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If you have been keeping tabs on me over the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that it has been such a trying time on myself and my family – having lost a few loved ones, dealing with sickness and planning for other things.  I’m not going to lie, I think the word “Challenge” is short of what has happened this past month.  But nonetheless, I know that things happen and while we don’t plan to deal with it, sometimes we just have to take it all in stride.   Here’s what I say to it all… remember to love your family and be thankful that they are in your life.  Know that with any downfall, there is always something wonderful right behind that.

So – on a positive note… everyone in my immediate family seems to have gotten over their colds. Yippee!  I took the twins in to get their flu shots since they have been sick off an on pretty frequently since the new year started.  I know there are many out there that do not agree with shots, but it’s always worked for my family – no side effects in sight and I will continue to give it to them until I feel otherwise.  I’m glad they finally got it… along with their annual shots with their physical they received last week.  There was a measles outbreak on the other island next to us, so I didn’t want to take any chances.

In a few short weeks my eldest starts Basketball Season.  He’s so excited.  He didn’t play last year and really missed it.  He is really good at the game and I know he’s looking forward to playing with his new and old teammates.  I’m excited too because while he’s practicing it will give me the opportunity to take the twins to the park and get some walking in.  I’m always on my journey to losing more weight – so it’s always a great thing to find extra opportunities to get some cardio in my day.

So – my quick update was just to fill everyone in on what is going on.  At the end of the day, no matter all the difficulty and troubles… sometimes we have to stop and remember to smell the roses!  Through all of our trials and challenges, we can all often forget all the little things that make us smile – like getting over colds, an upcoming Sport season, working out or just enjoying life with your family.  Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week.

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I have struggled the last couple of weeks coming up with the words to put into this post to describe to all of you what my “Perception of Beauty” really was.  I jotted down ideas and thoughts, quotes and an overall view of what I wanted to say, but every time I put it down on paper or typed it out, it portrayed something completely different from what I had been trying to get across.  Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to come up with anything and have had difficulty putting my thoughts into words.  You see… my perception of Beauty is very different from that of most, to me – I see beauty as a wonder and I see it in Everything.  As a Photographer, I have captured many beautiful scenes, memories, moments over the last few years, and growing up in Hawai’i has given me the opportunity to live in Paradise and see landscapes people only dream of.  “Beauty at its finest!”  But experiencing such, living those moments… doesn’t necessarily mean you see beauty as others do and your perception of beauty could be entirely different.  So – let’s start off with what Beauty really means as defined by a Dictionary:

Beauty: (beau-ty)

a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.

So – let’s ask that question once again… What is my perception of beauty?  I’ll be honest… I think beauty comes in all forms, all sizes, all colors and all shapes, but to me – Beauty comes from within!  Beauty to me means that you not only love yourself but that you are comfortable in the skin you are in.  Beauty also means that you embrace the World in all its wonder instead of criticizing it for not being perfect.  If there is one thing I learned about the Beauty community or Beauty showcased in a whole, is that there is a romantic notion over making others feel like they are not beautiful.  Don’t get me wrong, not everyone thinks or acts this way – but it seems that the Perception of Beauty is that “to each his own” and that you have to look a certain way, act a certain way and treat others a certain way to look or feel beautiful.

Society would like us to think that Beauty is what you see on the covers of magazines – flawless skin, makeup, hair, bodies.  When in actuality we are not all cookie cutter shaped Barbies that our World would like us to be.  We are all people in a World of PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS that make us unique and individual.  Beauty is not about makeup, it’s not about covering up your flaws to make yourself feel beautiful.  It is about empowering yourself and those around you to love one another and love being you.  It’s about knowing that you are perfect, no matter what the popularity vote may be.

It’s funny that I come and talk to you all about “being comfortable in your own skin” and not needing makeup to feel beautiful when I do makeup tutorials and looks for YouTube and my blog often.  But I’ll be honest, I don’t use makeup everyday… in fact, I love a bare face and I’m comfortable leaving my house that way.  I don’t care that people will look at me and say… “whoa, she looks different without her face on”, because I love who I am.  I usually put on a little mascara (I have super short lashes lol) and maybe some lip balm and I’m out the door.  Because to me… Societies definition of Beauty DOES NOT define ME!

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I don’t know that this post truly explained what my perception of beauty truly is… but I hope it got my message across.  I’m still not sure that the words I put here are what I wanted to convey, but nonetheless – I think I did an okay job.  Humanity as a whole needs to know that while there are beautiful men, women and children everywhere… we need to know that we can find beauty in ourselves.  It all starts with us, one person at a time.  If there is one thing I wish that the Beauty Community that I’m a part of would do, it is to establish that you don’t need to be “flawless” to be beautiful and that bullying others to thinking so or feeling inferior is wrong.  But, that’s another post I’ll try to tackle another time.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite Artists as I close this post.  Know that YOU are (pardon my french) FRICKEN AMAZING – Just the way you are and “if perfect’s what you’re looking for… then just stay the same” and love yourself.  Be comfortable in your skin and know that I love you for you with all my heart, and support you for who you are!  EMBRACE & LOVE YOUR PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS!  xo Honey


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Love Your Life!I am not going to lie… Life has its way of kind of catching you by surprise and swallowing up your insides making it feel like all is lost and difficult.  I went through that on more occasions than I would like to remember… or count – but the last few years, well… they have really shown me a side of life that I am so happy to share with all of you.

A few years ago I had made friends with people who lived to make my life miserable… and because of it, I had forgotten how awesome my life truly was.  From an awesome and supportive (did I mention hawt?) husband and 3 beautiful sons, sometimes the things we love so much, we tend to disregard as the “constants” in our life and forget how important they truly are.  Don’t get me wrong… it’s not that we forget about them, but forget about how they often make us feel… happy, loved, supported and the butterflies that flutter around in our stomachs when we think of them – that’s all real feelings that we tend to cast aside from time to time.  Last year, I made every possible effort to move forward from those terrible people that worked so hard to make me miserable and just cast them aside… leaving me to concentrate on all the things that made me happy.  And, you know what I realized?  I absolutely LOVE MY LIFE!  How many people can say that?  How many people can say that their life is so wonderful (regardless of all the downs and challenges) that they love to live it – so much so that they are “In Love” with their life?  Well, I will admit that the road here was a challenge.  Not necessarily because I hated my life but because I didn’t focus on the things that were so awesome and there is so much greatness in my life right now and there always has been.

So – this post, while long winded has a purpose.  This year – now 2014, I am going to remind myself  how awesome life is, how great of a support system I have and how much I love everything beautiful and I know it will make for an awesome year.  (hmmm… I think I need a thesaurus… a little too much Awesome in this post. lol) Each time you think of a struggle that has you down, think about all the things that make you smile.  When times are tough and you feel like you have hit rock bottom, remember… there are people out there that love you unconditionally.  There is always a positive to any negative and smile to a frown.  Together – let’s make 2014 AWESOME.  So, like Jack Kerouac says… “Be in Love with Your Life, Every minute of it!” and make the best of 2014 and every single day of your existence.  While times are tough, God would never give us anything we cannot handle!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014 filled with Happiness, Prosperity and Love.  It’s going to be an awesome year – no exceptions!

With Love!


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Happy Wednesday Loves…  Hope you are all having an awesome day.  This is just a personal update to let you all know what has been going on lately since I haven’t been updating the blog the last few days.  This week has been crazy so far, even if it’s on Wednesday.  I can’t believe how fast the week went by, even with the Veteran’s Day Holiday… I still feel like I haven’t had the time to accomplish my laundry list of “Honey Do’s”.  This past weekend was a blast though.  My hubby took the kids and I to the Carnival.  I’m gonna work on editing that video (a brief clip of one of the acts) and uploading to my YouTube Channel soon.



Isaiah, Luke & My Hubby watching the Circus Show

Hmmm…. Speaking of YouTube… some of you may have noticed that I have been “following” you on Google plus with a new account or subscribing to you from a different channel.  It’s because I started a new one up.  You can subscribe and check it out here:  It is a breathe of fresh air to be able to have a YouTube channel that actually is named with a URL I want to use, but at the same time, I am starting all over again – so no subscribers, no views, no nothing.  It’s a challenge, but it is definitely time for me to start making the transition.  So – please please if you have been a subscriber of mine in the past, I would really appreciate you following my new journey.

Okay – so that is basically what I have been up to.  It seems that “updating” and getting things in order have been the norm around here the last couple of weeks, especially after my transition to my self hosted blog from using Weebly for so long.  But the changes have to happen and I’m just going to embrace them the best I can.  I do sometimes feel like I have that “blond moment” and sometimes it may even be all over my face. lol

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I’ll be back to posting more so you will be seeing much more of me.  More fashion posts are coming as well – so stay tuned and I have some new reviews in the pipeline too.  Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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Ugh… I can’t believe I’m venturing into self hosting again and working through WordPress for my blog.  It’s so frustrating and I remember now why I decided to stop using it a few years back.  I love the simplicity of things and considered going back to Blogger again, since Weebly is having some issues right now that will put me in the black.  But I feel like I’m starting all over again and learning something I’m not too happy with.  For example… I’m reasonably happy with my layout of my blog for the time being, but I can’t figure out for the life of me to have my “featured” photos on each of my blog posts a standard size… save it as one squared thumbnail size instead of making it take up the whole darn page.  Ugh… Frustrating to say the least.

As I migrate to this blog – old posts will still be hosting on the Weebly blog till I can figure out how to import them here (if it is at all possible), I’ll be plugging posts here… Hopefully it will help me learn the ropes of this software or whatever it’s called – because right now, I’m not happy with it.

I’ll be back later 😉 xo Honey

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