I know that staying home and having a binge session of Netflix shows sounds appealing to many as they begin the Lockdown or self-quarantine due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), but “Netflix & Chill” may not be so exciting when you can’t figure out what to watch. There are so many movies and television shows, Netflix Originals and so much more available to stream, but I figured I would make it a bit easy. I’ve listed a bunch of movies and shows I have watched in the past and plan to rewatch (or already rewatched) again while stuck at home for the next 3 weeks or more. While some of these movies & shows may not be your cup of tea, I figured I would include anything that would allow us to relax, grab a coffee or a glass and wine and ride out this storm (literally).

Criminal Minds

Did you just watch final series episode of Criminal Minds a few weeks ago like I did? Well, while it seems like an end of an Era (yes, I went there), we can relive the feeling of catching an Unsub from the beginning, with Gideon, Hotch and the rest of the original gang. Netflix has Seasons 1 – 12 ready and waiting for your binge-watching pleasure. I watched Criminal Minds when it was first released in 2005 and have seen every episode since its debut, but I am rewatching it all again. I’m reminded that the characters like JJ, Morgan, Garcia and Dr. Reid have grown so much over the years, 15 years to be exact. While I’m not sure I’m ready for the emotional rollercoaster that I know I’m about to re-experience, I’m excited to see the BAU do it all over again. How about you?


Come on, did you think I would list Criminal Minds and not Mindhunter? Based on the true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. This series takes us on a wild ride following FBI Agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) who operate the FBI’s BSU (Behavioral Science Unit), within the FBI in Quantico, Virginia. They interview serial killers to understand how they think in hopes that what they learn will help them solve ongoing cases. The original season is set in the early days of criminal psychology and profiling at the FBI. The character of Holden Ford is loosely based on FBI agent John E. Douglas, the author of the book. The character of Bill Tench is based on the FBI agent Robert Ressler who helped start the BAU. Unfortunately, in January of this year, Netflix announced that the series was on indefinite hold, but that just means it will give us time to watch the series. If you are a fan of criminal movies or series like Criminal Minds, I think you’ll enjoy the mind-twisting series that is MindHunter.

Mad Money

If you’re going stir crazy in the house, why not watch Mad Money? Let’s be real, most people who know me, know I’m a huge fan of Queen Latifah, but besides that, this movie from 2008 has all the comedy and crime you could use to keep you laughing and excited. Starring Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes and the Queen herself, this movie is sure to get you plotting your next job heist, if you weren’t on lockdown, of course. All jokes aside though, this movie is fun to watch and will surely keep you entertained for a little while. Who wouldn’t want a little Mad Money to spend while self-quarantined in a house with an endless supply of online websites to shop from?

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Yup – I’m taking you back, way back! I remember when I watched To Wong Foo for the first time, back in good ol’ 1995. Who doesn’t love a great Patrick Swayze movie? Boy, I’m not gonna lie, he was lost too soon and we were cheated out of great movies. If you are a child of the 80s and 90s, then I highly suggest you watching this movie on Netflix while it’s still available. Starring Wesley Snipes as Noxeema, Patrick Swayze as Ms. Vida and John Leguizamo as Chi-Chi, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll have all the great feels. I remember when I first watched this show, I was so excited to see Jason London in it, lol. These gorgeous beauties take us on a wild ride on a beautiful Cadillac convertible as they drive cross country from New York City to Hollywood. Their journey takes them through parts of the country where alternative lifestyles are not easily accepted and where they make great friends. Definitely an old-school favorite, but worth the watch again or if you haven’t watched it yet, a good one to check out.


Based on the novel by William Sutcliffe, named Whatever Makes You Happy, Otherhood follows three suburban mothers who show up to their sons’ homes unannounced. Starring Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette, and Felicity Huffman, Otherhood is about moms who are basically going through a midlife crisis. Yes, it’s kind of a cliche, but the message is basically about a bunch of moms who are going through empty nest syndrome. I found the simplicity of it to be a bit predictable, but as a mom of 3 boys, it also reminded me that this can always be a reality. It’s got some funny scenes, the kind that makes you giggle and remind you of parts of your own life, but also a few moments that make you think about the future. A good Mama Bear movie to watch on a Sunday when you want to stay cuddled up in your PJs in bed, with a warm cup of joe topped with whip cream.

Wine Country

Having just celebrated my 40th birthday, I truly enjoyed watching this movie a few months ago when it was released and have it on my binge-watch list for lock-down. Wine Country celebrates womanhood and comedy in a movie where a bunch of longtime friends plan a getaway for Rebecca’s (Rachel Dratch) 50th birthday. You have every type of personality in this movie, from the workaholic, the homebody, the weary mom and more. This movie is funny and kept me laughing through most of it, but it also has a little bit of crude sexual humor and some content not meant for little ones. I will say though, this is one for moms of all ages and even a great chick-flick for a day-in. Starring Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer and Paula Pell.

Nappily Ever After

Yup – I’m a huge fan of Rom Coms, but truly – who isn’t? Based on the novel by Trisha R. Thomas, Nappily Ever After stars the beautiful Sanaa Lathan as Violet Jones. Like any “discovering yourself” type of movie, it starts out where Violet (a successful businesswoman who seems to have a perfect life) is waiting on her longtime boyfriend to propose to her. When he doesn’t, she breaks up with him and it all goes downhill from there. Violet’s once fairytale life seems to unravel while she has to learn to love herself on the inside as well as the outside to be happy. I fell in love with this movie because as women, we often forget that we live lives full of pressure that instills in us that we must be perfect at all times. This movie is funny and romantic but also reminds us that women of all colors, but especially black women, are often judged for more than just the color of their skin. Sometimes we have no choice but to guard our feelings and we don’t even realize that we do it until things start to fall apart. This is a great movie to watch if you haven’t already and watch it again if you loved it as much as I did.

Falling Inn Love

I have always been a Christina Milian fan and I knew I had to watch Falling Inn Love when it released last year. This movie is a simple rom-com that features a San Francisco city girl (Milian) who has a landslide of problems happen all in the same week and while drinking her sorrows away, enters a contest and wins an Inn in New Zealand’s countryside. After traveling to the location of a place that is basically falling apart, she partners with Jake Taylor (Adam Demos) and works to not only rebuild the Inn but herself in the process. Yes, this is probably your standard chick-flick, but it’s definitely a cute film to watch and if you’re looking to kill some time, I highly suggest it.


I happened upon this movie while searching Netflix for a movie from Tyler Perry. Starring Alfre Woodard, Juanita is fed up with her life and leaves her three grown kids behind as she hits the road in search of a fresh new start. It’s a movie based on the novel Dancing on the Edge of the Roof by Sheila Williams. Juanita is on the search for hope and healing as she takes an impromptu trip to Paper Moon, Montana. This movie explores the complexity of life, relationships and friendships. I think that Alfre definitely made this movie a hit in my book. Grab a glass of wine and watch Juanita take her life back while exploring the possibilities along the way.

P.S. I Love You

Yes, I am getting a bit sappy on ya. P.S. I Love You is one of those movies I will always have in a “must-watch” list. In fact, it’s been on my “Watch list” for Netflix for a while now, even if I’ve seen it many times over. Starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, this movie will always have “all the feels”. A widow discovers that her late husband has planned ahead and before he died, left her letters to help her cope with the loss as well as send her on adventures to help her “celebrate herself.” P.S. I Love You is one of those movies that makes you sad, happy and emotional all in one. “Sometimes there’s only one thing left to say.” Before jumping into this movie, make sure you grab a box of tissues… don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Series

I’m sure if you’re my age, you may remember the original television series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch starring Melissa Joan Hart. This show lasted 7 seasons on ABC and The WB and I remember watching it when I was in High School. Fast forward to 2018 and I give you the new, very dark and sinister – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, starring Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman and Ross Lynch (if you have children, you may remember him from Austin & Ally) as Harvey Kinkle. Netflix released Season 3 a few months ago and with true “Honey Fashion”, I binged watched the entire season in 2 days. This remake (or reimagine) takes us on the adventures of Sabrina, a teenage witch that is learning how to maneuver her life as a half-witch, half-mortal while protecting her family and friends from the evil she is born into. This particular series is much darker than the original, but it’s difficult to stop watching it. I’m looking forward to season 4, but in the meantime, I will rewatch from season 1 all over again. There are references in this series that are sinister, so mommies beware – watch on your own time (especially if you have little ones). I think teens may enjoy the series if they like that kind of stuff.

Now that I’ve held you attention and hopefully have given you enough movies and series to get you through the next week, I hope your quarantine allows you to get caught up on all the things we sometimes miss doing in life. I know, it sucks to be cooped up and locked up in the house for hours or days on end, but I think this is so important for the safety of everyone around us. I also know that some of these movies and series may not be your cup of tea, hey, I’m not most people’s cup of tea… but at least it will give you something to check out while you’re stuck indoors. My goal is to release a bunch of other movies for different streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu and many others. I’ll also do some updates on different genres that you can check out too. I wish all of you health and an uneventful but fun time during this time when we all need to think of the health and safety of everyone. I’m excited that I get to get caught up on blog posts (I know, I’ve been slacking) and even videos and podcasts. This time will also allow me to do more things with my boys and we really have to get creative here, so I’m enjoying that too.

Want a list of things my family and I will be doing over the next few weeks? Check out my recent blog post with updates and more.

Safety, healthy happiness my friends. xo Honey

As many of you know, my family and I are huge Adam Sandler fans and we are absolutely excited to see Hotel Transylvania 3 – Summer Vacation.  Well, if you’ve been waiting to watch it for yourselves, get excited because it’s coming to Digital, 4K, Blu-Ray and DVD soon.


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced that Hotel Transylvania 3 is coming to Digital on September 25th and on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on September 9th.  It’s the perfect Halloween Monster Movie to add to your Movie Night with your family.  

“Funnier than ever.” – William Bibbiani, IGN

Hotel Transylvania 3 includes a Monster Dance Party Dance Along, Three All-New Scary-Oke Sing Alongs, a Vampire Make Over Tutorial, Two Mini Movies and More!  It will make a great gift for anyone that loves Halloween, movie watching, Adam Sandler or Selena Gomez.  

Bonus Materials Include:

  • Three All New Scary-Oke Sing Alongs: Sing along to three Hotel Transylvania 3 inspired songs with your favorite characters!
    • “Dennis Had a Giant Dog” – Sung by Dennis & Winnie
    • “Monsters Like to Party Down” – Sung by Johnny
    • “Oh These Wolf Pups” – Sung by Wanda Werewolf
  • Plan Your Own Spook-tacular Sleepover: This feature will give you all the details on how to make your own sleepover spook-tacular! From snacks to crafts to games and more, follow these steps to create a Hotel T sleep-over with your friends and family, the perfect setting to binge watch all 3 Hotel Transylvania movies.
  • Vampire Make Over: Mavis and Drac Tutorial: Learn how to turn yourself into your favorite Hotel Transylvania 3 characters.
  • Behind the Screams – The Voices of Hotel Transylvania 3Step behind the “screams” with the returning stars and hilarious new cast to see how these characters are brought to life in the recording booth.
  • Johnny’s Home Movies (Franchise Recap): Johnny brings viewers up to speed on what’s happened in the hotel Transylvania franchise so far.
  • “I See Love” Monster Dance Party Dance Along: Get up and get moving to this haunting monster mash.
  • Drac’s Zing-tastic Read Along: It’s storytime with your favorite characters have a silly tale about Drac’s search for a Zing!  Read along or sit back and enjoy!
  • Two Mini Movies (rated G): Two mini-features that will have you howling.
    • Puppy
    • Goodnight Mr. Foot
The whole Drac pack is back next summer for a monster vacation as Griffin the invisible man (David Spade), Wanda (Molly Shannon) & Wayne (Steve Buscemi) the werewolves, Murray the mummy (Keegan-Michael Key), Dennis (Asher Blinkoff), Dracula (Adam Sandler), Mavis (Selena Gomez) & Johnny (Andy Samberg), Frank (Kevin James) & Eunice (Fran Drescher), and Blobby get ready for a family voyage on a luxury monster cruise ship.

Hotel Transylvania 3 has a run time of approximately 97 minutes and is rated PG for some action and rude humor.

Once I get my hands on a copy of this movie, you can count on a review of it here on  

The Drac Pack is back with HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3, which will make its debut on Digital HD September 25, and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on October 9, just in time to for a spooky, fun, family movie night right before Halloween!This must-own family comedy, which has grossed more than $425 million in theaters worldwide to date, follows in the tradition of the blockbuster Hotel Transylvania franchise when Mavis surprises Dracula with a family voyage on a luxury, haunted monster cruise ship. Of course, the rest of the Drac Pack has to tag along, and that’s when things get a little…batty. The monsters are having a great time, indulging in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer, from monster volleyball to colossus-sized buffets and exotic excursions, but then the unexpected happens when Drac falls for the ship’s mysterious (and dangerous) human captain Ericka. The third film in this family-friendly monster franchise is the best reviewed installment and you’re invited along on the haunted cruise vacation!

The all-star voice castis back, along with some new faces as well including Adam Sandler (Grown-Ups), Andy Samberg (TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers), Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), David Spade (TV’s “Rules of Engagement”), Steve Buscemi (TV’s “Boardwalk Empire”), Keegan Michael Key (TV’s “Key and Peele”), Molly Shannon (TV’s “Saturday Night Live”), Fran Drescher (TV’s “The Nanny”), Kathryn Hahn (Bad Moms), Jim Gaffigan (Super Troopers 2) and Mel Brooks (Young Frankenstein).