I know, I know… we are literally 24 hours away from saying good-bye to 2015 and I’m finally getting around to posting our family photos for the holiday and winter.  I honestly don’t know what happened the last two weeks, it’s like life took a turn into the twilight zone and I’m still trying to recoop from the crazy.  I look forward to family photos but I regretfully have to admit that we have slacked in this department a lot and this is the first family photo since 2013 – yikes.  With a crazy on going presence in social media, sometimes I forget how important it is to have at least one really good photo for the year to document the growth of not only our children, but our life.

This year’s family photos were a challenge because our schedules are all over the place.  I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to gather the five members of my family (myself included) in the allotted time to get it done.  Normally, I will set up my camera and tripod and use my remote to shoot our photo, but this year – the remote died and I had to use the timer on the DSLR to get it accomplished… let’s just say – it was an interesting morning. lol  Running back and forth between the camera and the group – my husband and I were not only exhausted, we had several images to capture before we got some good ones.  Having children in the photo is no easy task as well as some were blinking, making faces or had their eyes closed – story of my life, lol.

2015 Family Photo

For this year’s photo, we decided it would be casual and relaxed, much like our life has been the last year.  Since we are so busy with home and school and work, we really look forward to days where we can dress casually and just enjoy life.  Since we live right off of the Golf Course in Pukalani, we decided that that would make a fabulous backdrop for our family photos.  Running back and forth working with the timer on the camera was definitely a challenge but overall, I think they came out pretty nice and I’m glad that we were able to document this year with a few images.

Our 2015 Holiday and Winter Family Photos

The twins are using basic black t-shirts from Old Navy and Khaki cargo shorts with their shoes.  My eldest is using a pair of jeans, a heather gray shirt from Old Navy and his shoes and my husband is using a Dickies button down shirt, Dickies khaki shorts and flip flops.  For me, I decided to go with a pair of skinny jeans (YMI) and a black laced top from Forever 21.  My scarf is one of my favorite Pashminas that I have had for at least 3 years now and I’m wearing a pair of black suede boots.  My gosh, my hair sure does stand out, doesn’t it?

Our 2015 Holiday and Winter Family Photos

I absolutely love taking our photos each year, but I think for next year, I may enlist the help of a fellow blogger or friend/family member to help take the images so that we are not putting in so much work lol. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and from our family to yours, we wish you a prosperous and blessed New Year.


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Well, I wasn’t going to do all of these Gift Guides and not have one for children.  My boys would be pretty disappointed in me if I had forgotten about them. lol  There are so many gifts you can buy for your kids and while there are some really easy ones to find, sometimes shopping for your favorite little person can be a challenge.  My gift guide is mainly focused around boys – since, let’s face it, I have boys – but I also included some fun gifts that would make great additions to any little ones list.  Without further adieu, here’s my list of cool presents for kids.

Holiday Gift Guide - Cool Presents For Kids

The first thing on the boys lists of presents is almost always… Legos.  While we certainly all enjoy legos in our household, my feet don’t quite like them – for obvious reasons.  But now a days, you can find lego designs on everything from shirts and pajamas to video games and movies.  It’s a tried and true brand and one that my family  loves and enjoys.  Lego provides my sons (even my husband and I) a way for a creative outlet without the mess of paint or scissors and while the little pieces are a bit too much for the young ones, they make great gifts for kids to help build their fine motor skills, thinking and problem solving.

My boys have well over 20000 pieces I’m sure because we try to buy at least one Lego set a holiday or birthday for each child. But, if Legos are not the right gift for your little one – Lego also offers a free subscription to the Lego magazine and Mega Blocks make a great alternative for toddlers.  Each of my sons had Mega Blocks as a part of their building and growing and when they were old enough – I transitioned them to Legos.

Another favorite in our house are videos games.  My children only get a few video games a year because they don’t play them often, but each year we definitely get our hands on fun family games like Just Dance 2016.  It allows us to not only have some fun as a family, but get in some great cardio too.  A new game I’ve had my sights on this year is Back To The Future The Game.  I’m a huge Back to the Future fan as are the kids (the whole family), so it would make a fun family game for all of us.  There are other games we enjoy to play and Wits and Wagers is such a fun one for the whole family, though my eldest enjoys it because it has so many great trivia questions.  Besides, WE LOVE board games.

Books, Books and more books. We have a huge library in our tiny house filled with fun books for the boys and for the adults. Any type of book from Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss to Ramona and Beezus make great additions to any library.  I-Spy books are also a fun one to read together and I love buying books from my childhood for the boys like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, To Kill a Mockingbird or Maniac Magee which are three of my childhood favorites.

Dr. Cool Kits are some of my absolute favorites and the boys love them too. These awesome kits have digs that are a learning experience and are truly fun for the whole family.  Some of our favorites are the Real Bug Dig Kit and the Ultimate Geode Science Kit.  All of the kits available from Dr. Cool are very interactive, a great learning experience and would make fantastic gifts.

Another Gift idea that tends to be overlooked are crayons and coloring books – craft projects in general.  These dandy little gifts make great things for travel or keeping your little people active and occupied.  I carry a small box of crayons in my purse most of the time so that the boys can always color one of the many coloring books we have spread out at home or in the car or they can color in a book or planner I have in my bag.  Never underestimate the power of a bunch of colored wax utensils for this reason.  Coloring books are fun for teenagers too.  My eldest colors in my “adult coloring books” and he enjoys them.  Coloring is great for hand and eye coordination but also makes for a wonderful gift for anyone of all ages.

Buying gifts for children can be a challenge sometimes – especially if you don’t know much about a child and you’re shopping without any idea as to what they would like.  I find that pulling for staple gifts such as some of these I have listed, I have a pretty sure bet that they will enjoy their present.  Everything I buy for children tends to have some form of learning in it – even if they have no idea that it does and it makes gift giving fun knowing I’m buying something that the child or children will benefit from.   If you’re shopping for a girl – please don’t rule out some of these gifts as many of these can be universal for all children and when it comes to Legos, well – the brand makes sets that are geared towards girls as well.

Happy Shopping for those little ones in your life, I hope you have lots of fun and this list helped to bring you a little peace of mind.

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Disclaimer:  All products mentioned in this post were either purchased by me with my own money, or sent for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these products.  Affiliate links posted through out.



Christmas is my favorite time of year and quite frankly, my favorite Holiday.  As a child I saved up my money all year round so I could buy the perfect gift for my family members and I still find myself excited for gift giving till this day.  One of my favorite things to shop for are stocking stuffers.  These tiny little gifts are fun and interesting and they don’t need to be large or come in big over-sized packaging.  While jewelry definitely is a nice stocking stuffer to get, there are a lot of options available on the market for the whole family.  Today I’m going to share with you some of my picks for the perfect little stocking stuffer treats.  These are some suggestions of products I have been enjoying lately or ones that I wouldn’t mind receiving myself.  Let’s get started.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Beauty Junkees 8 piece Pro Series Brush Set $39.97 – I just had to include this brush set in this guide.  My husband has bought me brushes each year for the last few years as Holiday gifts and I always love them.  This brush set includes all the eye brushes you need to complete a stunning holiday makeup look.  From blending to packing on color and smoking out a look – the beauty lover in your life will be thrilled to receive this very well made brush set.  What’s so great is that it also comes with a gorgeous black zipper brush pouch that you can use for travel.

Get 25% off your order with code: HONEYGW1 at check out and purchase this brush set and so much more here.  One redemption per customer.  Expires January 15, 2016.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Zaya Oils for Hair and Body Zaya Hair Oil Blend $49.00 includes some of my favorite hair oils like Organic Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil, Organic Patchouli Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil.  This beautiful feeling hair oil smells wonderful and has been an essential part of my hair care routine lately – helping to keep my frizzies at bay and nourishing my very curly hair during the cold winter months.  With 50 mL/1.7 fl.oz., you get a generous amount of product and a little goes a long way.  You only need use this two to three times per week as a treatment for the hair.  If you  have a long hair or curly hair loved one – this would make a fabulous treat for them.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

The Zaya Body Oil Blend $46.00  feels like invisible lingerie – smoothing out the trouble areas and accentuating your natural assets.  This oil is composed of a blend that helps to keep the skin hydrated and balanced, giving your body a boost of nutritive energy.  Helping to promote a firm and smooth appearance of your skin and a bright scent – this would make a great gift for anyone.  Blend of oils include:  Sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, pink grapefruit essential oil, castor oil and organic rosemary essential oil.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Lucie + Pompette Lip Batter 3 in 1 Balm, Gloss & Treatment $16.50 (0.16 fl.oz.) is not only adorable but makes the absolute perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty lover.  Available in 5 different colors that are universal for most – the Lucie + Pompette Lip Batters are the longest wearing plumping lip gloss.  With a revolutionary formula that plumps, fill and hydrates your lips instantly, you get a gloss like product that acts like a treatment and plumps the lips without irritation.  The  unique smoothing cushion envelops the lips for a more voluptuous appearance.  The packaging is absolutely adorable and would make a great gift for any age of beauty lover.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

The Lucie Bag $18.50 is a cosmetic clutch also from Lucie + Pompette and is absolutely adorable.  3.5″ x 7.5″ this cute little bag is perfect for travel or to carry all of your favorite beauty essentials.  French-inspired, the Lucie bag features a glossy white exterior printed with the signature illustrations from Lucie+Pompette and a lined interior.  Details include a chic Eiffel Tower Charm.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Body Butter – Tupelo Honey $12.90 (1.56 oz. / 48g) is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.  These little tubs of greatness smell wonderful and come in a gorgeous box that is ready for holiday gifting – simply add a little bow to the top.  When it comes to honey – well, it’s obvious that I’m all over it in a heartbeat and this product has easily become one of my favorite body butters.


A royal treatment in a jar, this super rich formula combines royal jelly and other hive treasures as well as skin quenching butters and essential oils.  It’s also available in the large 6.7 oz jar if you want to give that special person the larger jar.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Holiday Serenity Travel Trio Fragrances $49.00.  This beautiful set of fragrances include a unique trio of signature scents.  Gorgeous and ready to be gifted this holiday season – the trio includes the fresh and crisp green French Clary Sage, zesty Japanese Agarwood and warm and cozy Tuscan Fig in 15mL eau de parfum sizes.  If you have a fragrance lover in your life, they will love this set.


It’s packaged and ready for gifting in a white gift box and ribbon and each fragrance can be worn separately or layered to create a signature fragrance all your own.  The Tuscan Fig is my favorite, but I enjoy them all.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Hope In The Box Coffee Mug If you don’t have a beauty lover in your life – don’t worry, I got you covered.  Coffee addict anyone?  This mug is perfect for the person who loves church or prayer and the coffee or tea (even cocoa) lover in your life.  For the father or mother (or grandparents) who start their day with a cup of joe, this is the perfect gift to give them to have them start their day with HOPE.  “Hang On Pray Everyday” is a company founded by a husband and wife team who persevered through difficult times through prayer.  The company is dedicated to creating gifts that act as simple but beautiful reminders of love and inspiration.  Besides mugs they offer keychains, blankets & other unique items to give to a loved one.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Shoeps Elastic Laces $10.00 – This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who wears laced shoes.  I have a set and just ordered a set for each person in my house to give as stocking stuffers.  These handy dandy rubber laces have made such a difference in how easy it is to put on my shoes.  You never have to tie your shoes again with these flexible shoelace bands.  These bands conform to both your shoe and the motion of your feet making them so comfy to use.  They are great for casual wear and perfect for kids.  I use them to the gym or for running and make a great gift to anyone that has difficulty tying their shoes or taking them on and off.  Each package contains 14 bands and you can use these to match your favorite outfit, support your favorite sports team or school or a seasonal event.  I got mine in pink to match my Under Armour shoes.  They come in many different colors as well as a set of rainbow ones.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

I love how easy my Shoeps were to put on and how they make putting on my tennis or running shoes a breeze.  I totally suggest these for anyone and they would make a great gift for the little munchkins in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

Lace Locks Shoe Accessories $9.99+ Since we are talking about shoe accessories, I also want to suggest Lace Locks.  My gosh these are so fun – you can’t help but want to collect them all.  These awesome shoe accessories attach to your laces to add a little flare to your already cool shoes.  These make the perfect stocking stuffer for the little person in your life because they are a fun fashion trend that will be show stopping.  I have them here in Marvel characters but there are a ton of designs for both boys and girls.  They can also be used for adults too.


Lace Locks come in a number of different colors and designs including Marvel, Peanuts and so much more.  They even have jeweled and blinged ones for those that love a little sparkle.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

LATHER Soap Candle Stocking Stuffer $16 – Well, let me just say if you are a fan of sweet things you or the person you are buying this for will absolutely love this set.  The Lemon Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle and Vanilla Bean Shea Soap from LATHER makes for one awesome gift.  An aromatherapy set with  naturally scented delights to use for the home and bath.  The soap is moisturizing with olive oil and paired with a 100% soy wax candle infused with essential oils.  It smells wonderful and feels so good against the skin (the soap).  This would make a great gift for anyone and I have picked up a few as stocking stuffers for family and friends.

– lemon vanilla candle 4 oz
– vanilla bean & shea soap 4 oz

Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a Wallet

Dokibook Small Zip Planner $31.50 As many know – I’m a planner addict and have quite a selection of various planner types in all different sizes.  My recent planner haul included the Dokibook in the size small from  If you have a planner lover in your life or want to get a gift for someone who likes to stay organized – check out this site.  The Love Doki books are well made  and this particular one is the perfect size for me to organize everything that goes into my wallet.  If it is not what you are looking for – you can find a variety of different planners at places like Target and Walmart and craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s also carry The Happy Planner which is a great customizable planner for the planner and organizer in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

CREATE Book by Jamie Dorobek $11.83 Creating Really Awesome Free Things Book is a wonderful Stocking Stuffer or a great gift year round but especially for the holidays.  This awesome book includes 100 really fun and super easy projects you can do with kids utilizing most of the items you already have in your home.  I love to give books as gifts and this one is fun for the whole family.  You can purchase this via Amazon and get free shipping if you have Prime.  The boys and I have loved doing art projects from this book and I totally recommend it as a gift for any mom, dad or teacher.

There are so many other things I can mention in this list but it would be a lifetime long.  I selected the products in this list specifically because they are items that I or my family have been loving and items that I have purchased this year for loved one.  These items are not only reasonably priced make great gifts and perfect sized for the stocking.  I hope you are all enjoying your holiday shopping.  If I should come across more stocking stuffer ideas, I’ll be sure to post a revised and updated one.  Happy Holidays!




Today in Microfashion… A few weeks ago, Luke & Isaiah’s school celebrated Spirit Week and included Book Character Day for the students.  Each child was to work with their families to create a costume (or inspired outfit) from the child’s favorite book.  Choosing a favorite book in our household is near to impossible since everyone in our home loves to read – but the twins settled on characters from their favorite Dr. Seuss books – Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.  Creating the costumes were very fun and luckily I had most of the supplies on hand.  I promised the twins that I would share how I created their costumes with all of you – so today I bring to you a little Easy DIY Dr. Seuss Books Costumes.

Book Character Dress Up Day - Easy DIY Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat and Sam I Am Costumes

Using what the twins had in their closets – we chose out clothes like a black and yellow (neon yellow) shirt to use with their outfits.  Since it was a chilly day we opted for a pair of denim jeans which worked and offered a casual flare while still giving the twins their own identity.  I picked up a few items at the store – like red, white, yellow and green felt, but most of the supplies I needed to create their costumes, I already had on hand.

Isaiah chose to be the Cat in the Hat.  While his costume was simplistic, it required a little more work than Luke’s with the hat having so many steps to create it.  Here’s what I did.

Book Character Dress Up Day - Easy DIY Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat and Sam I Am Costumes

Starting with the hat, I first used foam core board and cut out a round base to use as the brim of the hat.  Then taking the red and white felt (I had them in 8″x 10″ pieces from Walmart), I cut them down to size – 2 inches in width and glued each strip together to create parts of the top hat.  I used my hot glue gun to do this as it was faster for me then sewing since I sew by hand (no machine).  I adjoined the pieces together to form the hat using white thread and stitched it by hand and then glued it to the brim that I created and covered with white felt.

I used the same red felt to draw a bow and glued it to a white strip of felt and then sewed a button on it so it could attach to his neck and could be easily taken off or put on.  He wore a black shirt and his jeans and his outfit was complete.

Supplies needed:

  • 1 square foot of foam core board
  • red felt – I used approximately 3 and 1/2 – 8″x 10″ sheets
  • white felt – I used approximately 3 – 8″x 10″ sheets
  • scissors
  • glue gun with glue sticks (or sewing machine / thread and needle)
  • thread and needle
  • black permanent marker (to trace the outline of the bow)
  • red button

The video where I show the details and explain each item can be found here.

Book Character Dress Up Day - Easy DIY Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat and Sam I Am Costumes

Luke chose to be Sam I Am from Green Eggs & Ham.  His costume was fairly easy to put together though it took me a little while to figure out how to create the ham on his plate.  Starting with his sign – I took a piece of foam core board and cut it out so that it looked cartoon-ish, writing the words “Sam I am” similar to that from the book.  I then hot glued a wooden dowel to the back of the sign so that he could hold it in his hands.

Making the red hat for Sam was a little trickier.  I had to take 3 pieces of red felt (the 8×10 I mentioned) and pieced them together with hot glue so it would have a similar shape to what Sam wears in the book.  It kind of looks like an elf’s hat, with a triangle shape so that when we turned it inside out, it would have a slight curve at the top.  The Green Eggs and Ham was simple… by cutting a round shape out of the foam core board, I covered the board with yellow felt and created the shapes for the eggs and the ham, which I stuffed with scrap felt from the pieces I had cut.  Everything used to create Luke’s costume was sewed together with a hot glue gun.  I also glued an elastic band on the back of the plate so Luke could slip the plate on his wrists and not have to carry it around with him.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 square feet of foam core board
  • red felt – I used approximately 3 and 1/2 – 8″x 10″ sheets
  • white felt – I used approximately 1 – 8″x 10″ sheet
  • scissors
  • glue gun with glue sticks (or sewing machine / thread and needle)
  • black permanent marker (to write on the sign)
  • elastic band

Check out my video where I walk you through the steps here and show you the detail of each item I created.  I apologize that I did not film tutorials or take photos as I was doing this project since they were kind of impromptu.

Book Character Dress Up Day - Easy DIY Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat and Sam I Am Costumes

The boys absolutely loved their costumes and were so proud to tell their friends and teachers at school that I created them and they got to help.  I spent very little money – less than $15 to create the whole thing and if I had to add in the cost of their shirts, it would be less than $25 for both.  What we enjoyed about these costumes were that they were easy to put on easy to take off.  If the boys decided that they no longer wanted to wear them, they could remove the props and put them away.  These costumes are very easy – they just take a little creativity and time to pull it all together.  I think they would make a fun choice for Book Character Day for any school or even Halloween.

Be sure to check out the video above where I explain each step and show you all the little details of each prop.  If you decide to create your own costumes using inspiration from ours, please be sure to comment and let us know.  What about you?  What would you select for Book Character Day as your dress up costume?

Happy DIY and Fun!

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Each year in the Fall, my family and I have journeyed up to the local Pumpkin Patch at the Kula Country Farms to choose out the perfect pumpkin for carving.  This year was no exception and the family enjoyed their time there as we always do so we wanted to share with you the fun and excitement.  The Kula Country Farms located on the slopes of beautiful Haleakala on the island of Maui turns it’s grounds into a fun Pumpkin Patch and Fall Extravaganza with corn mazes, garden games and fun for the entire family.  For the last 4 years my family and I have ventured on over to the patch to spend a few hours enjoying the animals, buying fresh Maui grown produce and of course – picking our own pumpkins.  Today I share with you one of our Family Adventures.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

Let’s face it – living on Maui has its perks and benefits because frankly, we are living in Paradise.  But, it can often mean that we are left without the resources that other towns can offer.  So when the Kula Country Farms started the annual pumpkin patch a few years back, my family and I have taken part in it each year.  There have been many changes and improvements to the patch this year, including a new parking lots that allows for easier parking for families so that they are not limited to parking on a very busy street.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

The pumpkin selections are far and wide in between, giving you the choice to choose a really large pumpkin or something small for coloring and painting.  Prices of the pumpkins range from $5 – $20 depending on the size and my family tends to pick up a pumpkin for each of us to carve or decorate as we see fit.  The location is HUGE – offering a wide variety of activities for your family from picking your own pumpkin to taking part in the corn maze and everything in between.  The boys look forward to swinging on the tire swings (while you can see this up year round) and taking part in any fun age appropriate activities for kids.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

The boys absolutely love seeing the chickens that roam the grounds freely and the ponies / miniature horses that they can pet and feed.  There is also a huge bunny that has been there for years for the children to befriend.  This year we decided that we would take the time to not only choose our perfect pumpkin, but also spend some time checking out the vendors that were stationed up at the farm.  There was a kettle corn vendor that made the kettle corn fresh while we were there (you could smell the chocolate through out the farm) and different food vendors that sold plate lunches and snacks through out.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - Kahoohanohano Family Adventures

The farm was pretty busy on the Saturday we chose to visit.  Cars were parked up and down the street and since I now have a small car, we were able to find a parking spot along the road side.  There were children everywhere, examining all of the fun activities and my boys absolutely enjoyed their time there.  If you are planning to visit the farm in time for Halloween pumpkin carving, I suggest going early in the month of October.  With the weather here in Hawaii being pretty warm, some of the pumpkins were already starting to rot (such a bummer) and last minute pumpkin pickers are scrambling for the perfect find.  We visited at the beginning of October and found that there was a huge selection of pumpkins to choose from, with many different sizes and types.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

My husband picked me up the perfect pumpkin for carving and Kevin Ka’eo chose his pumpkin for his first year of carving on his own.  The twins each chose little pumpkins that they decided they would later paint.  We all hiked the pumpkins up the hill to pay for them and finish off our family adventure for the day.  The pumpkin fields can be dirty and dusty and sometimes icky but seriously, the look on these boys faces each year as they find the choice pumpkin for the holiday are priceless.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

Some of the flowers were in bloom at the farm as well, which was an incredible site.  If you know anything about me… then you know that sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers and I look forward to seeing them.  They scream Fall to me which is one of my favorite seasons.

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

Annual Trip To The Pumpkin Patch - K Family Adventures

Since my husband has a pretty crazy work schedule sometimes and we are constantly busy, we are always looking for opportunities for family time.  With the holidays right around the bend, our daily lives can keep us on our toes so having a fun day like we did definitely helps us to make memories that will last a lifetime.  Our annual visit to the Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch is the beginning of our Holiday Family moments and reminds me that family – no matter how big or small, is something to cherish.

What are some of your Fall family traditions? Do you visit a pumpkin patch with your family to pick the perfect pumpkin?  Happy Fall!

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Disclaimer:  All products, etc. were purchased by me with my own money.  Affiliate links are posted through out.

Woohoo for Halloween.  While it is not our favorite Holiday, Halloween certainly ranks top in my family’s list of days in the year.  With Halloween approaching just a few short days away, my family has been on a binge watching our favorite Halloween movies and shows to get in the spirit of the holiday.  Today we wanted to share with you some of our favorites both Family and Kid Friendly.  It’s been years since I have watched anything really gory so most of what you will see listed here can be watched by all ages, a few are more for adults and some kid choices too.  Happy Halloween to all and have a fun and safe night!

top family and kid friendly halloween movies

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The movies listed through out are in no particular order.  We love them all!

  • Halloween Town – All the Movies (1998)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  • Hocus Pocus (1993)
  • Beetlejuice (1988)
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Addams Family / Addams Family Values
  • People Under the Stairs  (there are some bad words in this show – my eldest can watch it, but not the twins)
  • Beetlejuice
  • Lady in White
  • ParaNorman (2012)
  • Harry Potter Series (my family can literally have a marathon of Harry Potter movies year round)
  • It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)
  • Labyrinth (1986)
  • The Witches (1990)
  • Monster’s University
  • Practical Magic
  • Casper (1995)
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Alvin & The Chipmunks Halloween Specials (especially Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman)
  • Little Monsters
  • Teen Witch

Now keep in mind that some of these are totally kid friendly and some movies you may need to determine if your children can watch them.  Overall these are jut a few we enjoy and pull out during Halloween to have a fun family movie watching adventure.  If we continued our list… well, we would be here another 365 days.

Regardless of whether or not you are celebrating Halloween or just staying home with a cup of cocoa – from my family to yours, we wish you a wonderful day!  We hope you enjoy our list of movies as much as we do!

Happy Movie Watching and Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe it is that time of year again!  Last week all three of my boys went back to school.  My eldest started his first year of Middle School and my twins were off to Kindergarten.  I’m not gonna lie, my schedule is naturally busy but getting back into the routine of school again is always a challenge for everyone in our house.  As if our schedules were not already tight, my eldest also started Football Season the other day and practice has us going five to six days a week… exhausting. There are many things that keep me going while my schedule has me running on fumes and I’m always lucky to find a little sweet treat that not only satisfies that little chocolate craving – but also helps to curb my appetite a couple of extra minutes while I get things situated before dinner.  This year, I’ve been enjoying M&M’S® Crispy as a snack and love sharing them with my husband and my sons.

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

Back to school time means that I really need to keep myself much more organized to keep on top of my daily tasks.  It’s during those times that I also tend to skip a meal or two in lieu of trying to get everything I need to do accomplished.  To help curb my appetite while I’m working or down to the grind on a deadline, I am always looking for a little snack that will satisfy my little sweet craving and keep me going till dinner.  I have found a new love in M&M’S® Crispy and absolutely love that while I’m busy working and my sons are doing homework, we can take a quick snack break and enjoy.

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

My sons, husband and I enjoyed this treat when we tried it originally, and now back by popular demand M&M’S® Crispy returned to the shelves nationwide this past January for the first time since 2005.  M&M’S® Crispy offers a way to enjoy America’s favorite chocolate candies with fewer calories per serving and I still love that the same “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” candy coating reminds me of my childhood.  M&M’S® Crispy were the No.1 most requested variety to bring back between 2005 and 2014 and our household is definitely a fan.  Doesn’t it just bring back memories hearing about the crunchy treat… “made of rich milk chocolate, sweet rice puff center that’s crispy and crunchy and coated in the world-famous candy shell.”

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

While the boys are in school and I’m planning for the week ahead or focusing on a deadline that is upcoming, I enjoy popping two or three of these milk chocolate crunch treats in my mouth.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it helps me focus a bit and there are times when I need something in my tummy to help my brain work faster – lol.  These are portable and make a great snack while enjoying your summer festivities (especially if you are still on summer break) or a great after school snack for my boys when they have completed their homework.

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

And, when things are winding down for the night and I am sitting down with my planner, making notes for the following day, this makes a nice “me time” snack after the kids have settled in for the night.  M&M’S® Crispy is definitely MOMMY APPROVED and I’m glad I get to share a brand I loved in my childhood with my children today.  What is your favorite on-the-go or quick snack to satisfy that sweet tooth?

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While staying active and getting much needed exercise can be a challenge for anyone, I find that the best way to incorporate it all into my daily life with my family is to do something fun that keeps us moving.  Walking is a great way for my family to stay active because we enjoy walking our neighborhood or going on nature hikes to find awesome flora and fauna or new bugs we can discuss and research when we get home.  We also love to part take in sports and swim but lately we have been enjoying a little jump rope fun in our lives.  The Limm Jump Rope is a recent addition to our active lifestyle and gives us the opportunity to not only get in some much needed cardio but also have a lot of fun with each other.

Having Fun and Staying Active With Limm Jump Rope

So – you may be saying… What’s so great about this jump rope versus any other?  Well, here’s the deal… this jump rope has a precise ball bearing system that ensure that the rope will turn smoothly and precisely while you are jumping.  It makes it easy to maneuver and use.  When you are working out or just having fun you definitely don’t want a rope that tangles every so many jumps and with the Limm Jump Rope – we never have that issue.  We can jump several rotations and we are usually the ones that stop the rope – not the rope that stops us from jumping due to tangling.  Another awesome thing we love about this rope is that it has an exclusive feature inside of the handles.  This plastic piece is engineered so that you can adjust the length of the rope using your hands and doing so safely without injuring yourself.  This is great for both my son and my husband and I as we are all different heights and can adjust the rope to fit our needs whenever we decide we want to use it.  The rubber of the rope is durable and strong and it makes a great tool for a heavy and intense workout.  This jump rope can hold up to the use and is perfect for us to use as a family or for our workouts.

Caught him mid air… Using the #LimmJumpRope. #exercise #jump #myboy

A photo posted by Honey Kaho’ohanohano (@honeygirlk) on

While a traditional workout is definitely suggested in any situation, sometimes we need something fun for my kids to take part in it. Like I mentioned previously – we love our walks because it allows us to not only get in some cardio, but also allows us to explore the World and our surroundings.  With an addition of a jump rope to that mix, the boys, my husband and I now have something else we can take part in that is not only fun, but offers a great deal of exercise and no matter how it’s done – you get a great workout.

This jump rope is light weight so if you are looking for something that is suitable for men, women and children – I think you’ll enjoy this one.  As I mentioned before, it doesn’t tangle easily or at all so continuous jumping is easy.   While I don’t consider this a toy – I do like to use this for my twins who are 5.  My husband and I or my eldest and I will hold each end of the rope and allow the boys to jump and it is fun for them as well.  Fun and exercise for the whole family!  Again, adjusting the height for the rope was EASY and we enjoy this product tremendously.

You also get a 100% guarantee from Limm.  Try the Limm Jump Rope for 60 days and if during that time you don’t love the comfort, quality and don’t feel it is worth every penny – they will provide you with a full refund – no questions asked.  Honestly though… I have used quite a bit of jump ropes in my time and I must say – this is a really nice one for the price.  Oh – did I even mention the cost?  It is $18.89 on their Amazon store site but currently on sale for less than $14.  Even at it’s full price – I still consider it a steal considering some of the others I have purchased from sports and fitness stores cost more and lacks the same quality.

Having Fun and Staying Active With Limm Jump Rope


Do you include jump roping into your exercise routine?  If not – is it something you would consider doing?  I believe it is fun and still offers a great workout so I surely suggest it.

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Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me for review/consideration.  All opinions and thoughts are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  While I did receive the product for free, I was not paid or monetarily compensated to provide my thoughts on this product.

Summertime in Hawaii is a dream come true for many and for my family, we love it and enjoy our paradise home year round.  As a family, we love to get outdoors and experience all that our beautiful islands offer us from the ocean and streams to hiking, climbing and all around fun.  But with the high island heat, deep ocean water and so much to do around us, we must be prepared for anything and everything and planning for a safe summer ahead of time is a must.  Having worked in the tourism industry for years, I have seen many injuries occur and today I want to share some simple tips that will make your summer time here in Hawaii or anywhere a blast and hopefully – accident free.  Here are a few personal summer safety tips that I think every parent should know.

Summer Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know - Be Summer Ready With Aflac

Summer Safety Tips:

Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water!  While we are out and about having fun and enjoying our summer, often times we don’t realize that we haven’t been hydrating our bodies until it is too late.  Make sure to have consume/drink the daily intake of water or increase the amount depending on your level of activity/fun.  Drinking water not only helps to keep your body hydrated and healthy, but it will also keep you feeling cooler while you are out and about.  Don’t forget about this important tip.

SPF/Sunblock are Essential – Use it!  Let’s face it, many of us forget to apply sunblock before it’s too late so the key is to be prepared and have it ready and handy before you plan your summer adventures.  SPF or even coverups like hats, etc. can be essential in not only protecting your skin from sunburn, aging, etc – but also cancer.  Make sure to have an SPF you are comfortable using and apply 20 minutes before you get out in the sun.  Reapply every two hours as needed or if you are in the water.  Sunblock is so important to our family that I always carry a small travel size in my purse year round and my sons always wear a hat year round if we are gonna be exposed to the sun and elements.

Update that First Aid Kit!  Since I have very active boys, we have a First Aid kit in each vehicle, a small kit in my purse and a large one in the house to be prepared at a moment’s notice.  Cuts, scrapes, thorns – all things ouch can occur at any time and it’s always best to be prepared.  My son has played basketball for years and each year one of his teammates get hurt on the court, needless to say – Mommy is always to the rescue.

Water Safety is a MUST!  Obviously, we live in Hawaii and are surrounded by water so it is important that we teach our children water safety.  My husband and I are both CPR Certified and have years of water training both in the pool and ocean so it is imperative that you teach your children the dangers of water and how to protect themselves.  While working in the hotel industry, I have seen many tourists drown due to lack of knowledge of the ocean current, waves and tides so it is important that no matter where you go – that you familiarize yourself with the ocean conditions and know that the ocean is unpredictable.  Check signs, posted flag warnings and speak with a life guard on duty when available and make sure to supervise your children at all times.  When swimming in a pool, make sure you are supervising your children and have nice clean fun.  One important thing to also remember… if your child has been taking in water while swimming or gulping water while playing – monitor your child several hours after water play as that can result in Secondary Drowning – this goes for adults too.

Summer Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Know Limitations!  Teach your kids to listen to their bodies.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it can turn into a disaster if not taken into consideration.  Teach your children that if at any point they feel pain or discomfort while playing, they should notify their coach and get out of the game or tell a parent or adult while playing. While sitting on the sidelines is one of the most difficult situations a player can face, pushing through injuries increases their severity and keeps you out of action longer.  This goes for regular outdoor play, swimming, etc – not just during a game or game play.

Be prepared with accidental & supplemental insurance coverage and Plan for unexpected expenses!  Let’s face it, accidents happen and while children are still learning and growing, things can always happen at a moments notice without warning.  If you keep busy during the summer months, whether a vacation trip or just lounging at the beach or pool, it is always best to be one step ahead of it all and get that extra insurance to help with expenses.  Between sports (which occur often during the summer for my boys) or outdoor play and activities, it’s best to be prepared.  Accidents happen. When unexpected injuries happen, make sure you’re prepared with supplemental insurance like Aflac’s accident policy to help cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Should the need arise where you need that extra insurance benefit you’ll have it ready.  Submitting health insurance claims isn’t something people necessarily look forward to doing – with claim denials and waiting up to a month for payment, it can be a long and difficult process. And while 30 days may not seem like a long time, for families struggling to pay medical expenses, it can feel like a lifetime.  Therefore, Aflac recently introduced One Day PaySM – an initiative that allows Aflac to process, approve and pay eligible claims in just a day.  By being prepared, you’ll have a back up plan should you need it.

Visit Aflac’s Accident Insurance page for more information on their accident policies here.

Last but not least, the most important tip for Summer is to Enjoy life and have lots of fun. Children grow up too quickly so make sure you cherish every moment and make lots of memories!

Happy Summer!

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It’s been almost 6 years since I have given birth to my twins and the day is still quite fresh in my mind.  All of my pregnancies were difficult and this particular one was no exception – but more so because it was VERY high risk and I was carrying two instead of one.  About four months into my pregnancy a family friend gave me a bunch of books about twins (since she had just delivered her own about 6 months prior) and mixed in the bunch was the book What to Expect® When You’re Expecting.  During the remainder of my pregnancy, I read through all of the books, but carried this particular book with me and read it consistently.  To say it was a lifesaver, is an understatement.

What To Expect When You're Expecting - The Perfect Mommy Guide

While I’m not expecting any children in the immediate future, I keep these books on hand because they contain a wealth of information for both myself and my husband and they are a great reference for friends, family and ourselves to turn to when we have questions.  There is a reason why they are the #1 Bestselling Pregnancy Book – it’s one of those books that you just can’t donate or pass on because it’s that valuable.  Have you ever read a book that referenced anything, especially pregnancy and felt like you were reading something written in Greek?  Well, that is why Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel’s What to Expect® When You’re Expecting, What To Expect® the First Year, and Eating Well When You’re Expecting have in common?  They are easy to read and literally lay everything out in easy terms that make it simplified for you to understand.  It’s a timeless book series that I love, will reference during each of my pregnancies in the future and suggest to any mother or father expecting their own child.

What To Expect When You're Expecting - The Perfect Mommy Guide

I really enjoy that this series of books offers you not only a wealth of information, but it is something that you can pass down for generations, sharing with your own children.  The books offer everything from the beginning through the first weeks after pregnancy and well into your child’s second year (What to Expect® the Second Year) making it a hub of information.  The books were my guide in Postpartum where I struggled and continue to struggle today and have been such help in combating an issue that many women experience.  After having my twins, I experienced major depression and my hands were so busy with my sons, I didn’t realize what was happening to me.  A quick glance at the book and I was able to determine that it was time to visit my doctor and I’m glad I did because I was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression.  Without a little push from the book, I may have allowed such a big deal to take over and I may have not realized what was happening.  I still deal with my depression today as a result of postpartum, but thankful it was caught in time before anything drastic occurred.

What To Expect When You're Expecting - The Perfect Mommy Guide

It’s amazing that with a plethora of information on the internet, I still found that a book would be my number one reference – till this day.  The What to Expect® When You’re Expecting series is based around the main book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting which has been the Bestseller Pregnancy book for over 600 weeks.  It’s a definite necessity in my book and America’s Bestselling Parenting Series for a reason.  As a mother who experienced some of the most difficult pregnancies, I am thankful that I have the books to fall back on for information.  There is a wealth of information and covers everything you can think of.  No question is odd, weird or embarrassing and sitting down with this book is like chatting with your best friend.

What To Expect When You're Expecting - The Perfect Mommy Guide

What to Expect® When You’re Expecting is the long-running book on the New York Times Bestseller list and recommended by moms (myself included) and doctors alike.  In fact, my OBGYN hands this book to her patients that are expecting and makes it a point to keep them well informed with a great read.  This book is definitely “mommy survival guide” status for me!

Have you read this series of books from Workman Publishing?  If not, is this something you’ll be adding to your must-have list when you are expecting?

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I have always been known to have the travel bug!  From the young age of 7, my little sister and I hopped on the plane by ourselves each vacation break to visit our grandmother on another island and till this day, traveling has been something I loved to do.  I have been to all the major Hawaiian Islands and have traveled across the United States from the West to the East Coast, visiting landmarks and attractions I had only dreamed of as a child.  Now that I’m married and have a family of my own, I believe that any journey a person takes in life are moments to cherish and that is why family fun during the summer is so important to me.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles

Now that my children are much older, traveling abroad or getting on a plane is not as feasible as it once was.  Paying for five seats on a plane instead of three (now the the twins are pass the two year old mark) is a hefty cost, so we haven’t traveled off island as a family in a few years and stay-cations have been musts for family fun.  Since we live in Hawaii, paradise is our backyard and the beach our playground, so while we won’t be boarding a plane this summer, I’m sure we’ll find a cute hotel or camp grounds that we can stay and make the best of a great island and destination.  Have you seen the price of airfare lately?  Flying from Hawaii to anywhere (even an island over) is a huge cost and the more children you have, the more you pay so together as a family we plan our special stay-cations that include fun family activities.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles

Our last “out of state” trip we took was to Washington D.C. a few years ago.  It was probably a favorite because my husband made sure to take us to places I had only dreamed of seeing when I was a child.  We were there for a special Medal of Honor Ceremony where we got to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, but besides that very cool highlight – the trip in general opened my eyes to a very different world from what I was used to living with the island life here on Maui.  While that was 3 years ago, that trip alone cost my husband and I $10,000 to take our family of 5.  It was one I will never forget and neither will our pocket books.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles
See my big head there on the right of President Obama
A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles
Oh look, there is my head making an appearance again – right next to First Lady Michelle Obama. teehee!

While my family and I have a long list of places we would like to visit, our wallets definitely do not want to take a huge hit all at once again.  However, Discover can definitely help us for our next adventure.  Discover it Miles® can help with the cost of airfare (which is our biggest expense when traveling for our family of 5).  With no annual fee and a $0 fraud liability guarantee, Discover offers you protection so you are never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your card.  Also, you earn 1.5x the miles for every dollar spent on purchases and those miles never expire.  As an introductory offer, Discover it Miles card members will now receive double the amount of miles they’ve earned at the end of their first year – with no spending cap.  Before you know it, you have earned the mileage you need to put towards your future travel plans.  There are a lot of benefits for using the Discover it Miles Card, so be sure to head on over to the Discover site and check it out for yourself.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles

Reward cards like Discover’s are really great for paying small bills or groceries with and then earning the mileage for your next travel plans.  You can easily earn your miles by spending the small amounts on your card, like Gas for example – and then pay it off each month.  It’s an easy way to build your rewards and prep for your next vacation.  While my family and I will be enjoying another fun stay-cation this year, I am excited to earn some mileage for our next one we have planned and we can use our Discover it Miles card for our on-island resort stays and have a little fun while still building up the rewards we need for next year.  Family Fun – here we come!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

We are just a few short days away from Mother’s Day and I can’t help buy reflect on my first Mother’s Day 11 years ago.  It seems like the time has flown all too quickly and the minutes of the day just drift away like they are non-existent.  Looking back on what I’ve learned and what I’ve accomplished gives me a sense of pride.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never knew how rewarding it would be for me and how much I loved this job with all my heart.

My boys are growing so quickly and I have learned after becoming a mother that sometimes a little acknowledgement, peace of mind and inspiration go a really long way.  I wanted to take the time to write a letter to all moms – new, soon to be and those with years of experience.  This is my Mother’s Day Gift to you and I hope you enjoy!

My sons
Luke, Kevin and Isaiah – 2011

Dear Moms…

1. As much as we wish it would, time stands still for no one and father time ticks and tocks the days and nights away.  While our days may be filled with challenges, they may also be filled with laughter and delight.  Take the time each day to stop and think about the things you are grateful for.  I keep a gratitude journal specifically for this reason.  It allows me to reflect back on other days and remember the memories that we often times soon forget.  Remember that each day is filled with some form of happiness… there is always sunlight at the end of a storm.

2.  It’s okay to want a little “me” time.  I’m still trying to grasp the concept myself, but at least now I have accepted that wanting some time to myself does not mean that I don’t love my children.  It just means that I need a break sometimes.  Even if this means you are gonna vegetate in front of the computer, online window shop and have a glass of Vino… so long as it gives you a moment to yourself – hey, that’s great.

Kevin Kaeo
Kevin 2008

3.  Don’t feel bad about wanting to capture every moment on camera.  Your children will thank you later, trust me.  My three sons grew up in front of a camera and I snapped away at every moment and tried to capture as many memories as possible.  Even with a camera attached at the hip, I found that some of their earlier years were missed because I was caught up doing other things.  It’s okay to stop and tell someone you need to take a photo, it’s okay to capture the moment for your memories.  Snap away and always have a camera on hand.  You don’t want to look back at the past and realize you missed something because you were too busy with something else.

4.  Each parent has their own set of advice for new or soon to be mommies.  It can be difficult to hear sometimes and I know that I struggled with this (still do), for a long time.  If it’s something you can use in your life as a momma, then incorporate it into your own.  If you can’t use, do not worry – just move on and thank the person who gave it to you.  Parents sometimes forget that each child is their own individual and what might work for one child, certainly will not work for another.   Do not feel obligated to make someone’s advice work for you – even if they say it will and you know it won’t.

Luke 2010

5.  This one might only pertain to moms of twinnies… but needless to say, it had to be said.  Please please do not tell a mom of twins (new or otherwise), that you know exactly what they are going through because your children are just 10 months or a year or so apart.  IT IS NOT THE SAME.  I won’t tell you how many verbal arguments I have gotten into with parents over this.  Having two children exactly the same age (twins) is not the same as having a child just a year older.  By the time you have your second child (or the child born a year after), your first child is already starting to feed themselves, talking, walking, etc.  It is not the same experience as two infants or children the same age.  Many can argue the fact, but as a mother of twins, it was absolutely difficult for me to deal with and it was the cause of MANY arguments with other people.  Does that mean that you are less than I because I am a mother of twins – OF COURSE NOT, but they are not a comparison or similarity by any means.

6.  It’s okay to splurge on yourself once in a while.  I’m pretty lucky in that I have a husband that consistently reminds me that it’s time to buy myself something nice, otherwise, it goes on the back burner and I completely forget.  Choose out something from your wishlist and if you can swing it, get it.  Ask your hubby for a Sephora Gift Card (hint hint) and pick up that new perfume or lipstick you’ve been eyeing.  The choices are endless and I want moms to know that it’s okay to want to spoil yourself once in a while.  It’s too often that we forget about ourselves and are always thinking about others, so it’s okay to have a little treat now and then.

Isaiah – 2010

7.  A child’s smile can warm your heart.  But, don’t let that fool you… that doesn’t mean you have to give-in and give them anything and everything they want.   Sometimes structure is key and I know it has been very essential in raising my children.  There are many out there that will say you are being too harsh… but don’t let them affect how your raise your child.  They are your children after all – not your aunts, sisters, mothers, brother from another mother… they are your children and you set the rules.

8.  Your are a strong woman!  It takes more than just physical strength to handle the job of a mom.  You are not only strong physically and mentally, you are courageous, creative and a complete genius.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!


9.  Before having your first child, no one ever tells you that it is a 365 day a year job, no days off, no weekends – no holidays… no pay. lol We don’t get a lunch break, no vacation time off and there is no worker’s comp either.  It has made me appreciate my mom more after having children.  While I knew that my mom was a very hard worker and she kept our family afloat, I truly had no idea what it was like until I stepped into this role.  My mom also made it all work with less than half of what my family has financially.  My siblings and I are all healthy and grown up and I am proud to have learned so much from my own mom.

10.  This is an important one!  After having children, sometimes we lose that sense of sexy.  I know after having my boys, I gained twice my weight and I was not feeling very pretty.  Gaining weight after childbirth is not the only thing that makes us not feel beautiful.  Emotions are running wild, we’re tired, we don’t want to put makeup on and pajamas are our best friend.  All these things add up to feeling frumpy and blue and that doesn’t even include the women who suffer from postpartum as I did.  When someone pays you a compliment, believe them.  For a long time my husband would tell me how beautiful I was and I thought to myself… “what’s wrong with this man?  Who in the world is he looking at?”  I still think that way sometimes.  But when your husband tells you are your beautiful – believe him.  This is not an easy concept for many and sometimes we just don’t feel beautiful.  But beauty is much more than looks and a woman who can survive on two hours of sleep and no food in their belly and still be able to cook a whole meal for the house, pay the bills and make sure each child is happy and healthy – well… she has a beauty within that most only dream of having.

My boys

So, at the end of the day – we are here on this Earth because of our Mothers… well, our Dads too.  Most of us are who we are because of these women and those who are mothers, well – we are strong, stealth ninjas with a heart of gold.  At the end of the day, our lives are no longer our own and times can be tough, but there is one thing I know about being a mom… it is the BEST, MOST REWARDING JOB IN THE WORLD and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

To all the mommies out there, new, soon to be and those that are experienced just know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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As a mother with skin sensitivities, I’m constantly on the hunt for products that will help to make my “mommy duties” a little less hectic and keep my family healthy.  With three boys running around and keeping active, I’m always on my toes to be one step ahead of them at all times.  Since cleaning products are a part of my every day routine in keeping the house and family in order, I’m always on the hunt for products that provide natural ingredients and a limited amount of harsh chemicals we see in most products sold in the stores today.  Since I have many sensitivities to products, I’m constantly looking for products that will not affect my Eczema or cause any skin issues for my children as well.  Recently I’ve been introduced to method laundry detergent and I’m fortunate to have found a product I know will work for my family.  Since doing laundry and keeping clothes clean are essential in any family, I wanted to share a few tips on how my family and I keep on top of these mounds of threads.

Twin boys

To keep our work load at a minimum for our family of five, we tend to do laundry at least 2 times a week and on average 3 or 4.  This helps to cut down the size of the load but also makes it easier so that we are not washing 5 loads of laundry in one day.  I think it is a bit more convenient for our family to drop a load in every couple of days and it keeps us on top of the laundry and piles of clothes that we often accumulate.


When using a detergent, find one that is effective and that works.  There are so many brands on the market today and it’s essential to find one that will provide you with clean clothes each and every time and still keep your colors bright and your whites – white!  The new 4x concentrated method laundry detergent has naturally derived cleaning power that is tough on dirt and stains.  It works great in cold water – which helps you use less energy for every load and it is great for pre-treating stains.

Use products that will work double-duty… make sure they are not only effective for removing stains, but also keeping your children’s clothes (and yours) fresh and smelling clean until it’s used.  With a fragrance-forward expansion of their laundry portfolio, memory laundry detergent includes a wide range of scents that are different then the same old, common laundry ones.  There is a scent for everyone from fruity (ginger mango), floral (spring garden), herbaceous-woody (beach sage and fresh clover) and for those who are sensitive to fragrance – free + clear which has no fragrance at all.  Use your favorite scents year round or change it up with the season.  This offers your household and your clothes a fresh smell all the time.  This is especially helpful for use on linens as it will offer a soft fragrance throughout the entire home.


Most importantly a laundry detergent that offers a great design for use may seem like it is not important, but it will help in saving money and time.  Have you ever experienced pouring your laundry detergent in  the included measuring cup only to spill it everywhere because the packaging was too bulky or just difficult to hold?  With an easy-to-use grip on the bottle instead of a handle, memory laundry detergent is not only easy to work with but also includes 100% post-consumer materials and is fully recyclable.  The bottle is also transparent, which means you will ensure to get down to the last drop.  No more are the days of wasting product since you can’t see what is left in a traditional detergent bottle.


method Laundry Detergent is biodegradable and has a hypoallergenic formula which gives this sensitive skinned momma peace of mind that it will not cause adverse reactions for my families skin and health.  The bottles are fun and will be perfect to incorporate into any laundry room decor and again, method is available in fun scents that the family will enjoy.

Looking for fun Spring and Summer fashion inspiration?  Be sure to check out the ASOS and method collaboration for great fashion ideas inspired by method’s new fragrances.  These finds are all machine-washable!

Interested in trying out method laundry detergent for your family?  Use code: THREEFORME for $3 off your online purchase.  Click here to read more and see what is available.  Happy Laundry Washing!

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Having boys means that bath time is usually pretty simple but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or exciting.  Since my boys are much older, bath time is not play time as it used to be when they were younger, but they look forward to trying new products that help to make their baths or showers a success.  Recently my three boys had the opportunity to try out some products from So Cozy which is a kid tested, cozy approved salon quality hair care line for children.  Salon Quality products for kids that allow their bath and scrub-a-dub time to be quick and effortless?  Yes, Sign us up!

So Cozy Cinch

The first bunch of hair care products that my sons tried was from the So Cozy Cinch line.  2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash, Super Hydrating Conditioner, 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Bodywash and Detangler / Leave-In Conditioner are included in this line.  Each product has a great fruity scent which my sons really enjoyed – they were smelling their hair all night after their bath.  These particular products are made to use in a snap… so bath time is quick and effortless.

So Cozy Boo! Lice Prevention

Head lice or Ukus as we call them here in Hawaii are very prominent among younger children like Luke & Isaiah who are in preschool.  If you have had head lice in your family, you know how difficult it can be to treat and how funky the products are that treat them.  Luckily – no one in our household has had any head lice so we haven’t had the need to use those chemicals often sold to treat them, but prevention is always the key.  SoCozy’s boo! lice prevention line is a great addition to any household with littles.  The line includes a lice prevention shampoo and prevention spray.  Unlike those products that you see in stores to remove or prevent, these naturally scare away the buggies and they want nothing to do with your little ones hair.  I love that this product doesn’t have a weird or funky scent and it’s so easy to use.  It’s definitely a plus that these are also non-toxic and easy to apply.

SoCozy Behave

The SoCozy Behave line is probably the favorite of the boys.  Since boys tend to like spiked hair or fun dos, this has been a great one to use on their hair.  Each product has a great fruit scent and unlike products you can get for adults, these do not include all the harsh chemicals that can make a child’s hair brittle or take away their soft locks that children have.  Each product is lightweight and easy to use.  The boys have been enjoying styling their hair with the Behave line.

As I mentioned before, SoCozy products are Salon Quality for kids and they offer a variety of products to fit your needs at reasonable prices.  Now available at Target, you can easily get your hands on these products to use on your child’s hair.  These great smelling goods are Non-Toxic and Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Color, Propylene Glycol, Gluten, Wheat or Nuts.  They are absolutely Nasty Free.  Cozy Friedman, founder of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids Salons NYC and Children’s Hair Care Expert has definitely provided kids with a line I know my children enjoy as much as I do.

Have you tried these products before?  What hair care products do you use on your children?

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Disclaimer:  These products were sent to me for review/consideration in collaboration with BeautyStat.  All opinions are my own, unbiased and honest.