This post was sponsored by TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done at Walmart via Lunchbox.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest & unbiased.

I can’t believe summer is here already and that means that I’ll do anything to beat the heat.  That also means that while I love to be stylish, I also want to be cool and comfortable.  It’s a rare occasion that I add any heat products to my hair and during the summer, that is especially true.  I love wearing my hair down but with the heat some products and styles can cause me to feel sticky and yuck so I try to keep it all as simple as possible.  I have used many products over the years to create that beachy boho curls look without the fuss of a lot of products or tools and TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done has definitely been a great addition to my style this season.  I wanted to share with you an easy style that is not only effortless, it requires absolutely no tools.  I hope you enjoy this little tutorial I have for you!

No Heat, No Tools, Beachy Boho Curls

I’m so excited at how easy it is to achieve a quick, sweet and fashionable wavy look for less with help from Walmart and the new TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done collection – a line of soft styling products that are infused with Sea Kelp extract to create a variety of effortless, wavy hairstyles.  Perfect up to 3 different styles with just 6 products and get weightless hold that lasts all day without looking overly styled.

Take the “Which wavy style should you try at your next special event?” quiz to see which look will be perfect for your next wedding, brunch, or girl’s night out. Wherever you’re going there’s a fabulous wavy look that’s right for you!  I got Boho Waves and I was so excited to share an easy and effortless look that you can use all day during the summer months.  TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done products make it simple for you to do and my short tutorial is great for those on the go.

No Heat, No Tools, Beachy Boho Curls

All You need are 4 products and no heat tools to create this look:

  • TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Conditioner
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Perfecting Gelee

Now for the steps you need to create these Beachy boho waves.  I have naturally curly hair, but find that the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done products add soft hold for all day and give me that beachy sea salt hair that looks like I was playing in the ocean all day.  If you have straight hair, I suggest using a styling tool like a curling wand or flat iron – however, I also find that wrapping your hair around your finger or scrunching while adding product will give you a great look with soft beachy waves as well.

  1. Start with washing your hair with the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Shampoo & Conditioner.   Dry your hair but not completely.  I like my hair to be wet a bit when I apply the other products so that my curls are more defined, but damp and slightly dry hair works best.
  2. When your hair reaches that point of almost dry but still damp I like to spray in the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray.  I like to spray from my roots, through the mid length of my hair and then finish at the ends.  Be sure that if you do not have much volume on the top of your head, do not add too much product so that you do not weigh your hair down.  Once you have applied the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray – scrunch your hair to give it texture.
  3. If you have naturally curly hair like I do – then I suggest using the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Perfecting Gelee to lightly hold your curls in place.  This product will allow you to have movement in your hair, but still offer a light hold to keep your curls defined.  If you have straight hair, as you are applying the Gelee, you want to scrunch your hair to give it texture and activate your natural waves.  If you have really straight hair, you may need to use the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Brushable Hold Hairspray instead of the Gelee and wrap strands of your hair around your fingers to create soft waves.  You can do this with the Gelee as well but it may not hold as great as the Hairspray does.
  4. Finish the look off with a fun headband.  I originally thought about using a floral crown, but was feeling something a little simpler and this stretchy band with iridescent beads was fun, flirty and gave the look a boho feel.

No Heat, No Tools, Beachy Boho Curls

Now your very easy hairstyle is complete so get your beach gear or favorite pool party fashions to style and profile!  I like to finish my boho waves and curls with a cute wrap, sarong or pareo and a cute pair of flip flops.

No Heat, No Tools, Beachy Boho Curls

Want to try the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done product line for yourself?  Check your local paper for a coupon and check out this awesome line.  I’m loving the Sea Salt Spray and I can honestly say I may not go back to my highend brand again… lol.


Visit TRESemmé at Walmart to find out if you should try Hollywood Waves, Boho Waves, or Beachy Waves – or you can unleash your inner stylist and try them all!

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Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done at Walmart via Lunchbox.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest & unbiased.

Didn’t I say in my last outfit post that I’m totally crushin’ on Old Navy’s graphic tees and graphic print tops?  Yes, I believe I did… but just in case you missed it… you can check out that post here – lol.  I have been especially loving the tanks because they are comfortable to wear in this humid Hawaii weather.  Considering we are expecting a hurricane this weekend, even with the rain that has graced my island, it’s still super hot and humid so keeping cool with these tanks have been essential.  Anyway, on to my plus size outfit of the day.

plus size ootd featuring old navy

It was an Old Navy kind of day today and when I say this… I mean from head to toe.  As much as I try to dress up, it’s too hot and this busy mommy has to be able to do everything my daily duties consist of but still try to keep my comfy level high.

plus size ootd featuring old navy

Meant to Be Tank – Old Navy (available in select stores only)

Jeans – Boot cut blue denim jeans – Old Navy 

Flip Flops – Old Navy

Watch – Invicta

Necklace – Charm Locket Necklace, Combination of Origami Owl and ShopMissA

plus size ootd featuring old navy

Isn’t the print on this Tank super oober cute?  I absolutely love it and we all know how I am when it comes to “love” and “true love” stuff… I know, I know… I’m just a hopeless romantic at heart.

I added some color to my hair using the Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup in:

  • Rebel without a Coral
  • Ultra Violet

A few review of these products will be posted on my blog in the next few days – so keep an eye for that.

plus size ootd featuring old navy

If you haven’t noticed already – I’m not wearing any makeup today.  Besides some lip balm and a light coat of mascara… this is my every day.  My little dress up session took me to the twins’ school for a monthly parent meeting with the rest of the moms and dads so it was all about being comfy so I could sit on the little tiny chairs in the classroom 🙂  Wishing you all a fabulous day and awesome week.

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Summer time has got me running around spending quality time with my family so I haven’t had the opportunity to post any Plus Sized Fashion and Style looks for quite a while.  I am hoping I can kick it in high gear and get it together because I know that I’ve been slacking in that department.
Summer Happiness Plus Size OOTD

I can’t believe my eldest son goes back to school in less than a month and the twins start preschool on the same day.  This summer is flying by – I swear I need to get into a time machine and go back in time so I can live in the past for a little while. lol  But nonetheless, my family and I are enjoying the time we have.  The outfit I’m wearing in this week’s Fashion post is simple and I’m bummed to say that I forgot my good camera and only had my cell phone to take pictures – sorry about that.  I hope you enjoy the outfit and the video is just 30 seconds or so long – so you can check that out too.  Have a wonderful week!

What I’m using:

Striped High Low Maxi Dress: Forever 21 Plus
Denim Vest: Old Navy
Watch: Invicta
Flip flops – flats: Guess

Makeup of the Day:

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and Milani Brilliant Shine lip gloss in Bare Naked

Summer Happiness Plus Size OOTD

Summer Happiness Plus Size OOTD

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Happy Valentine’s Day Love Bugs.  I really wanted to get this post up much sooner, but I had an unexpected medical procedure that took place last week that had me sitting in bed for the last few days and I wasn’t able to share this sooner.  Valentine’s Day is such a great Holiday to have fun and dress up with.  Since I have a casual sense of style, I wanted to share three outfits with you that showed off a little bit of classy and flirty and a little casual at the same time.  Check out the video and the photos below.

I hope you liked my video – please comment, like & subscribe.  Photos of the looks as well as details of the items are listed below.

Sexy, Timeless & Playful

The first outfit is a simple black and red cowl neck style body con dress.  Let me just start off by saying that I am so happy to be styling this dress for all of you this year because it is a personal accomplishment for me.  This dress was so tight last year, I couldn’t even pull it over my body.  Now – it is still fitted, but loose enough for me to wear comfortable.  While it hugs every single curve of my body – it adds to a bit of sex appeal without exposing extra skin and I love the kind of “Audrey Hepburn” class that comes with the style of dress.

  • Black / Red Cowl Neck Body Con Dress – unknown retailer (gift from my Mommy)
  • Black Strappy Wedged Sandals – Sole Society
  • Gold Infinity Heart Necklace – Shoplately
  • Black Rose Hair Accessory – HoneyXO (handmade by me)
  • Watch – Invicta

If you are a plus sized girl and want to rock out a body con dress, find one you feel comfortable in that will give the illusion of slimming.  This dress has the punch of red in the middle of the dress and splits into the black which helps to bring in and taper in my waist, giving me a slimmer figure.  I pulled my hair into a messy side bun and added a black rose hair accessory.  This gives the look an old charm with an updated look.

Valentine's Day Plus Sized Outfit

Mommy in Love

For my next outfit I wanted to choose something that was wearable for all ages, but especially age appropriate for someone in their 30s like me.  This outfit still has a sexy appeal to it because it hugs the curves in all the right ways, but for the most part – I am covered and not revealing much skin.  For this outfit I wanted to have texture and punches of red to make a bold statement that this outfit was for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to be able to still use this outfit for other purposes.  Of course, nothing says statement like leopard heels so I figured that would be an awesome contrast in print as well.  As a mommy of 3 active boys, this outfit also allows me to still be active but look sexy and put together.

  • Sweater/Top from Jeans Warehouse Hawaii (comes with long necklace accessory)
  • Black Pencil Skirt from Forever 21
  • Gold Infinity Necklace from Shoplately
  • Bow Chain bracelet from Forever 21
  • Leopard Pumps from Fancy Steps

Since my hair is naturally curly and I wanted it to look a little different… I brushed out my hair a bit so that my curls were not so tight and left my hair down.  This outfit elongates my body and makes me appear much taller than I really am.  I think it adds to the sexy. 😉

Valentine's Day Plus Sized Look book

Casual Love

As a busy mommy – I’m constantly on the hunt for something comfortable and easy to move in, regardless of the occasion.  This outfit was one I talked about in my recent Valentine’s Day Makeup Look – Bombshell Love.  I even decided I would rock out my wig so you had an idea as to how the entire look pulled together.  Maxi skirts are my best friend and this outfit is simple, fast to throw together and most importantly… comfortable.

  • Black slouchy blouse from Jeans Warehouse Hawaii
  • Black Maxi Skirt from Jeans Warehouse Hawaii
  • Leopard Pumps from Fancy Steps
  • Gold Bow Bling bracelet from Forever 21
  • Statement Necklace from Opaque Lion on Shoplately
  • Large Black Rose Hair Clip from HoneyXO (handmade by me)
  • Wig from Shoplately
  • Watch from Invicta
  • Tahitian Pearl gold ring from Mana Pearls

I always think wearing your hair down and natural with a maxi skirt is fun, flirty and casual.
Valentine's Day Plus Sized Look book

I know these looks are simple, but again – I am a simple person.  My husband will be working on Valentine’s Day and I’ll be home with my children, so I’m thinking I’ll be rocking out a maxi skirt and top with my natural curly hair pulled in a loose messy bun.  It’s casual but still put together and sweet.

If you are looking for ideas for Makeup looks, you can check out my YouTube Playlist for a list of different Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials to help you out: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIAkD6_eWGPjwV5Cfv_spLKrNUctGlxrj

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Lots of love from me to you!

blog signature honey copy

I have said it time and time again… I LOVE PURPLE!  I don’t have too much of the color in my actual wardrobe, but you can certainly see this color in my accessories as well as cosmetics.  Yesterday’s Outfit was simple… jeans, a black tank and one of my favorite scarves.  I have a passion for purple and when I can pull it off, I’ll rock it!Purple passion OOTD Fashion

Top – Tami from Old Navy

Blue Jeans – Plus Sized Denim bootleg jeans from Torrid

Pashmina Scarf – Scarves.net

Wedged Flip flops – Colin Stuart (Victoria Secret)

Purple passion OOTD Fashion

The makeup I’m using in this look can be found here with photos and tutorial.  This whole ensemble was put together using Radiant Orchid (Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014) in mind as inspiration.Purple passion OOTD Fashion

While I know a lot of my posts are casual – I love jeans and love to be comfortable (as I mentioned in previous posts).  I’m a plus sized girl that loves to dress up but still wants to feel cozy and comfy.  I hope you enjoyed this look.  <3

blog signature

While I can honestly say I wish we had some snow here… one things for certain, I do love that Hawaii Winter weather allows me to dress comfortably.  I can’t complain, I am truly lucky to be able to live in Paradise and while I do get tired of the slow-mo pace that I have grown up with all my life… I do know that I would miss Paradise if I decided to give it all up.  Let’s be honest… it’s beautiful here and I can’t complain about that.

Living in Paradise - Plus Sized OOTD

I am a maxi dress and skirt addict.  I was told once by a friend that Maxi skirts make plus sized girls look bigger than they really are.  Well, if that’s the case… I don’t care because this is the ensemble that allows me to still look dressy, feel casual and run after my 4 year old twins.  If I’m not in a pair of jeans, leggings or sweats… you can find me sporting a maxi skirt and a comfy top.  I look at it this way… to me, “Fashion means Comfortable, Just like beauty – if I’m not comfortable in my own skin, why wear it?”

Living in Paradise - Plus Sized OOTD Plus Sized Outfit of the DayTop:  Jeans Warehouse Hawaii

Maxi Skirt:  Jeans Warehouse Hawaii

Black Wedged Sandals:  Steve Madden

Gold Bow Bracelet & Bow Ring:  Forever 21

Women’s Divers Watch:  Invicta

Gold Wire Wrapped Crystal Quartz Necklace:  Shoplately (Evelina Pas)

Wedding Rings:  Kay Jewelers

Black Tahitian Pearl Ring:  Gift from Hubby

Aviator Sunglasses:  Ray Ban

Satchel / handbag:  Guess

Check out the Video here.

Plus Sized Outfit of the Day

Living in Paradise - Plus Sized OOTD
Living in paradise - Plus sized OOTD
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winter in hawaii plus sized outfit 2

Every year I get asked what Winter is like here in  Hawaii… honestly, we don’t truly experience a change in seasons so it’s very different from other parts of the World.  One thing that stands out here is that we see Whales in our oceans this time of year and of course, it is a little on the chilly side (like today – we had mid 70 Degree weather most of the day which made it a nice cool and comfortable day at home), and of course – Hawaii is known for their Winter swells… and this is the time all the huge Surf Competitions are held since our waves can reach anywhere from 25 – 35 feet (in some cases much higher).  But for the most part – it is sunny sunny sunny and we don’t get snow here except for the highest mountain slopes (and even then, it’s a several hours drive and barely any snow to play).

winter in hawaii plus sized outfit 7

This outfit is something that can easily be worn without worry of being too warm.  Besides, I love anything that is crochet or like wise and this poncho is awesome.

Poncho – Shoplately Grace’s Boutique

Leggings – Jean’s Warehouse Hawaii

Black Tami Cami – Old Navy

winter in hawaii plus sized outfit 5


Beaded Bracelet – by HoneyXO

Affirmation bracelet – Shoplately Glint And Gleam

Tahitian Pearl Gold Ring – Gift from Hubby

Invicta Diver’s Butterfly Rose Gold & Silver Watch – Gift from Hubby

Gold Lion Necklace – White Rose Collection

Bow Booties – Justfab.com

Coach handbag – Coach Store

winter in hawaii plus sized outfit 6

winter in hawaii plus sized outfit 4



048 copy

For my makeup I am using a simply winged liner (Jesse’s Girl Waterproof eye liner pen) and Elizabeth Mott’s It’s So big Mascara.  On my lips I’m rocking out one of my favorite lipsticks from Lipstick Queen – Black Tie, which is a gorgeous red.

004 copy

My hope was to style this poncho several different ways so that it could be paired with different things, but due to the Holidays and Christmas days away, I didn’t have the chance to.  I will certainly take photos and post here on my blog when I’m able to style this poncho differently, my favorite way being jeans.

Stay tuned for that and don’t forget to check out the video! 😉040 copy

blog signature

“I think Fashion is about Personal Independence.  My style speaks volumes about the type of person I am.  I do not conform to the norm, but yet I’m still responsible and love trends.  I’m a free spirit who just wants to be comfortable in my own skin!” ~ Honey

008 copy

I have always had a love for denim and a great pair of jeans.  Let’s face it – find the right cut of jeans for your body and you can move mountains.  Though I am a SAHM at the moment, prior to having my Twin boys (4 year olds), I was an Executive for a large Hotel Chain.  I absolutely loved dressing up every day for work but loved “Casual Fridays” so much more.  Just because you wear a pair of jeans, doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up enough to fit in your work setting.  And, the same goes for old, worn in and ripped jeans too.  I think worn denim gives any classy look a little twist of Rocker Chic sophistication.

005 copy

The look I put together is meant to be worn to the office.  Add your favorite blazer.  I chose Black but any cool color will do.  I wore my black blazer over a regular black ribbed tank and added a new scarf to not only warm up the look but also add a little extra style.  Pair the entire look with your favorite Black stiletto boots (or any color you choose) and some cool rocker-ish accessories.


Gold and black stud satchel – Shoplately

Black Blazer – Style & Co. (Macy’s)

040 copy

Scull Black / White Scarf – All Things Lovely Daily Deals

022 copy

Jeans Pants – Old Navy Flirt

Black ribbed tank top – Old Navy

013 copy

 Black Geometric Necklace – Opaque Lion on Shoplately

Black Leather Stiletto Boots – Steve Madden

(I apologize for not capturing a better image of my boots, I didn’t realize my pants were so long they were covering them)

Watch – Invicta Divers Butterfly Rose Gold and Silver Watch / Model 12507

Black Tahitian Pearl Gold Ring – Gift from Hubby

043 copy


Eyeliner – Jesse’s Girl Waterproof liquid liner pen

Mascara – Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Mascara and Younique Moodstruck 3D Lash Fibers

Lipstick – Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn

052 copy

 I hope you all love this post.  I just love to be able to take an outfit and transition it from day to night or from business to play.  I also love to be comfortable… chasing after my three boys means I have to run at any given moment and this outfit definitely allows me to do that.

Check out my video slideshow below.  I apologize for it just being a slideshow, as I did film an actual video showing the outfit but it recorded in a weird format that didn’t allow me to open or edit the file.  I will make sure to have live videos moving forward like I used to do all the time a few years back.  Thank you so much for reading.

Honey girl's World

{Most of the items in this post are self purchased.  I was gifted the scarf, handbag and necklace – not sponsored!}

Since my first fashion post on YouTube in 2010 I have been told by many that plus sized gals must be dressed a certain way or that I can’t pair this with that.  Honestly, while I understand the concept of what works for some may not work with others (i.e. putting me in spandex pants with a tube top) and I also know about body shapes and pairing outfits, I also believe that a person’s Fashion is their STATEMENT.  Be it a little bit quirky or different from others, it’s what makes them unique and an individual.

Purple Open Sleeved Top – 599 Fashion
Black Pencil Skirt with back slit – Jeans Warehouse Hawaii
Platform/Wedged Black Flip flops – Colin Stuart via Victoria Secret
Beautiful Crystal Bib Statement Necklace – Shoplately and Opaque Lion


This past Friday I attended a Ceremony for my Husband.  #proudwifestatus  And original had planned to use a pair of wedged heels… but knowing I was going to have all three of my sons with me and that running after them was pretty much on the agenda, I wanted to be comfortable.  I think that platform/wedged flip flops are super cute, dressy and stylish enough to pull off for such an occasion and I have the luxury of being comfortable.  I love these so much, I have 2 different types of pairs from this brand… one with sparkles on the straps and one without.

I say that you can “forget the rules” because I have been told on many occasions that wearing flip flops is one of the biggest fashion faux pas.  Let’s face it, here in Hawaii… everyone uses them because they are not only comfy but readily available everywhere.  I think they are cute if paired with the right outfit and definitely help to make an overall statement with whatever you decide to wear with it.


With a simple and sleek knee length pencil skirt and a cute open shoulder top – anything is possible.
I also love that this outfit (with a pair of pumps or heels would be a great work ensemble.

 I especially love that this gorgeous necklace really gives the whole outfit a pop of glam.  When I first seen this necklace on Shoplately, I thought to myself… “I must have that!”  I’m glad that I decided to get it because it is dressy but yet can be paired with anything casual for a touch of sophistication.

Want to add a little more glam to a similar outfit?  Use a pencil skirt that is calf high – omg… show stopper!

Makeup of the day… Super simple and easy to create in 5 minutes
Eyes… Lorac Pro Taupe, Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner
Lips… Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick
Mascara… 3D Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique and Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Mascara as a base

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit post.  Have a wonderful weekend!
xo ~Honey
Hi Loves… I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your week.  My Monday’s are always crazy but productive which makes the psychotic of it all kind of disappear.
Yesterday my sissy Harmony and I had a girls’ day at the Spa.  Needless to say, it was a great time for us to not only catch up but unwind and just enjoy our sisterly time together.  Unfortunately, we were missing one of our sisters but we had lots of fun nonetheless.While there, I posed for a few shots and my sissy was my photographer.
I think she captured the look I was going for quite well.  What do you think? 🙂
While I would love to experience snow and cold air this time of year others, here in Hawaii… we never have a weather change to reflect the season.  It can be a bit of a bummer sometimes, but walking through these gardens at the Grand Wailea Resort by Waldorf Astoria yesterday and seeing all the flora and fauna reminded me that I am lucky to live in Hawaii where floras grow year round.
I thought this look would be edgy and kind of tomboy-ish like I am… but have a classy and chic look with a feminine flare.  Let’s face it, as girly as I am, I really still have all my tomboy roots and they do like to
make an entrance sometimes. lol  Plaid is a huge trend this Fall and Winter Season and while it’s easy to find them in stores, especially in the men’s section – it can be hard to find it in plus size that is tailored well to fit all of my curves.  I’m glad that I was able to find this black & white plaid button up… I love it.  Thanks so my sister for the gift.
~ Outfit ~
Top – Old Navy
Pants – Jeans Warehouse, Z Cavaricci
Boots – Ross
Turban – Shoplately
Handbag – 10DollarMall~ Makeup ~
Eye liner – Jordana BOLD Felt Tip Liner
Mascara – Jordana Best Volume Mascara
Lipstick – Milani Black Cherry layered with Milani Sangria and Cocoa Lip liner
Check out Shoplately for all of your Fashion needs.
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