The boys and I have been enjoying our summer months together since my husband is usually working on the weekdays.  Come on now, we live on Maui, which has been rated the number 1 Vacation Destination by Conde Nast many years in a row, so we do have a plethora of sites to see and lots of fun to be had.  While we live on the mountain, we experience really hot days so I decided to pack the boys up into the car and take a drive up to Kula to cool down – since the air is much cooler there.  Our journey led us to the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, a place we have visited many times before – but it’s been years since I bought the twins here, so I decided it would be a perfect place to venture.

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The Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm is located on the slopes of Haleakala and overlooks some of the most beautiful views on the South side of the island.  It is a 25-30 minute drive away from the Kahului Airport (the main airport into Maui) and a popular spot for visitors to stop at and have lunch after watching the sunrise at Haleakala or hiking the crater.  At one time, it used to be free to enter the Lavender farm, so I was surprised to see a guard house at the entry (it was not there my last visit a few years ago) and entry for adults is $2.00.  It’s well worth the cost however.  You can bring your own lunch and have a picnic or hike the grounds for a great adventure.  The air is so cool up there, it was a perfect place for the boys and I to getaway to beat the heat.

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

There is a little shop that sells tasty delectables featuring the fresh picked lavender, but the boys and I decided that we would just take in the sites and cool down and head home to eat lunch instead.  We walked around the gardens and admired the fragrant lavender as we took in the sites.

It was a short little adventure, but a beautiful day out so I took this opportunity to take some shots of the boys and my eldest son Kevin helped take a few photos of my casual outfit I wore.

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

The best part about our little drive and excursion today was that I was able to spend it with the boys.  They go back to school in about 2 1/2 weeks and this summer break flew by too quickly.  The twins are off to 1st Grade and Kevin is off to 7th Grade.  With Football season starting for all three boys August 1st – I know that times like these will be few in between, so I’m glad we made great use out of our Summer break.

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

Kimono Cover up – Forever 21 Plus

Ribbed Tank – Old Navy

Linen Shorts with pockets in black – Torrid.com

Flip flops – Guess Jeweled Slip ons

Watch – Invicta Angel

Sunglasses – Maui Jim Maui (style no longer available)

Nail Polish – Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection in Kozy

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

My embedded video above also showcases our dinner for that evening… I made my homemade poor man’s rissotto (recipe coming soon) and we watched a beautiful sunset from our porch to end a wonderful day.  If you’re not following me on Snapchat – my code is in my side bar, come and follow me on my daily journey.  What about you, are you enjoying the summer months?  I’m thankful to live in Hawaii and blessed to have a lifestyle where every day is an adventure and a vacation.

day trip, ali'i kula lavender farm, lavender farm, maui, twins, kids, summer break, ootd, plus size ootd, plus size summer outfit, kimono, boys, family fun, trip, hawaii

Since my DSLR hasn’t been working, it’s been really nice to find reasons to take my phone out to practice shooting with it… all the images that you see in this post were taken with my Samsung Note 4.

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I’m a huge lover of soft and cuddly things and teddy bears or stuffed animals are no exception.  As a child, I still remember my stuffed dog I called “Dukie Dog” and I had him until I was 18 (it was a gift to me on my first Christmas) and my very big (bigger than me) stuffed teddy bear I got from my husband on our first Christmas we had together, almost 20 years ago.  There is something comforting about a stuffed animal or teddy bear and you can’t help but smile when you hold one in your arms.  Having children, I instilled in them that having a stuffed animal buddy is a great way to grow up – my eldest son still has his Wicket and Horse we got on a trip to Disney World when he was just 6 months old… I have patched them both on many occasions, stuffed them with fluff and even added more hair to the bald spots – lol.  The twins have their own set of stuffed friends as well and they have take them and their blankies cross country and to even visit President Obama in the White House.  My sons love their cuddly friends.

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Recently I was introduced to a brand new company that makes gift giving sweet.  They offer these fun and adorable teddy bears in a unique gifting way.  Teddy Canz offer cute, very plush and soft teddy bears that come in really cool designed cans.  Each bear comes with a theme and today I’m going to be sharing our new friend with all of you.

Teddy Canz, Teddy bear, lifestyle, family, children, gift idea, toy, stuffed animal, kids, teddy in a can, collectibles, unique gift, childhood toy, Teddy Canz gift, Toys for Tots, plush, stuffed animal,

A New Spin on an Old Favorite!

There are at least 10 different designs available to choose from Teddy Canz.  The boys received “Bear and the City” who they have named Teddy.  He is a sweet little friend dressed denim shorts and a cool looking hoodie that go perfectly with the theme of his can which is the city streets.  This is the perfect little guy for the boys and they have been absolutely loving him since he arrived.

Teddy Canz, Teddy bear, lifestyle, family, children, gift idea, toy, stuffed animal, kids, teddy in a can, collectibles, unique gift, childhood toy, Teddy Canz gift, Toys for Tots, plush, stuffed animal,

Don’t worry about your teddy bear being stuffed or hurt while inside of his can.  They fit well inside and fluff up nicely once they come out.  Our can was bent a little in shipping, but Teddy was well cared for and nice and safe on the inside.  He wasn’t mashed at all while in his container.  The Bear and the City that we received is really really well made.  If I had to commend the company on the quality of the bear, I definitely think it’s stellar.  His stitching was well in tact when we took him out of the can and he is absolutely soft and perfect for cuddling.  The twins noticed immediately how soft he was and they couldn’t wait to snuggle up with him.

Teddy Canz, Teddy bear, lifestyle, family, children, gift idea, toy, stuffed animal, kids, teddy in a can, collectibles, unique gift, childhood toy, Teddy Canz gift, Toys for Tots, plush, stuffed animal,

The twins have absolutely loved Teddy Canz since he arrived and have been taking turns sleeping with him and carrying him around each day.  The can can be used to store your new friend if you would like, but the boys chose to keep it on their shelf to hold some of their toys.  Honestly, he’s so cute, I don’t know who would want to store him away – unless they were using him to collect.

Teddy Canz, Teddy bear, lifestyle, family, children, gift idea, toy, stuffed animal, kids, teddy in a can, collectibles, unique gift, childhood toy, Teddy Canz gift, Toys for Tots, plush, stuffed animal,

Teddy Canz would make an awesome gift for anyone, child or adult alike.  The company offers custom designs should you be interested in doing something fun for your company or for an event and if you decide to choose the styles available, there are at least 10 to choose from.  Teddy Canz retails for $24.99 each and shipping is also reasonably priced (about $6.50 for USPS Priority Shipping).

Designs available from Teddy Canz include:

  • Birthday
  • Story Time
  • Comfy Spa
  • Princess
  • Police
  • Fire
  • It’s a Boy
  • It’s a Girl
  • Get Well Soon
  • Love
  • Story Time
  • Dog Gone It
  • Hazard

Teddy Canz, Teddy bear, lifestyle, family, children, gift idea, toy, stuffed animal, kids, teddy in a can, collectibles, unique gift, childhood toy, Teddy Canz gift, Toys for Tots, plush, stuffed animal,

To get your own Teddy Canz or to check out the selection and get more information, visit Teddy Canz at TeddyCanz.com.  You can also follow the brand on Instagram and check out all the children and adults that have found new friends from Teddy Canz.

So – whether a parent or a child or someone who just absolutely loves adorable things… Teddy Canz offers you a variety of new friends to take home.  Do you like this fun idea of Teddy Canz?  Are there any styles you think you may want to pick up for yourself or as a gift?  Comment below and let me know.

I want to thank Teddy Canz for making two twinnies happy with their new buddy!

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Each year in the Fall, my family and I have journeyed up to the local Pumpkin Patch at the Kula Country Farms to choose out the perfect pumpkin for carving.  This year was no exception and the family enjoyed their time there as we always do so we wanted to share with you the fun and excitement.  The Kula Country Farms located on the slopes of beautiful Haleakala on the island of Maui turns it’s grounds into a fun Pumpkin Patch and Fall Extravaganza with corn mazes, garden games and fun for the entire family.  For the last 4 years my family and I have ventured on over to the patch to spend a few hours enjoying the animals, buying fresh Maui grown produce and of course – picking our own pumpkins.  Today I share with you one of our Family Adventures.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

Let’s face it – living on Maui has its perks and benefits because frankly, we are living in Paradise.  But, it can often mean that we are left without the resources that other towns can offer.  So when the Kula Country Farms started the annual pumpkin patch a few years back, my family and I have taken part in it each year.  There have been many changes and improvements to the patch this year, including a new parking lots that allows for easier parking for families so that they are not limited to parking on a very busy street.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

The pumpkin selections are far and wide in between, giving you the choice to choose a really large pumpkin or something small for coloring and painting.  Prices of the pumpkins range from $5 – $20 depending on the size and my family tends to pick up a pumpkin for each of us to carve or decorate as we see fit.  The location is HUGE – offering a wide variety of activities for your family from picking your own pumpkin to taking part in the corn maze and everything in between.  The boys look forward to swinging on the tire swings (while you can see this up year round) and taking part in any fun age appropriate activities for kids.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

The boys absolutely love seeing the chickens that roam the grounds freely and the ponies / miniature horses that they can pet and feed.  There is also a huge bunny that has been there for years for the children to befriend.  This year we decided that we would take the time to not only choose our perfect pumpkin, but also spend some time checking out the vendors that were stationed up at the farm.  There was a kettle corn vendor that made the kettle corn fresh while we were there (you could smell the chocolate through out the farm) and different food vendors that sold plate lunches and snacks through out.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

The farm was pretty busy on the Saturday we chose to visit.  Cars were parked up and down the street and since I now have a small car, we were able to find a parking spot along the road side.  There were children everywhere, examining all of the fun activities and my boys absolutely enjoyed their time there.  If you are planning to visit the farm in time for Halloween pumpkin carving, I suggest going early in the month of October.  With the weather here in Hawaii being pretty warm, some of the pumpkins were already starting to rot (such a bummer) and last minute pumpkin pickers are scrambling for the perfect find.  We visited at the beginning of October and found that there was a huge selection of pumpkins to choose from, with many different sizes and types.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

My husband picked me up the perfect pumpkin for carving and Kevin Ka’eo chose his pumpkin for his first year of carving on his own.  The twins each chose little pumpkins that they decided they would later paint.  We all hiked the pumpkins up the hill to pay for them and finish off our family adventure for the day.  The pumpkin fields can be dirty and dusty and sometimes icky but seriously, the look on these boys faces each year as they find the choice pumpkin for the holiday are priceless.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

Some of the flowers were in bloom at the farm as well, which was an incredible site.  If you know anything about me… then you know that sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers and I look forward to seeing them.  They scream Fall to me which is one of my favorite seasons.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

Since my husband has a pretty crazy work schedule sometimes and we are constantly busy, we are always looking for opportunities for family time.  With the holidays right around the bend, our daily lives can keep us on our toes so having a fun day like we did definitely helps us to make memories that will last a lifetime.  Our annual visit to the Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch is the beginning of our Holiday Family moments and reminds me that family – no matter how big or small, is something to cherish.

What are some of your Fall family traditions? Do you visit a pumpkin patch with your family to pick the perfect pumpkin?  Happy Fall!

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We are just a few short days away from Mother’s Day and I can’t help buy reflect on my first Mother’s Day 11 years ago.  It seems like the time has flown all too quickly and the minutes of the day just drift away like they are non-existent.  Looking back on what I’ve learned and what I’ve accomplished gives me a sense of pride.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never knew how rewarding it would be for me and how much I loved this job with all my heart.

My boys are growing so quickly and I have learned after becoming a mother that sometimes a little acknowledgement, peace of mind and inspiration go a really long way.  I wanted to take the time to write a letter to all moms – new, soon to be and those with years of experience.  This is my Mother’s Day Gift to you and I hope you enjoy!

My sons
Luke, Kevin and Isaiah – 2011

Dear Moms…

1. As much as we wish it would, time stands still for no one and father time ticks and tocks the days and nights away.  While our days may be filled with challenges, they may also be filled with laughter and delight.  Take the time each day to stop and think about the things you are grateful for.  I keep a gratitude journal specifically for this reason.  It allows me to reflect back on other days and remember the memories that we often times soon forget.  Remember that each day is filled with some form of happiness… there is always sunlight at the end of a storm.

2.  It’s okay to want a little “me” time.  I’m still trying to grasp the concept myself, but at least now I have accepted that wanting some time to myself does not mean that I don’t love my children.  It just means that I need a break sometimes.  Even if this means you are gonna vegetate in front of the computer, online window shop and have a glass of Vino… so long as it gives you a moment to yourself – hey, that’s great.

Kevin Kaeo
Kevin 2008

3.  Don’t feel bad about wanting to capture every moment on camera.  Your children will thank you later, trust me.  My three sons grew up in front of a camera and I snapped away at every moment and tried to capture as many memories as possible.  Even with a camera attached at the hip, I found that some of their earlier years were missed because I was caught up doing other things.  It’s okay to stop and tell someone you need to take a photo, it’s okay to capture the moment for your memories.  Snap away and always have a camera on hand.  You don’t want to look back at the past and realize you missed something because you were too busy with something else.

4.  Each parent has their own set of advice for new or soon to be mommies.  It can be difficult to hear sometimes and I know that I struggled with this (still do), for a long time.  If it’s something you can use in your life as a momma, then incorporate it into your own.  If you can’t use, do not worry – just move on and thank the person who gave it to you.  Parents sometimes forget that each child is their own individual and what might work for one child, certainly will not work for another.   Do not feel obligated to make someone’s advice work for you – even if they say it will and you know it won’t.

Luke 2010

5.  This one might only pertain to moms of twinnies… but needless to say, it had to be said.  Please please do not tell a mom of twins (new or otherwise), that you know exactly what they are going through because your children are just 10 months or a year or so apart.  IT IS NOT THE SAME.  I won’t tell you how many verbal arguments I have gotten into with parents over this.  Having two children exactly the same age (twins) is not the same as having a child just a year older.  By the time you have your second child (or the child born a year after), your first child is already starting to feed themselves, talking, walking, etc.  It is not the same experience as two infants or children the same age.  Many can argue the fact, but as a mother of twins, it was absolutely difficult for me to deal with and it was the cause of MANY arguments with other people.  Does that mean that you are less than I because I am a mother of twins – OF COURSE NOT, but they are not a comparison or similarity by any means.

6.  It’s okay to splurge on yourself once in a while.  I’m pretty lucky in that I have a husband that consistently reminds me that it’s time to buy myself something nice, otherwise, it goes on the back burner and I completely forget.  Choose out something from your wishlist and if you can swing it, get it.  Ask your hubby for a Sephora Gift Card (hint hint) and pick up that new perfume or lipstick you’ve been eyeing.  The choices are endless and I want moms to know that it’s okay to want to spoil yourself once in a while.  It’s too often that we forget about ourselves and are always thinking about others, so it’s okay to have a little treat now and then.

Isaiah – 2010

7.  A child’s smile can warm your heart.  But, don’t let that fool you… that doesn’t mean you have to give-in and give them anything and everything they want.   Sometimes structure is key and I know it has been very essential in raising my children.  There are many out there that will say you are being too harsh… but don’t let them affect how your raise your child.  They are your children after all – not your aunts, sisters, mothers, brother from another mother… they are your children and you set the rules.

8.  Your are a strong woman!  It takes more than just physical strength to handle the job of a mom.  You are not only strong physically and mentally, you are courageous, creative and a complete genius.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!


9.  Before having your first child, no one ever tells you that it is a 365 day a year job, no days off, no weekends – no holidays… no pay. lol We don’t get a lunch break, no vacation time off and there is no worker’s comp either.  It has made me appreciate my mom more after having children.  While I knew that my mom was a very hard worker and she kept our family afloat, I truly had no idea what it was like until I stepped into this role.  My mom also made it all work with less than half of what my family has financially.  My siblings and I are all healthy and grown up and I am proud to have learned so much from my own mom.

10.  This is an important one!  After having children, sometimes we lose that sense of sexy.  I know after having my boys, I gained twice my weight and I was not feeling very pretty.  Gaining weight after childbirth is not the only thing that makes us not feel beautiful.  Emotions are running wild, we’re tired, we don’t want to put makeup on and pajamas are our best friend.  All these things add up to feeling frumpy and blue and that doesn’t even include the women who suffer from postpartum as I did.  When someone pays you a compliment, believe them.  For a long time my husband would tell me how beautiful I was and I thought to myself… “what’s wrong with this man?  Who in the world is he looking at?”  I still think that way sometimes.  But when your husband tells you are your beautiful – believe him.  This is not an easy concept for many and sometimes we just don’t feel beautiful.  But beauty is much more than looks and a woman who can survive on two hours of sleep and no food in their belly and still be able to cook a whole meal for the house, pay the bills and make sure each child is happy and healthy – well… she has a beauty within that most only dream of having.

My boys

So, at the end of the day – we are here on this Earth because of our Mothers… well, our Dads too.  Most of us are who we are because of these women and those who are mothers, well – we are strong, stealth ninjas with a heart of gold.  At the end of the day, our lives are no longer our own and times can be tough, but there is one thing I know about being a mom… it is the BEST, MOST REWARDING JOB IN THE WORLD and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

To all the mommies out there, new, soon to be and those that are experienced just know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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A few weeks ago my sons and I went out to a dinner date with a family member visiting from afar.  As we sat at the table, my Aunt asked… “Hmm… do your children not have those iApple things?”  I giggled, but explained to her that while they each have their own tablets they are limited on time of use, where they use them and how often.  As much as we love technology in our household, family time and hands on things are much more important and I’m glad my husband and I are able to instill that in our children.  After dinner, I thought back to some memories from years ago.  As a child my parents always made science things so interesting and I remember going on little adventures at the local park with my dad with a magnifying glass and clear dishes to hold our specimens in after finding them.  As we got older and my parents could afford it, my siblings and I would get really cool kits that allowed us to dig up dinosaur-like bones, bugs and mineral rocks and we enjoyed those as well.

Real Bug Dig Kit

Because of these memories it always excites me to be able to offer these similar things to my children.  My sons and I spend a lot of time together and because of this, much of what we do is explore and learn about History, Science and all the wonders our beautiful Earth has to offer.  But, with the rainy season upon us – our explorations have been dwindled quite a bit.  That’s why I am so excited that there are cool Kits like the one I’m about to talk to you about.  Discover With Dr. Cool Real Insect Excavation Kit has been a fun choice for rainy days and I am excited to place another order for other kits also available.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The Discover With Dr. Cool’s Kit retails for about $12 on their website and comes with everything you need to dig up some really cool bugs.  Included in the kit is your Digging Block (which is disguised as a bright green beetle), Excavation Tools, and Adventure Guide, an Activity Booklet and 3 Real Specimens.  Please note that some of the items in the kit are considered choking hazards and not recommended for children under 3.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The kit is completely hands-on and my three boys each took turns scraping away at the beetle till they revealed what was encased inside.  Just like archaeologists, they took their time to clean away the dust and debris till they found what they were on the search for.  I was a bit worried that with their little excavation they may mutilate the specimens while looking but each one is secure in a glass shell.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The boys took about an hour to get through the entire beetle to reveal their finds.  Though I know they thoroughly enjoyed it and they took their time because this was truly an adventure to discover.  My ten year old (Kevin) loved taking part in this with his little bros (Luke & Isaiah) who are just five years old and together they made this an afternoon of fun and discovery.


After making their way to through the exterior of the beetle, they slowly started to find the glass encased bugs through out the body of the beetle.  What I enjoyed about this kit is there were no sharp edges to any of the digging tools.  It was as simple as laying down some newspaper and clean up was just as easy as throwing it all away.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The boys didn’t have to dig too deep as most of the bug specimens were found through out the top part of the beetle.  I do suggest that if you have asthma or if you have sensitivity to dust to use a mask as it seemed like this was a clay like brick and there was quite a bit of dust.  We made sure to open our windows so the boys air and breathing was not compromised.


What I think is probably the coolest part is the end result.  Each bug is encased in a cool glass marble and they are REAL Genuine bugs.  The kit includes a guide with information on each bug included in the kit and it was so cool to see the different colors these bugs had on their bodies.  The activity booklets also include challenge puzzles and games that the boys enjoyed taking part in.

https://www.discoverwithdrcool.com/science-kits/real-insect-excavation-kit-dig-out-3-real-bugsAt such an affordable price tag – this Discover Dr. Cool Real Bug Dig Kit includes all the makings for hours of fun and education for any little person (or even adult, since I truly enjoyed myself as well) and offers such great hands on experience for children.  The box does state that the products itself are non-toxic, but I do suggest like I said before to take caution with the dust from excavation.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The boys and I are excited to try out other kits available all for about the same price range.  With technology taking our World by storm, sometimes we forget all about the wonders that our Earth offers.  While the internet opens up our eyes to things we can’t see or touch immediately, I’m so glad that there are still great things like this to keep our children wondering about science and more.

Real Bug Dig Kit

Have you heard of Discover Dr. Cool before?  What are some interesting things you may remember about exploring from your childhood?  Do you have children and is this something you think they’ll be interested in.  Thanks for reading 😉

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I’m sure you’ve seen it all over social media… and many of my friends and readers have stopped in to send their birthday wishes (for that I thank you), but I really wanted to round up the Twins birthday anyhow, since it seems that I’ve been slacking in the personal department on my blog lately.  On Monday, (September 8th) Luke and Isaiah turned into 5  year olds.  I’m not gonna lie, I cried and bawled my eyes out as I do each and every year my children have a birthday (all of my children, including Kevin who will be 11 in January) lol.  Let’s face it, I’m an emotional wreck when milestones are reached, but proud to look back at all of the accomplishments.

Luke & Isaiah's Birthday

So – the twins packed up some goodie bags for their classmates and my hubby and I made our way to their classroom to celebrate their birthdays.  Their teacher took our photo where the boys were adorned in their birthday crown and a few leis (ya know it’s a Hawaii Tradition, right? lol).  They spent the rest of the day with their friends and after school let out – we went to an early birthday dinner… the twins chose Genki Sushi (since they love Sushi) and then ended the evening with some games at Fun Factory.  I have to admit – I am always amazed at how much they have grown, literally right before our eyes.  It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to them.

Luke & Isaiah's Birthday

On September 8, 2009 I gave birth to two wonderful little guys… but the road through pregnancy and the day I gave birth was quite a journey.  Twins run in my family (both my mom and my dad have twins in their families) and in my husband’s (both his mom and his dad have twins in their families), so while we knew it was a possibility – we didn’t really think it would ever happen to us.  My pregnancy was difficult – I lost 63 lbs through out the time I carried the twins in my womb… I weighed less at the time I gave birth than I did when I found out I was pregnant (this happened when I was pregnant with my eldest as well), and because of this – I was sick through most of the 7 1/2 months I carried the twins.  My iron levels were so low, but the doctors had to give me a vitamin supplement that would not make me so sick – because I lost so much weight, increasing my iron would make me much more sick.  Because the twins shared a placenta, I was monitored closely and was considered a “high risk” pregnancy because I was carrying multiples, but also high risk because of Preeclampsia and not to mention I wasn’t gaining any weight but losing a lot of it.  On the day I gave birth to my beautiful baby boys, I actually went in for a Pre-Op appointment (since my cesarean was scheduled a few days later), but was rushed to emergency surgery because my doctor had feared that I would have a stroke or heart attack in the middle of the night (before giving birth) and would not live through the evening if I didn’t have my children within a few hours.  To say I was afraid and scared would be an understatement… but my thought was that I needed to make sure my twins would be okay.


It’s funny to look back at that day, knowing I had so many emotions built up inside and not knowing the road ahead would also be a challenge.  After the birth of the twins (which was a miracle in its own), I dealt with severe Postpartum depression.  I didn’t think it was that bad, but I couldn’t shake the sadness in my mind and because of this, my doctor requested that my husband resign as a Police Recruit to stay home and take care of me until I had gotten though the rough patch in it all.  Mind you… it’s now five years later and I still deal with postpartum depression (off and on over the years) so my emotional craziness is a whirl wind and roller coaster all wrapped up in one.  But, they say that if you walk by faith, not by sight… that God will guide you through, and here we are today.

Luke & Isaiah's birthday

Since one birthday in a year is never enough… on Tuesday, while out running errands as a family, we decided to have some dinner at Ruby’s Diner (more on our experience in a later post) and the twins were once again honored for their special day.  We will also be hosting a small family gathering at our house on Sunday and I’ll be sure to post updates here when the busy day is done.

So, I bet you didn’t think you would be getting such an earful worth of information by reading this post… lol but honestly, while we celebrate birthdays each and every year, I’m so thankful to also be celebrating life.  To say I’m thankful each and every day for these little guys and their big brother Kevin would be an understatement because thankful doesn’t even cover the feelings I experience inside.  Love… that would be the best possible word to describe it.  I had no idea that when I got pregnant with Luke & Isaiah, that all of this would have happened in my life… but I wouldn’t change any of it for anything else in the whole World so long as we have our babies.

Happy Birthday Twinnies!  May your lives be filled with an endless amount of love and joy and may God bless you always.

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As a mother of three very active boys, I do everything in my power to ensure that they are consuming the right foods to ensure they’re growing and thriving.  But, I can definitely admit that it can be a daunting task sometimes, not so much for me – but I know that there are parents that have difficulty getting their children to eat right.  When I was a kid, there was really no such thing as sweets and my candy was cherry tomatoes… so it is something I have worked on incorporating in my household.  Here are a few tips I have on how to get your kids to eat their veggies.003 copy

Incorporate veggies in your daily meals…

Everything a child knows is a learned behavior for the most part and that includes what they eat.  By incorporating some sort of vegetable into your daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), your child becomes familiar with having it a part of their plate and therefore will want to eat it.  Now, sometimes children have a very picky palette and it can be a challenge to include all types of veggies into their daily meals, but remember that fruits are also a great source of vitamins and sometimes telling them that they can have an awesome fruit snack after they complete their meal will work wonders.

Incorporate vegetables in their favorite foods and drinks…

I am a huge Green Juice and Smoothie lover and while the boys are not too fond of the green look, they love the taste because I include fruits in the drink that help to mask the vegetable flavor.  One of my favorite combinations includes:  Kale, Chard, Spinach, Mango and Banana with Coconut water or coconut oil and cold pure water.  The boys love the flavor because they taste the mango and banana but not the greens and they are getting their daily intake of vegetables and vitamins.  While this is not my favorite solution, I don’t necessarily hide them in the juice, because I show them the process of how it all comes together and since they love the taste, they are much more willing to try the vegetables on their own.  Also, include vegetables in your kids’ favorite meals.  My boys love pasta and I incorporate spinach or squash in my pasta as well as other veggies like tomatoes, broccoli and mushrooms – you name it, I have put it in pasta or stir fry.  When they are chopped and tossed with the meal that they enjoy, they will love the color as well as the taste.

Be Creative… 

Popeye the Sailor Man is not exactly popular now a days so using the “eat your spinach so you can have muscles like Popeye” doesn’t exactly work if they don’t know who Popeye is.  While that can be a challenge, I like to use references to their favorite cartoon characters and story books when giving my boys vegetables.  For example:  “Sponge Bob loves to eat Yellow Zucchini because it is yellow like he is”, or placing sliced vegetables like cucumbers on a plate in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.  But my all time favorite is when my eldest (now 10 years old) was 2 and seen a baby carrot for the first time.  He wasn’t very interested in it at first but realized that it looked just like a Cheeto that he seen on the commercial and wanted to eat it because it was cool.  Needless to say, it is one of his favorite vegetables now and because of him, his brothers love them too.

Color your world with veggies…

Vegetables come in so many awesome colors.  My sons absolutely love going through the Produce department at my local grocery store and naming the colors of each vegetable as well as learning the names of each one too.  As we go through the vegetable department, I ask my sons to each pick out a vegetable that they think looks cool and that they would like to try.  Getting them interested in both the colors as well as getting excited to be able to pick out their own makes it easier for them when it is time to eat it.  When it’s time to cook it, engage them with what the vegetable looks like on the inside, how it smells and offer it to them raw too, because raw veggies taste great and look better than when they are cooked.  Keeping them involved in the cooking process – even if it is to just show them the difference between cooked and raw vegetables will make a huge difference in how excited they will be when it’s time to eat.  Of course, if you can include them in the cooking process – it makes a huge difference as well… our favorite is making homemade pizza where the boys can select their own vegetables and toppings to put on their pizza and then they watch it bake.  It makes eating anything much more fun and exciting and therefore, delicious.  Also – a vegetable garden is a great idea to include your child in learning more about vegetables and fruits.  Remember me mentioning in the beginning that I ate my vegetables like it was candy?  Well, as a child my parents would grow their own vegetables and because of this as kids we were busy eating them fresh from the garden any time we wanted to, Organic with no pesticides and delicious.

At the end of the day each child is different and it can definitely be a challenge to get any child to eat vegetables.  I think that making it fun and exciting in any aspect will surely entice them to eat vegetables daily.  Remember that as you include vegetables in your meals and snacks and your children start to like it, they will gravitate more towards vegetables then bad sweets that are no good for them.  It’s a process… and once they love them, they will want them consistently and there will no longer be a need to convince them to eat it.  Encourage your children to love vegetables by making it a part of your daily food selection and make sure to do this at a young age so they learn to love vegetables and will eat them willingly and enjoy it.  This is just a few of my tips that I wanted to share with all of my mommies and daddies or aunts and uncles, so I hope you enjoyed it.  Remember to customize any of these tips to fit your lifestyle and family.  Happy Veggie Eating!

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They say that becoming a mommy is one of the most rewarding things a woman can experience in her lifetime.  Before having children, I’ll admit that I did not think that was possible and after having them, I now know that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my kids.  They drive me crazy sometimes and I don’t even know what sleep is anymore – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  While I learned a ton of things after having my children and continue to learn new things each day, there are 10 things that I have learned after becoming a mom that stick out to me the most.  This is supposed to be a bit comical – but at the same time, a realization that our lives are no longer our own and our hearts will always belong to someone else.

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

– Elizabeth Stone 

Our Boys

  1. It is not always a good thing when your children are quiet.
  2. You develop ninja skills overnight when you must keep your child from climbing, falling, running or putting things in their mouth.
  3. Food is no longer your own and to them, your food always looks better than what they have on their own plate… even if it is the same food you have on yours.
  4. LEGOS, WOODEN BLOCKS, ARMY MEN AND HOT WHEELS while cool to play with are the most painful things your feet will step on.
  5. Unless your children are in bed asleep or out of the house, you will no longer have privacy when you are using the bathroom
  6. Your new favorite Soap Opera or Chick Flick is anything on Disney Channel – you even sing along to the songs and can quote scenes. “The Doc is in and she’ll fix you up – if you’re a toy then you’re in luck”
  7. Your arms become race tracks for hot wheels, bikes and other types of vehicles.
  8. You no longer know what a full night’s sleep is.
  9. You are now an alien – You have eyes behind your back, six extra limbs, you are a lie detector and you’re psychic.
  10. They say you cannot live without your major organs… but yet, the most important thing I learned after becoming a mom… “Your heart really does go walking around outside your body!

So I wish all of you mommies out there (and those soon to be) that you make your own memories out of the things you learned after becoming a mom.  Know that when times are tough and your children can be a handful, that there are other mothers out there that have lived through and are living through some of what you are experiencing.  Becoming a mom is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything in the whole World.  While challenges are constant, LOVE IS FOREVER!

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Love is…

Watching a movie on Netflix over and over and over again so many times that you can quote each line, sing each song and play out the scenes in your mind without watching a minute of it – because it’s your children’s favorite movie.

Stuffing your bag with chocolate snacks – even if you know that it will melt, because it is your child’s favorite goodie and you want to be able to treat them.

Missing out on Grey’s Anatomy week after week and having to catch up on old episodes after the season ends so that your family can watch their favorite shows.

Stepping on Legos to get to the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere in the house (if you have children with legos, you will feel for me on this), because they have them all spread out to build their giant creation and you can’t mess up a thing because they are all separated to ensure easy building. lol

Standing at the bathroom door while one of your twins uses the restroom during the night because he is afraid of walking in the hallway at night.

Asking the restaurant to remove the pickles and onions from a sandwich because your husband and sons are not fond of them.

Picking up Tin Roof Sundae Ice Cream in bulk when it is on sale because it is my husband’s favorite and it is not always in stock.

Knowing someone so well that you are empty when they are not around and you can finish each others sentences without hesitation.

Giving up your bed and husband to your children because they want to cuddle with daddy.

Running to the store to pick up supplies for your homemade mac and cheese – even when you know nothing is on sale and you will spend 10x as much on it now then if you waited a week.  But hey – it’s the kids favorite.

Family Portrait

Love Is…

Smiles, Giggles, Snuggles and Holding Hands!  It’s about compassion, support and compromise.  Love is about Family, commitment and honesty.  Give and Take, pain and healing, sadness and happiness.  Love is what keeps me going and makes me strong.  My life revolves around love and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know I haven’t done a post like this in quite a while and I really miss incorporating them into my site.  You may see more of these… but if you made it this far – then thank you so much for sticking around.  Wishing you all a blessed and Wonderful day and weekend.

What is Love to you?

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Last night we had the pleasure of attending a baby party to celebrate a little guy’s one year old birthday.  It was fun, festive and the boys absolutely enjoyed themselves.  From the Lilo & Stitch decor to the Balloon man and face painting, my sons had a blast.


Luke & Isaiah posing for the camera while in the bouncy house.

Kevin Ka'eo at the Party

Big brother Ka’eo (Kevin) with his Balloon Bow & Arrow

Twins with their Grandma

The twins Luke & Isaiah showing off their Balloon Swords with their Mama Barbara (Grandma).

The boys had a blast and the entertainment was awesome.  Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses and it was nice to just sit down, relax and enjoy good company.  My husband worked earlier in the day so it gave us the opportunity to spend time with him as well – which is always awesome!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xo ~Honey



Happy Wednesday Loves…  Hope you are all having an awesome day.  This is just a personal update to let you all know what has been going on lately since I haven’t been updating the blog the last few days.  This week has been crazy so far, even if it’s on Wednesday.  I can’t believe how fast the week went by, even with the Veteran’s Day Holiday… I still feel like I haven’t had the time to accomplish my laundry list of “Honey Do’s”.  This past weekend was a blast though.  My hubby took the kids and I to the Carnival.  I’m gonna work on editing that video (a brief clip of one of the acts) and uploading to my YouTube Channel soon.



Isaiah, Luke & My Hubby watching the Circus Show

Hmmm…. Speaking of YouTube… some of you may have noticed that I have been “following” you on Google plus with a new account or subscribing to you from a different channel.  It’s because I started a new one up.  You can subscribe and check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/honeykahoohanohano.  It is a breathe of fresh air to be able to have a YouTube channel that actually is named with a URL I want to use, but at the same time, I am starting all over again – so no subscribers, no views, no nothing.  It’s a challenge, but it is definitely time for me to start making the transition.  So – please please if you have been a subscriber of mine in the past, I would really appreciate you following my new journey.

Okay – so that is basically what I have been up to.  It seems that “updating” and getting things in order have been the norm around here the last couple of weeks, especially after my transition to my self hosted blog from using Weebly for so long.  But the changes have to happen and I’m just going to embrace them the best I can.  I do sometimes feel like I have that “blond moment” and sometimes it may even be all over my face. lol

045 copy


I’ll be back to posting more so you will be seeing much more of me.  More fashion posts are coming as well – so stay tuned and I have some new reviews in the pipeline too.  Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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Halloween comes but once a year and this year the twins are just a little older to truly understand what is going on.  Last year, the twins were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and while they enjoyed themselves, they were still learning how to say “Trick or Treat” and getting the concept down.  This year they had an absolute blast.  We took the boys to my Sister In Law’s neighborhood where tons of people come from all over the Island since it is always a nice neighborhood filled with Candy giving houses.  It was lots of fun and even more so that my husband had the night off and could join us.


My eldest was not in the “dress up mood”.  I think he is at that stage where he is now “too cool” to wear a costume.  He did want me to do some zombie makeup on him and since I only had a couple of minutes, I through together what I could so we could be out the door quickly.  He really liked how it came out and I was happy that he enjoyed it.  I thought he looked super cool and so did other people we came across through the course of the night.


The twins went through my eldest’s past Halloween costumes and found some they really liked.  Luke loved the Dragon costume, but it never came with a mask – so he was just going to wear it like that.  However, since Isaiah would be using a costume that would have a mask (one that we lost and couldn’t find), Luke wanted one too.  Since I did the face paint for Isaiah, I decided I would do one on Luke too.  This was my interpretation of a dragon face.  I wish I took a better pic of what it looked like without his costume covering it – but you can see the video of it here.  I took a print screen capture of part of the video so you could see some of the detail.

dragon luke

Luke really loved how it came out and honestly, I thought it was super cool as well.


As I mentioned above, Isaiah found one of Kaeo’s Spiderman costumes but we couldn’t find the mask for it anywhere.  So I promised Isaiah I would paint his spiderman face on.  He was so excited and absolutely loved how it came out.  Here is the Instagram video for that one, here.  I actually filmed a little before I completed the mask and this video obviously was taken before he decided to play and smear it (the picture above was after playing, so I had to redo it a bit. lol)

We had a lot of fun that night and I’m always looking forward to hanging out with my boys and husband.  These times are rare and it’s important to make each and every moment count.  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  The boys got a lot of candy and was sad to bid the day adieu but at the same time, they also know that “Ho! Ho! Ho!” which is what they call Christmas, is going to be here soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and an awesome upcoming week!

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