of Kushyfoot and always raves about them too.

  4. all_the_words025 Reply

    I didn’t know they had so many great options. i have a pair of the flats to go that I always keep in my bag. So handy!

  5. Aleya Bamdad Reply

    I’ve tried their slippers and love them. Those lacey socks are really cute.

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