Yay, I’m finally ALIVE!  No, seriously – I’ve been in bed and seriously nursing the flu and then a cold for the last week, ringing in the new year in bed.  I finally feel like I can get it together and get on the grind to start 2017.  Hey, I’m only 7 or 8 days late – right? lol.  Since I’m finally moving around and starting the year, I figured I would share my 2017 goals.  These goals consist of those that are personal, blogging or anything in between.  What I love about sharing them here on the blog, is that it kind of holds me accountable and that way I have no excuse but to keep on top of them.  Let’s get started shall we?

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1.)  Lose Weight.  This may seem like a given for anyone, especially those like me in my particular circumstance.  But, the fact is – I’m slowly getting my health back in order and plan to not only continue eating healthier, but also really work on improving my self image and health overall – both physically and mentally.

Sub-goals: Make sure that I a) include more vegetables in my daily meal intake.  b) try to eliminate the carbs and starches that plague me badly – i.e. reduce my rice, noodles and bread intake. c) reduce meal portion sizes while making sure I am eating through the day (my biggest issue is that I don’t have time to eat, so I must make time to eat).  And, d) continue to increase my exercise daily.

2.)  Be smart with purchases.  Only buy new products when I’m running low or when I’ve actually run out of them.  As a makeup addict, I often times find myself ooing and ahhing over the newest thing.  In 2016, I did really well with purchases and didn’t purchase everything and anything that was newly released.  This year, in 2017, I want to incorporate the same but really stick to it.  After destashing  and donating a lot of cosmetic items for 2016, I realized that I need to truly use what I already have.  Money hard earned should be money well spent and buying makeup items only to have them sit since I only have one face, well – I have better things to do with my finances.  I want to continue minimal self spending and splurging and continue to buy less – no matter what it may be… makeup, skin care, planners, pens, whatever.

3.)  Get organized.  This may seem like an easy task for someone like me who likes structure, but the fact of the matter is… I could do so much better.  My desk – while I can find whatever it is I’m looking for, is a mess.  While my time scheduling is organized and structured, my paperwork is a mess and I would love to bring more organization to my household overall.  This may seem like an easy task for one person, but I balance the organization for a whole household of 5 members and I would love to be able to really kick it in gear and get it together.

Sub-goals:  a) I would like to organize the paperwork on my desk and in my files.  Trying to reduce paper clutter and keep it at a minimum, keeping only the papers that are needed.  I would like to come up with a proper filing system so that I have an easier time with paperwork.  b)  I really need to organize our household better.  Each month we take donations and try to keep clutter at a minimum, but I think there is so much more I could do.  And, c) I need to organize my time better.  This is important since I work from  home.  I need to be able to organize my work and home schedule to try and make sure I have enough time in the day to accomplish all the things I need to do.

4.)  Wear my hair down more.  This may seem like something that is already being done in my life… but the fact of the matter is, I still consistently wear my hair up in a bun or pulled back.  I need to embrace my natural curls and my hair and really need to find the time and effort to get it under control so that I can wash and wear it easily – without constantly pulling it up.  Since I wear my hair up so often, I am quite accustomed to not having anything in my face and that in it’s own is a difficult thing to get used to.  My goal is to commit to wearing my hair down at least 2x a week so I can get used to it without sacrificing the “on-the-go” lifestyle I live.

5.)  Wear more dresses or dress up more.  Come on now, I have really never been a dress wearing girl.  I’m a tomboy and will wear a pair of jeans or shorts with a t-shirt as much as possible if allowed.  I would like to dress up a little more or wear more dresses so that I’m not so casual.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing casually – it’s just that I do it so much, I forget what it is like to dress up sometimes.  By putting on a dress or just adding a little more flair to my outfits, I think it would make a world of a difference.

6.)  Eliminate the negativity and keep positive, striving for joy.  This particular goal may seem like an easy one, but trust me when I say it has been anything but easy the last few years.  I would like to do everything in my power to eliminate the negativity and strive for joy.  By keeping the negative nancys out of my personal bubble and keeping positive aspirations, goals and overall happiness in my life – I think I can accomplish this goal.  Spreading joy and happiness where I go while not feeding into others negative thoughts will make a huge difference in my life.

7.)  Back to Lifestyle posts.  Honeygirl’s World is technically a lifestyle blog and boy do I miss it.  I feel like I’ve focused so much on product reviews or beauty and skin care over the last year, that I have lost sight of where my passion lies.  I love sharing new products or reviews with all of you – but I also want to really incorporate more of my life on the blog.  That is how I started blogging to begin with – to document my life’s story.  So, my goal this year is to incorporate at least one lifestyle post a week.  Whether it be to share my weight loss and health journey each week, post Sunday letters or just sum up life with my family each week – it’s my goal to go back to it and keep at it.  Honeygirl’s World is my life, my world and I need to get back to my roots and remember where I started and how I got here.

Of course, a new year comes with new goals and I’m sure I’ll have a plethora more to add to this list as the year progresses. While many of these goals may seem a bit simplistic – it may not be that case for many because it’s all a matter of changing the way one thinks and how they proceed to do things.  Since Honeygirl’s World is a lifestyle site, I plan to come back in the coming months and share how I’m accomplishing these goals and if I have had an positive change.

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I wish all of you reading this a wonderful New Year.  Whether you are making goals for yourself to accomplish or just plan on living life to its fullest, or both – may your year be filled with joy and happiness.

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We are literally a couple of days away from the new year and ringing in 2017, so I thought this would be the perfect time to go ahead and share my thoughts on the 2017 KITLife Planner with all of you.  I’m a huge lover of KITLife Planners, this particular planner being my fourth that I own.  Each year I have found a new way to use the planner and I’m so overjoyed with the changes that KITLife has made to the planner that I’m excited to share it with all of you.  The KITLife planner is a daily planner layout that allows you to literally grab life by the hands and make it wonderful.  The KITLife planner is more than just a planner, but a community – encouraging women to be productive, grateful, healthy, giving and live a life full of intention.  This Planner has made such a difference in how I do things daily and yearly and I’m going to share it with all of you.

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The KITLife Planner retails for $58.00.  I know, I know… many have told me in years past that that is such a hefty cost for something that you may throw out at the end of each year.  But here’s what I have to say about it… “Life is an Investment and to make it fruitful, we need to invest in the proper tools to help it grow.” (Yes, I wrote that… lol)  A Planner is just that, a tool to help keep you organized.  The KITLife Planner is a daily planner that consists of a monthly and daily layout.  I find that a daily layout is my favorite for the lister in me, I love writing out my daily to-do’s and track my progress as I complete each task.

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There are three different types of planner covers available for 2017 – The Classic Edition (which is what I am sharing with you), the Crown Edition ($72.00 – the Gorgeous White with Gold Foil cover) and The Festival Edition ($65.00 a fun cover with pink, blue and purple triangles).  Each Planner also offers you the opportunity to add in additional pages to customize your planner (at an additional cost).  The pages include:  Note Add-In, Graph Add-In, Budget Add-In, Direct Sales Add-In, Direct Sales Team Add-In and Teach Add-In.  These add-ins must be ordered at the time you order your planner.  Each plan is estimated to ship in 5-7 business days after placing your order.

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

So, let’s get into all the fun details.  The 2017 KITLife Planner has a new hardcover which feels much like suede.  The Team at KITLife call it the Velvet Technique in printing the cover.  It has a really cool and smooth texture that make this planner feel so luxe.  I absolutely love it and I LOVE that the planner cover is now a hardcover instead of their laminated cover like they have had in previous years.  This new hardcover makes the planner much more durable and protects the pages within.  The KITLife Planner also comes with a movable dashboard as it did last year.  I really enjoyed this option last year, but sadly, my dashboard didn’t last me past the 2 month mark.  I’m pretty brutal.  But, KITLife made some revisions and now has a very sturdy design that’s perfect for the 2017 planner.  I love that it is still easy to move and flexible without being too flimsy.  It’s a great addition and I love it.

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The planner is smaller in size in comparison to past years.  Honestly, I LOVE this because it was a bit cumbersome to take my KIT with me on the go.  While I still do not take it with me usually, I love that I have that option should I decide to do so.  While it is a bit smaller in size – you still get the same amount of writing space as you did in previous years.  The monthly calendar spread also offers the same amount of space for writing which is great.

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

The Daily pages offer a variety of different options for daily planning.  A Checklist that also has a place for daily tracker stickers (available through KITLife), The Big 3 for Top To-Do’s each day, Time Slots from 6am to 8pm for appointments and time management listing, Wellness Tracker (to help keep track of water intake, weight and exercise and Gratitude to list what you are thankful for each day or special events that occurred.  Each weekly page also includes a Quote by various people (one of my favorite parts of this planner) and you still get a Doodle Break that is listed on the months that have a spare page before the monthly layout.  These doodle breaks are what I use to jot down any notes for the month that I need to reference like conversations on the phone, etc.

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

The Daily Pages have been revised in comparison to previous years which I LOVE.  I really needed an area to list my appointments and I love that there is an option for that now.  Below is a photo of last year’s layout for the daily section.  As you can see, the Fit & Fab Tip is no longer on the page, however, I still have the same amount of writing page, but I have it organized in sections to really list out what I need for the day.  I LOVE IT!

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Saturdays and Sundays are still sharing one page with the “Peek at the Week” for the week following which I enjoy.  I really liked that option on my previous KITLife Planners, so I do like that it was continued.  But, I love the layout for this year’s 2017 planner much more.  I think it’s just streamlined overall and makes it so much more appealing to my eyes to keep organized.  The Peek at the Week is my place where I tend to plan out my blog posts for the following week, so I like that it’s still included.

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

KIT = Keeping It All Together

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

The KITLife Planner has a great Welcome Page for each month that talks about Wellness, Food and Extra Tidbits to keep you motivated and you still get your Quarter Check-ins every 3 months as you have in previous planners.  I love the simplicity in this planner in that it takes you to the last day of the month without adding extra bulk, unless you purchased any of the add-ins I mentioned previously.  At the end of the planner you get a paper pocket on the back cover (I’ll be using this for receipts for donations) as well as a zip pouch which I plan to use to hold my post-its and stickers.

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

The KITLife offers gorgeous colors through out and is perfect for someone who loves a decoration or color but doesn’t really do the decorating themselves.  The planner through out offers a theme that really is visual and perfect for inspiring you to keep on top of your tasks.  I love that this is overall a Functional Planner for me.  Each year I use several planners and the KITLife is what I consider to be my “Hub-all” planner, where I plan my days out while keeping myself on task.  I list everything in this planner from my daily life (quick excerpts) and my to-do list as well as my blog and youtube channel tracking.

KITLife Planner, planner, 2017 planner, daily planner, planner addict, planner review, 2017 planner review, keeping it together planner, planner peace, planning,

 All of the KITLife Planners are designed, printed, assembled and packaged in the United States.  The 2017 Planner is 8.5″ wide by 8.75″ tall and is less than an 1″ thick.  Each planner is bound with a metal coil which is approximately 2″ in diameter.  The Planner pages are printed on 70# paper, which is sturdy and has held up to me using highlighters, felt tip pens and even some of my markers.  And, this is a traditional yearly planner that begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Walk through the product layout and get an overview in my video here:

The KITLife Planner is one of my favorites because it is something I can use for my entire life’s organization.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I use several planners at any given moment, but my KITLife Planner is my hub for EVERYTHING – my personal and family schedule & appointments, to-do’s, blog and YouTube and so much more.  Since it is not quite 2017 yet, I’ll come back in a few months and share how I have been utilizing this planner so you can get an idea on what might work for you.

So – what about you?  Are you a planner addict like me?  Do you think this planner would work for you in planning and keeping you organized?

Want to try the KITLife Planner for yourself?  Get 15% off Site-Wide & Free Shipping on Orders over $100 now.  No coupon required.  (I do not know when this discount expires) Simply head on over to:  http://kitlife.net/products/

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As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to cut my cleaning time in half.  Whether it be delegating the duties at home to a “willing” helper or accomplishing each chore a little at a time to get it done… I try my best to make it happen.  Though, I’ll be honest – I always think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all have our own personal Robot like they had in Bicentennial Man?”  Well, not really… because I’d probably develop a motherly bond and have difficulty letting go, just knowing me… lol.  But, I think I have a solution and my family and I have been loving it the last month.  Today, I introduce you to bObi Kaho’ohanohano, the new baby in our house.  But, bObi is not your traditional or typical baby.  Nope – she is a robotic vacuum.

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When my family and I was given the opportunity to give bObi a test run, let’s just say we were quite overjoyed and completely ecstatic to receive her.  She came bundled in a sturdy box, well packaged and even included a little card that welcomed her to our family.  The directions are easier to follow than I would have ever imagined and getting her going and started was a complete breeze.  We were all excited to try her out… well, almost all of us.  Ikaika who is our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is still currently on the fence about her and still hasn’t decided if he likes her or not.

Our family has a traditional vacuum, which I’ll be honest – I really enjoy.  It does it’s job but obviously, it can’t do it without someone behind the wheel actually doing the vacuuming.  I don’t mind running the vacuum, it’s kind of soothing – but finding the time in my hectic schedule can pose many issues.  We have a small house in general, so a standard vacuum will surely do the job without issue in very little time, but finding the time in my day is what seems to be the biggest problem.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

Immediately after receiving it, my boys were so excited, they couldn’t contain their excitement.  While our living area is small, we were eager to try bObi out for ourselves.  I plugged her in the night prior to let her charge through the evening and then the next day, we were able to take her for a run.  Our biggest challenge is a small living area and the fact that things move around in our house consistently.  The boys have a table they do their homework on and it gets folded up and put away when we vacuum usually, so we wanted to be able to leave it out and have bObi work around it.  The vacuum learns a pattern of where everything is in the house, or you can easily use the remote control and guide it in the direction you want for yourself.  There is also a sensor on the vacuum so you do not have to worry about it bumping into things.  It has run me over a few times, but I noticed it’s normally when the sensor is on the opposite side of the unit.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

bObi has a small sweeper attached to it with brushes that work to pick up all the little pieces or sweep them into the cleaner… it’s awesome.  I love that it gets near to the base boards in my kitchen or in the areas where dog hair gets caught and sweeps it up quickly and easily.  bObi does not get all the rubbish in certain areas all the time, but it’s still learning to make its way around our house the the boys ever-moving their things around the rooms.  While it won’t get that piece of lint or hair the first run sometimes, as it comes back around – it picks it up and leaves my house clean.  With bObi’s dirt sensors, she is determined to go back around and get it done – so no lint or dust will be left behind.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

I set bObi on a timer so it will run a sweep through the house and kitchen area each day at 10am while I’m sitting at my desk working.  It’s so convenient for us that I think our traditional vacuum is starting to feel a bit left out.  I use bObi daily and run my traditional vacuum on Saturdays to get a really good, deep into the carpet clean.  bObi will reach under the beds and tables and below the cabinets because she’s so petite.  It’s nice not having to bend to get under those areas with my traditional vacuum.

bObi Classic retails for about $269.00 on Amazon ($749 USD on bobSweep website) and comes with all the attachments to get it done.  A charge overnight and you’re good to go and ready to clean the next day.  Mop, sweep, sanitize… have lots of fun and get a few moments of breathing time for yourself.

You can see bObi in action while she goes through our hang out area.  As you can see, Ikaika (our dog) is not yet a fan.  But, he’s warming up to her… especially since she keeps his area where he sleeps, nice and clean!  We are looking to replace our carpet and I can’t wait to see how bObi performs on the new one.

Oh, I forgot my favorite part… bObi mops.  My bObi unit comes with a mop extension and 2 mop cloths which can be attached to the unit to do a quick mop.  bObi comes with a UV light that kills bacteria and filters the air with her built-in HEPA filter.  She’s seriously genius!  I use this specifically for my kitchen.   This is the perfect way to “spot mop” or do a quick mop during the weekdays until I do my thorough cleaning and mopping on Saturdays.

Charging bObi is really easy.  It comes with a charging station and you can either let it run it’s course for it’s usual vacuuming and let it return to its dock or press the “juice” button on bObi or the remote control and it finds the docking station and recharges itself… simple and easy.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

I think technology advances are so fun and exciting and I’m so thankful to have bObi to help me complete a few of my chores – mopping & vacuuming… check!  I have never tried a robotic vacuum before so this is an experience my family and I are enjoying and we’re very thankful for.  If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I highly suggest giving bObi or any of the other bobSweep family members a try.  After having bObi in our house for just about a month now, she’s settled in and is a great addition to our family.  Even Ikaika is starting to enjoy her (since she’s so quiet in comparison to our traditional vacuum), he has made her his friend and even rides her from time to time, lol.

Now that you’re done reading my thoughts (and my family’s) on bObi, do you think she will join your family?  We’re just a humble family with a little home that we love and I figured instead of staging or prettying up the post, you could see bObi in real life and experience what we experience – good cleaning and a little less hectic-ness and stress for mom.  Hope you enjoyed!

Check out the rest of the bObi family here or the whole bobSweep family here.

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While the planner craze may be at its highest at the moment, the fact of the matter is – I’ve been a paper planner and addict since before graduating from high school.  I find a way to sync my paper with my electronic planners, but just find it so rewarding to see things written down and fulfilling my tasks when I do.  About two years ago I was introduced to the KIT Life Planner, otherwise known as Keeping It Together planner and it easily became one of my favorites.  I reviewed this planner then and after a year on KIT Life hiatus, I have picked up another one and am using it as my desk planner for 2016.  Today I am sharing with you my thoughts and whether or not I still have a love for this beast or not.

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The Keeping It Together 2016 Planner (also known as the KIT Life Planner which is what I will refer to moving forward) is a beast of a planner offering you a month on two page spread as well as a day per page spread.  It retails for $55.00 (currently on sale for $50) and is a gorgeous and well put together creation by a team of ladies whose mission is to “Do More, Be More, Give More each and every day!”  This awesome and highly customizable tool (planner) is not only stunning, fun and girly, but it helps you to keep up with all your day to day essentials, task lists, appointments and so much more making it a one stop for all your daily needs.  With areas to prioritize your day to gratitude, nutrition, fitness and goal settings – even meal planning, you literally have everything on one page to get it all done and so much more.

Planner, KIT Life Planner, Keeping It Together Planner, planner addict, planner review, 2016 planner, erin condren dupe, day on a page planner, yearly planner, yearly organizer, filofax, kikki k, planner accessories, plan, organization,

I am the type of person that really needs a lot of room in a planner and while traditional planners and calendars do serve their purpose with me, I love having “day per page” organizers because they give me the room to write and plan out my day as I need.  The KIT Life Planner offers spaces for inspiration – if you know me, you know I’m a big “quote” person and I don’t need to look up a quote each day – because the KIT Life Planner has one printed on each day for reference.  I also love to track my water intake (which you can do in the provided slot) as well as add a plethora of notes, to-do lists and so much more.  While this planner is big and a bit bulky, making it a challenge to carry around some what in my purse, I leave it on my desk and use it as my go-to desk planner for notes, lists and more.

Planner, KIT Life Planner, Keeping It Together Planner, planner addict, planner review, 2016 planner, erin condren dupe, day on a page planner, yearly planner, yearly organizer, filofax, kikki k, planner accessories, plan, organization,

Some of the additions to this planner that I don’t recall in that one from 2014 are:

  • Quarterly Check-in Pages
  • Peek at the Week
  • Side by Side Budgeting Tools
  • Occasions to Celebrate
  • Fit & Fab Tips
  • What’s Cooking… Meal or Dinner Planner per page

The design on each page and covers is so lively, fun and girly.  If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank so the colors just resonate to me and make me happy and cheerful.  It’s part of this planner offers you a variety of options to not only be productive, but to bring more of that positive outlook that keeps us on track in our lives.  KIT Life’s Team had a mission to optimize your life with pizzazz but to remain focused on the results.

Planner, KIT Life Planner, Keeping It Together Planner, planner addict, planner review, 2016 planner, erin condren dupe, day on a page planner, yearly planner, yearly organizer, filofax, kikki k, planner accessories, plan, organization,

So let’s get into the details of the planner – because we all love details… right?

This planner weighs approximately 2.30 lbs, though it is pretty lightweight when you consider what you have inside of this beast.  For the most part it is available for shipment within 2 business days – I literally received my planner in 4 days after placing my order.  Customer service is fabulous!  I have never had any issues with the times I have communicated with the team and they respond promptly which is awesome.  The planner is approximately 10 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches tall and about 1 1/4 inch thick.  In comparison with my Erin Condren, this planner is visibly shorter and definitely thicker and wider.  It has some weight to it – so that is the reason why I leave it at home on my desk.  But if I have to carry it with me (which I do at least once a week) I have no issue with taking it along.

The pages are thick and well made.  I have used a variety of pens without any issues of bleeding.  Currently I’m using my Pilot G2 Pens in many colors, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Paper Mate Flair pens and each write smoothly and sit nicely on the surface of the paper without bleeding.  Each pen dries fairly quickly on the paper as well as I don’t have issue with smudging.  The tabs on the planner are also well made and have a laminated coating which make them very durable for daily use and the planner cover has a great thick lamination which makes it sturdy as well.  In the 2014 planner my coil was plastic and it seems that for 2016 it is more of a wire coil with movement.  There is some wiggle room in the coil and it is not has sturdy as that from the Erin Condren, but nonetheless, it’s still well made and there is an ease to turning pages, etc.  The Planner cover is not interchangeable as you would expect from other similar planners, but I’m sure you could DIY one and put a new one on, as I am in the process of doing right now.

Planner, KIT Life Planner, Keeping It Together Planner, planner addict, planner review, 2016 planner, erin condren dupe, day on a page planner, yearly planner, yearly organizer, filofax, kikki k, planner accessories, plan, organization,

While ordering your planner you can decide to add in a few extras like note pages or a direct sales add in for an additional cost.  There are also a variety of planner accessories to choose from like the Planner Dashboard (which allows you to clip into your coils and change out as you need), To Do Dashboard Inserts (these go into the clip in dashboard), and Organizational, Nutrition Tracker and Event Stickers.

While I have the Classic Edition, there is also a Crown Edition which retails for $65.00 (currently sold out) and a Direct Sales Planner which is perfect for those of you in that type of industry.

Planner, KIT Life Planner, Keeping It Together Planner, planner addict, planner review, 2016 planner, erin condren dupe, day on a page planner, yearly planner, yearly organizer, filofax, kikki k, planner accessories, plan, organization,

If you are a planner lover or someone who likes to stay organized, I highly suggest checking out the KIT Life Planner.  Those that use their planners for strictly decorating may find that this planner is too big for you or too cumbersome, but as someone who literally needs a to do list to keep me on track, the KIT Life Planner offers all of that and so much more.  With so many planners on the market today, I find myself looking for one that will not only be functional – but offer me some flare and happiness and that is why I love the KIT Life Planner so much.  There are so many ways to customize this to give that extra touch of personalization if that is what you are looking for.  As a mother who really utilizes the space in this planner, I am really finding that it is one I truly enjoy.

My video review and walk through of the KIT Life Planner

Some suggestions I have for a few changes:

  • I would love to see more cover options available.  Whether it is to DIY our own or purchase directly from KIT Life – I would love that option as I love changing out my covers like I change my mood… lol.
  • A small section with bullet points or something along those lines (hearts would be cute) that I can list a few appointments or an open time schedule where I can add in appointments for the day.  I do own stamps and can do it myself, but I love when it is readily available.
  • Would love to see two lines for the meal section.  The one line works well for dinner planning, which is what my family does together most weekdays – but would love some extra space for additional planning.
  • I would love love to see KIT Life come up with a week on two page design (similar to that of Erin Condren).  I hate to compare the two but they are so similar and referencing it easiest that way.  I take my Erin Condren with me on the go because it allows me to have my family’s schedule on the go as well as give me an opportunity to stay organized and take notes when needed.  If KIT Life came out with a planner that offered smaller spacing for planning and organization while fitting a full week on two pages, I think it would really be a great addition to their line.  I would purchase the full sized and the smaller version because I love them so much that it would allow me to have both at my finger tips.  If they do decide to go the route of a week on two page spread – I would love to see some time slots or bullet points in there as well for planning appointments, it would make a wonderful and usable design.  I have ideas KIT Life, so let me know if you want to hear them 🙂
  • Lastly, I would love to see KIT Life design something for bloggers and YouTubers.  I currently use my own designed inserts or pages to track certain things with my blog and YouTube channel, but I would love an option for something along this line for the future.

Overall – I can’t rave enough about this planner.  Yes, as a mother – I think this is perfect because it allows me great organization for my family, but I love writing in all these notes on the fly and have them readily available and this planner really gives me the space to be able to do so.  It is a little large, but I think overall – that doesn’t change how much I enjoy it.

What about you?  Have you heard of the KIT Life Planner before?  If so, is this something you think you could consider purchasing for yourself or someone you know for planning and organization?  Are you a planner?  If so – what planner do you use?

Stop on by and check out my video where I walk you through the pages of the planner and provide my thoughts.  You can see this video here.  You can purchase this planner, the accessories and add ons at: http://kitlife.net/

Signature Honey

Disclaimer:  This product was purchased with my own money, however KIT Life did provide me with a few accessories / freebies and a discount on this planner as I have worked with them in the past.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased, as with anything on this site.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts.






“I’m addicted to all things planner, paper, stationary!” There, I admitted it – so commit me to planner paper anonymous… teehee! I think planning and paper are fun things to help keep organized and even relieve stress, so I enjoy it tremendously.  While I use many different things to keep me on task and my planner pretty, I think it’s an individual choice for many. I want to share with you a starter kit or list of planner essentials and supplies to get you on your way. Whether it be for pretty planning or just to have some supplies on hand, I hope this post helps you on your journey.

Kikki K

Check out my video as I walk you through my favorite planner goodies and essentials (embedded below), or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Like a person is an individual, so is ones taste, preference and needs. While I prefer a binder style planner, I can appreciate those who like coil bound ones or prefer electronic styles. Here is a list of planners that you can look into and possibly select from.

planner collection

  • Kikki K Time Planners or Personal Planners: These are binder style planners that allow you to customize by being able to remove, replace or add inserts to your heart’s content.
  • Filofax: A favorite of many, Filofax is a brand name most planner lovers alike are familiar with. Known for their quality and well made binders, you can expect a planner that will last for years with proper care. Similar in size to the Kikki K’s,
  • Erin Condren Life Planners: (ECLP)  A popular planner among the Planner Community.  The ECLP’s are great for those that love pretty planning but that also want to have something easy to use.  It’s a coil bound planner and while you can tear out pages or use coil clips to put things in, it is different from a binder planner when it comes to reuse and customization.  Interested in the ECLP?  Click here to get a $10 off coupon.
  • KIT – Keeping It Together Planner:  I discussed this planner in a post and video last year and it is a coil bound planner similar to that from ECLP.  I enjoy this planner though it is a bit more bulky than an Erin Condren planner and costs about the same.  These planners are made from a small company who sells on Etsy and they offer lots of writing room, quotes each day and everything a blogger or planner lover would need.
  • Punctuate Planner – Barnes & Noble:  These handy little planners come in all kinds of styles, sizes and price.  The small sized ones that I use usually cost about $5.00 and include inserts.  They are binder style and you can reuse them.  Punctuate also offers paper planners or a variety of calendars for your needs.  At an affordable cost, this would be great for students or someone starting off with planning.

Those are just a few planners you can find through out your planner search.  I have a few others like Macaron Planners which comes from China, LoveDoki Books (also from China and various sellers) as well as ones from Hello Kitty, Franklin Covey and Day Timer.  Each one can be used for various things and offer you a plethora of uses for years to come.  If you decide to opt for a binder style planner, remember – if you take care of it, you can get years of use out of it.  I have a Franklin Covey that I use that is over 10 years old.  Not huge on leather or the style and just need something basic?  See if you can find a binder that will work for you size and ring wise.  The clear binder (pictured below) is one that I love to store stickers and unused inserts, it was reasonably priced and works well as a planner too should I decide to use it as such.

Planner collection

Choosing the planner is just the beginning but making sure you have all the proper accessories, that’s the fun part.  Of course you need things like pens and other items to keep you on your planning discovery.  Here is a list of a few things I like to have on hand when planning or things I make sure to purchase if I’m out.

Pens – Of course you need some writing equipment.  I use a variety of pens in my planners but since I color code much of what I write, I’m constantly using pens that have a similar color range.  My favorites include:

  1. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens (I love the 20 pack)
  2. Paper Mate Flair Pens (these are affordable, easily found in stores and great for color coding – though they can bleed through some paper types)
  3. Japanese or Korean Style Fine Pens – 0.38mm (again, I love fine tipped pens)
  4. Expo Wet Erase Vis-a-Vis Markers (since I use a lot of laminated lists in my binders – these pens allow me to erase the writing with water)
  5. Sharpie Markers (again, since I have laminated lists, I use these and erase them with an eraser once I’m done to reuse again).

There are a number of pens available for use, it all depends on your preference, what you like and how you’ll use them.  I hear Frixon pens are great too, but I don’t yet own one.

Sticky Notes, Page Tabs – You can get a variety of sticky notes and page tabs in all sizes, colors and designs now a days.  Use your imagination with this one and look for what will work for you, your budget and your style.

Page Markers, Bookmarks, Paperclips (anything to mark your pages or your place) – This is fun in that you can create your own as well as find awesome and fun designs through out the web and in stores.  I love to make my own paperclips, page markers and paper clips, but I also find awesome Etsy shops that do great ones as well.  Search on Etsy for Page Markers or Planner paper clips and see what is available.

Planner starter kit

Journaling Cards, Stationary, Quote Cards or Project Life Cards – These are not a necessity, but if you are looking to add some inspiration or a little pretty to your planning, see if you can find these cheap and try it out.  I found a book of Phrase Cards at Walmart for under $6.00 and I also like to take scrapbook paper and write in my own quotes (or stamp them) and insert into my planner.  The options are endless, so use this opportunity to unwind your creative side.

Washi Tape & Stickers – I am addicted to Washi Tape and have a pretty large selection to choose from.  I think Washi Tape is my lazy way of decorating, because I can always add pretty to my planner with a bit of washi without going too in detail and feel like I’ve decorated it.  Washi has been my favorite go-to for pretty planning and it’s versatile in many ways.  You can find Washi in all sizes, widths and even now – shapes, since many are showing up die cut and not just regular tape shaped.  You can use them for a variety of purposes, including decorating your planner.  Find them at your local dollar store or anywhere that sells them and have fun.  Stickers, well you can get those everywhere and for everything.  Find a sticker sheet or two, or three that makes you smile and use it to decorate your planner till your heart’s content.  You can find “Planner stickers” and washi on sites like Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.  I make and print a lot of my own planner stickers, but some of my favorite Etsy shops for stickers are:

planner starter kit

There are a few extra goodies you can have on hand – but like everything I discussed here, they are certainly not required or needed. Here are a few and what I use them for:

  • Scrapbook Paper – I love to create my own dashboards and dividers as well as my own journaling cards.  Scrapbook paper is fun to allow you to customize what you want and make use of your binder in your own way.
  • Birthday, thank you or note cards – while not required in any way, these are fun to use to input sweet designs in your planner.  I also love using the envelopes.  I punch holes in them and use them to keep stickers or receipts.
  • Laminating machine and/or paper cutter – you can certainly use scissors (oops – I didn’t mention that one above) and you can find laminating sheets like those from Scotch or 1M, but I find both useful and I use them often.  Search around and see what works best for you and your budget.
  • Tape Adhesive – you can find these at any store in the scrapbook or arts and craft sections.  It’s an easy to roll out adhesive that allows you to bond or attach things inside your planner.  I love using these for everything I would tape down – they are permanent and secure.
  • Gift bags, gift wrap, etc. – You obviously don’t need these, but should you have one with a design you like, save it and turn it into a decoration in your planner.  My current dashboard (the roses) is a gift bag I got at Target that I laminated to protect.  You never know what you can find.
  • Stamps and Stamp Ink Pads – My main planner stamps come from StudioL2E and if you are a planner lover like I am, you will love their Plan-It Stamps and List It stamps as well as the rest they offer.  They are reasonably priced and pretty awesome.  You can find a variety of traditional wooden block stamps or clear stamps from a variety of stores as well as the ink pads.  Again, this is optional but the options are endless.

kikki k time planner

Remember, getting organized with a planner or even pretty planning is all about creativity and making products and tools work for you and your needs.  Everything I listed and discussed here is not in any way required or needed to get the job done.  A basic planner with basic necessities like a pen will get the job done just as well.  I love pretty planning, though I find that some days I don’t have enough time to do so.  Pretty planning allows me to get creative and it also inspires me to keep up with my planner, look at it daily and get in my groove.  If you find that  you want to get started with planning, but even with a nice planner and some fun pens – you just can’t get in the habit of looking at it everyday… try pretty planning and see if that will work.  Take a sticker or some washi tape and have a little fun.  The options are endless and the end result is something you created.

Are you a basic planner, a planner nerd or a pretty planner?  What works for you?  I hope this post and video helped you on your planning journey.  Have fun and plan away!

Signature Honey

Disclaimer: Through out this post there may be affiliate links or referral links.  Some of the products discussed or mentioned in this post were sent to me for feature or consideration while others were purchased by me with my own money.  While that may be the case, all opinions are 100% unbiased and honest.



Happy April loves.  I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by me.  I’ve been working with my eldest son’s school for his transition into Intermediate School and the twins are going to Kindergarten soon… excuse me while I shed a tear – lol, so this year is just speeding on by.  While I’m sad to see it pass so quickly, I’m excited to see change and I welcome it.  So – even though time is whirling past us, let’s take a minute and dance like no ones watching.

April Playlist
Music always feeds my soul… it’s something I listen to daily and it’s always playing while I’m writing to keep my mind in the mood and inspired.  This month comes with all types of inspiration and lots of good and easy listening jams to keep me motivated.  April is my month for love as my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary so this month’s playlist includes songs that include a little romance as well as those that keep me motivated, inspired and make me feel like I’m dancing.  While there are a few new hits within the bunch, there are also a lot favorites from back in my day that I have enjoyed over the years.

A few songs on this month’s playlist include:

  • Skin Tight – Niykee Heaton
  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  • Hey, Soul Sister – Train
  • Glory – John Legend & Common
  • If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
  • Lay Me Down – Sam Smith feat. John Legend

For a full list of the songs in this playlist or to have a listen – click here.

Kikki K Time Planner
I love turning up some great jams while I am working on my week and month in my Kikki-K Gold Time planner.  This month I decided I wanted to switch out my lilac for the gold and I’m absolutely loving it.  Do you turn it up while planning? I find myself listening to music and midway through decorating a page, I’m up and dancing and I love it.

So – what’s on your playlist for April?  I find that some of the songs I selected work well for my daily walks as well… so feel free to add some of these to your music playlist for the month.

Signature Honey




2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve done any planner or organizational posts, but though I have fallen behind, my goal this year is to step up my game and get with it.  I can’t believe that 2015 is already here (I know we established this in another post) and I have finally moved into my Large Kikki K Lilac & Gold Time Planner.  Let’s be honest here for a second… we all know I had my eyes on this thing… how could I not?  It’s purple… and gold and a little bit of happiness all wrapped into one planner.  For now, this shall be labeled my unicorn!  So let’s take a look at my 2015 planner set up.

Looking for a walk-through version?  Check out my video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Okay – time to get serious!  Last year I ditched my ringed planners to venture into the coil planner craze.  I loved my Keeping It Together (KIT) planner and highly suggest it to anyone who is interested in something like the Erin Condren (which I suggest too), I wanted something with a little more room which KIT offered.  But, this old school planner girl missed her ringed planners and so I found myself moving back into one again for 2015.  If you are used to a Filofax or any of the other planner brands, this particular planner from Kikki K is a bit more on the bulkier side than those, due to the padded feel of the planner.  But, I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE it.

The inner cover of the planner has four pockets along with a zippered pocket and a secretarial pocket to store all your organizing necessities.  I find these useful for holding on to business cards, post-its or page flags, photos and other things I want to keep on hand.  The planner also came with a full set of dividers, 2015 inserts and even a note pad in the back.  I have customized mine to fit my needs so I won’t get into too much detail.  In comparison to a Filofax, Kikki K’s large Time Planner would be an A5 equivalent, though the Kikki K is a bit larger in size.  This particular planner comes with an elastic closure which I actually do like.  This Time Planner is made of all leather, which I love and when originally released, it retailed for $79.95.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Now onto the inserts and the inner workings of my planner.  Like any planner addict, I have a bunch of fun and inspiring things in the front portion of my planner, from quotes, a dashboard and even stickers and happy colorful things.  Since this planner does come with Dividers (they were a light muted pink tone), I would have used those, but opted for ones I made myself out of card stock since I could personalize it the way I wanted.  I love ringed planners for this purpose, customizing to your hearts content (which is a crafter’s dream) is what I enjoy.  I create my own dashboards, fly leafs and fun items to help add an ambiance of happiness to my “to do” which creates a kind of Zen feel.  Some people may like, others may not… but it’s fun nonetheless.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

An important part of functionality in my planners is that I can write and erase what I have for lists, etc.  This didn’t come with the planner but something I’ve adapted on my own over the years and it’s works – so why change it?  As you can see from my shopping list, I use permanent markers or Vis-aVis Wet Erase markers to allow me to keep a list and then erase them when I’m done.  I think that erasing or getting rid of a list once it is completed gives me a sense of accomplishment and I have the same type of system for my To Do’s as well.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Since the Kikki K came with Monthly and Weekly inserts that I was happy with – I stuck to using those and have been thoroughly enjoying them.  Currently my Month on 2 Pages spread consists of my Blog and YouTube tracking.  I place a dot on the days I post videos or blog posts to allow me a quick “at a glance” reference for the days I have posted.  I’m sure in the next month I’ll change this and post an appointment calendar for quick reference of the month, but since I also put appointments into my Google Calendar, at the moment (which syncs with my phone) – I didn’t think it was needed.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

My week on two page spread is where I tend to write most of my information.  Anything written in my planner is color coordinated using my Staedtler or Paper Mate Flare Pens.  I like that the pen colors are the same so color coordinating using either or for me is easy.  Anything having to do with my blog is Fuchsia, my sons – light blue, my husband – dark blue, appointments for me in purple, food and meal planning in orange, etc.  I’ve had this color system for years in each of my planners already so I remember them easily without needing a reference.  My week on two pages also includes inserts I pop in from time to time like quotes, project life cards, photos, invitations for the week, etc.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Stuck in the center of my Week on Two Pages, I also have a Weekly Planning list that includes another laminated page that I can write in my To Do List for the week, a menu plan for that week (usually dinners) and then a shopping list.  This gets erased each week and to keep track of meals, my meals are transferred into the weekly inserts so I can refer to them later.  If you feel you ever need more room to write goals, to do’s or anything else for the week and it is something you will throw out once accomplished, this is a great way to do so… laminate your page and use erasable markers to write each week.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

One important section in my planner is my Life and Inspiration section.  This is the only section that I have a quote on the divider for or any decoration.  Within this section I have a card I printed on my computer with the Minimalist Mantra (which you can Google), reminding me that less is definitely more.  I also have my 2015 Goals for the year.  These goals are on-going and don’t have a set due date for them.  Things like “write 5 blog posts a week” and “drink my green juice daily”.  I also write in quotes I find inspirational and I want to keep with me often as well as any affirmations.  Since I keep track of my weight loss journey via my week on two page spread, I may also use this section for little tips and inspiring things for my weight loss as well.  Anything that I think will inspire me, add something extra to my life or just make me smile, will go in this section.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Of course I couldn’t have a planner without a blogging section.  I have a blog section in my planner that allows me to track upcoming or planned blog posts, ideas I may have while out and about or on a whim as well as any samples that came in from brands.  My printer died on me while I was setting this section up – but I have inserts for each that I have used the last few years, but for now – besides this blog layout you see here, the rest is all scribbled on lined paper.  Once my printer is back in the grind, I’ll post what inserts I use for my blog tracking, etc.  There are a few that I think may benefit some of my bloggy friends.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

My YouTube section is quite similar to that of my blog section and I track things kind of the same way.  Since they coincide with one another I think it is great to have a similar lay out so that I can keep my flow going.  I list my tracking here for YouTube (since sometimes videos I do are not the same as my blog posts, etc.) and I also have some lined paper that I use to jot down ideas for upcoming videos or even to write out tag questions.  This of course will be much more detailed once I get my printer going so I’ll be sure to update on that in a later post.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

My To Do section is just a bunch of papers labeled “To Do” but I also utilize a laminated sheet here as well.  This sheet can be removed and put into my week if my list is too long to fit in the “Top 3” for my Weekly Planning.  Again, I like to get rid of things once they are done, so once my list is complete, I erase what’s written on the laminated sheet.  I honestly don’t know that I’ll be keeping this section here and I may be replacing it – but for now… it is what it is.  In the future, I may decide to just put the “To Do” list in my week on two page spread and move along the calendar each week since I designed the sheet to easily come in and out of the planner.

The last section is my “Meal Planning” section in my planner.  I don’t have a picture because as I mentioned before my printer is broken so all I have are some lined sheets with a list of meal ideas or meals my family enjoys.  Once my printer is fixed or I get a new one, this section will be broken down with inserts I created on my computer.  It will include a Seasonal Meals section that will allow me to list meals that include items that can only be found seasonally here like strawberries.  There will also be a planning page that lists foods that are priced well or expensive during certain seasons, i.e. Turkey is probably the cheapest to buy during Thanksgiving holiday and more expensive other times of the year.  Of course, this is also the section that I will list my families favorite foods, grocery store prices, etc.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

So that was my lengthy break down of my 2015 Planner set up.  I’ll be honest in saying that this was the shorter version of it all… but planning or organization in any form is never a quick thing to explain I guess.  Having never used anything from Kikki K before I am proud to say that I have moved in to my new Unicorn nicely and have been enjoying it the last month since I got it.  It’s weathered well with me transporting it to and from the store or out to run errands and the inserts and pages take the ink I use fairly easily.  Let’s not forget that I’m absolutely obsessed with the color of it and I hope they come out with a richer purple because I’ll be adding that to my list as well.  For an in-depth break down of my planner, be sure to watch the video where I get into some detail, talk story and so much more and I promise I’ll be keeping up with these posts – I’ve surely missed doing them.

If you are interested in picking up a planner of your own – there are many options available.  Check out the links below and see if any of them fit your fancy.  I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you “Happy Planning!” and an even happier 2015.

Signature Honey

Kikki K – Time Planner or Personal Planners

http://www.kikki-k.com/ (if you sign up as a member, you can get a $10 discount/credit)

Erin Condren Life Planner https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/honeykahoohanohano0114  (If you use my link you will get $10 off your order)

Keeping It Together Planner https://www.etsy.com/shop/KITLife

Disclaimer:  I have referral links through out this post for Erin Condren.  Everything discussed in this post otherwise was purchased by me.

Hello my loves and WELCOME TO 2015.  I would be lying… if I said that I was ready to start 2015 with a bang.  Let’s face it, it just about smacked me across my face silly like a baseball out of left field… hmmm… did I even explain that correctly? lol  Needless to say, I really have no choice but to welcome it with open arms now that it’s here and embrace all of its many wonders while preparing myself for a year I wasn’t ready for and saying goodbye to one I wasn’t yet wanting to let go of.  As I stop and think about it all… I’m not really sad to see 2014 go… I mean, while it had some awesome benefits – seriously, the latter of the year wasn’t on my favorite’s list – so c’est la vie.  I am proud to say that while the year offered challenges that I overcame, it also opened my eyes to things I didn’t expect to experience but because of such, I am now going into 2015 with an open mind, a different outlook on life – a positive one, and an appreciation for what I have.  I am able to close the books on 2014 (well, with exception to taxes of course) and confident that I can leave all that funky excess baggage, drama and what ever else I wasn’t happy with in the past and move forward.

Ohana Means Family New Years 2015

I’ve made a few goals for 2015 and while I’m not going to share them all with you, I thought I would use a few of them as a way to bring positiveness into your day and hopefully give you a bit of organization and tools for the new year.  One of the things I have been wanting to focus on in 2014, but didn’t get around to is to incorporate daily planning and organization in my life.  Don’t laugh… while it may seem like I am all put together behind the scenes, I tend to let things like my daily planning fall through the cracks.  Let’s face it – being a mother of 3 very active boys (2 of which are twins) and a wife to a busy busy hubby keeps me on my toes.  With proper organization, my hope is that I will not let things fall through the cracks… like blog posts – for example.  I get so backed up with things I feel like I NEED to do that I tend to let the things I WANT to do fall through.  After looking through my blog this year, while I am so proud of the accomplishments I have made, it seems as though the “personal” touches that made my blog “me”… was lacking.  With proper “blog management” and “goals” along with Daily Planning and even some journaling – I think that I can not only accomplish a lot more effectively – but also be efficient with my blog, daily duties and even unleash some of my creative side in my journal again and therefore giving me some outlet and release that I think I may be lacking in.  Since I know this is not an easy task, I am in the process of putting together a daily or weekly (not sure which yet) task list that will allow me to get it all in order.  I will share that printable with all of you once I have had the chance to finalize it.  But for now, writing things down – holding myself accountable and giving myself deadlines will help in getting this important goal in check.

Whew… long winded, I know.  But this is just a sneak peak of all things to come here.  I really took a backseat in how I have been wanting things to be and now I have really decided that while I can’t have control over everything in my life… some things I just have to let go of… this, I know I can control and it’s my goal to do so.

Wishing you all a wonderful and fabulous 2015.  I’m 5 days into the year and already feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take it all on.  It’s going to be a fabulous year – you just wait and see!  So, your first post, a letter from the editor… is all about awesomeness in 2015.

Smooches & lots of wishes for blessings, love, happiness and prosperity!

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When it comes to organization and keeping dates in order, I’m a stickler for planners and keeping track of dates and appointments on paper or via technology.  Sometimes I’m told it’s a bit repetitious… but needless to say – it is a rare occasion that I’m late or missed an appointment because I keep my dates organized.  With three children who all have a schedule of their own, it is a requirement to keep my life planned out.

Dotmine - Dutch Treat Family Time 17 Month Planner



Dotmine is a company that offers Family and Student planners that help you organize your busy schedule.  Each planner offers 17 months worth so that your planner can accommodate both school and regular calendar years without you having to sacrifice your organizational needs.  I rather like the 17 month year because I plan both for myself and my children and this allows me to not have to use a plethora of organizers for each of us in my family.

About Dotmine

 It all started with a simple “dot” back in 1999–Sarah, Lisa, and a commitment to reclaim our lives while helping you do the same.  A serendipitous meeting in a London pub had given us the idea. Our corporate days — one of us pitching underwear and the other pitching laundry detergent — were far behind us. And for 15 years, backed by supportive husbands and seven fabulous children, our planners became favorites throughout the world.

Family Time 17 Month Planner

This planner is great in organizing a busy family but also loved by teachers and nurses as well as bloggers such as myself.  Developed by a group of moms, the Family Time planner is there to help you juggle multiple schedules all in one place.  Those of you who have children or juggle more than one job I’m sure will definitely appreciate this.

The Family Planners are available in 3 designs (Dutch Treat, Free Bird and Petites Fleurs) and each retails for $24.99.  Each planner is 8.5 x 11 inches and includes dates from August to December.  Adorned with their fashionable designs that are printed on durable plastic, these cool planners include monthly and weekly pages on crisp white paper.  I especially love that they include inspirational and humorous quotes each week, which is probably one of my favorite features of any planner as those that know me know that I look for daily inspiration before starting my day.  Plastic coils keep this planner spiral bound and there are back pockets to hold important papers in place.  Perforated margins for “tear-out” lists and note pages help to make your daily planning and errands a breeze.  In my opinion, if you are looking for a quality Family or blogging planner without spending the hefty costs that some may offer – this planner will be a great addition for you.

Family Time 17 Month Planner

What I love the most about this planner is how easy it is to use.  There are pages that offer seasonal schedules which is awesome since my children are all involved in sports which often has practice and games on repetitive dates so listing these make it an easy reference for myself, my family or the sitter should I need one.  Speaking of sitter… there is a babysitter page where you can easily insert a sticky note each time you go out so that the sitter knows exactly where you are or how to reach you each time.


I also love that Family Time offers a guide and tips on how to use the planner… simply take a look at the first few pages where it outlines exactly what to do and how to utilize the planner.  From adding sticky notes to special dates or weeks to planning out “family business”… every detail you may have questions on can be found on the “Using family-time.mine Everyday” pages.

family time dotmine

Overall – the price point is great considering I have paid well over $100 for other planners on the market in the past.  While it is simplistic, it offers a wide range of organizational tools for you and your family.  I love the perforated tear sheet options because this allows me to write down my grocery shopping lists or notes, etc. and tear them out should I need them on the go. The note sections are large enough for me to list a good amount of information as are each week and day.  If I had to critique the planner in general, I wish there was a way to add on pockets to keep pencils or post-its or a book mark that will allow me to easily turn to my page of the day.  I can definitely DIY these options, but it would be great if Dotmine offered something like this.  I’m all about accessories and add ons and I think that those would be awesome options.  I do definitely give this planner a 5 Sparkle rating because the options are wonderful considering the price point.  For those of you that love reading my “Mommy Survival Guide” posts – this is definitely something I would add to a Mommy Survival Necessity. 🙂

Have you heard of Dotmine Planners?  Could you see this meeting your families’ organizational needs?

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I love monthly subscription boxes and while I’ve had my fair share of them, I think the Popsugar Must Have box is definitely one that you must try out at least once.  This awesome subscription delivers a plethora of treats from beauty and skin care to food, fashion and more and for just $39.95 a month, shipping included.  I love receiving this box because I know that everything included is full size so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth with just a couple of items.  This month there was a range of surprises and treats that I couldn’t wait to dig into.  Check out my video embedded below to see the unboxing, or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.  Scroll down to see all the delectable treats and fine goods I got in my August box.

popsugar must-have august box


As you can see – the box was filled with a bunch of awesome goodies.

Paddywax Candle

The Paddywax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Mini Jar Candle ($10) smells like a beautiful sea breeze in a jar.  Fragrance notes of sea salt and the ocean tide, this soy-wax candle brings the beach directly to you.  I love the scent… it is subtle but you still get an awesome fragrance from it.  The packaging is awesome and reminds me of sea glass. When I use up the candle, I will be saving the jar for little knick-knacks or to make my own little candle DIY.  www.paddywax.com

thinkThin brownie crunch high protein bar

The thinkThin Brownie Crunch High Protein Bar didn’t last long.  After snapping the photo, I ate it in a quick jiffy.  This was a special extra in the box this month and I really did enjoy it.  It has a nice chocolate taste and is 20g of Protein, 0g of Sugar and great for on the go or after a work out for a quick snack.

Kendra Scott Elisa necklace

Next in the box was the Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Black Cat’s Eye ($50).  I was very excited to get this necklace because those that know me, know I’m big on natural minerals and stones, crystals and such and this will be a great addition to my growing jewelry collection.  It’s set in 14k gold over brass, and I love Gold jewelry and it has a gorgeous black oval stone that is classic and timeless. This is the first and only piece I own from Kendra Scott so I’m very proud to have this in this month’s box.  This piece alone pays for the entire box and then some… so the rest of the goodies included are actually extra goodies. www.kendrascott.com

Goodbyn Purple Meal and Dipper Set

The Goodbyn Purple Meal & Dipper Set ($8.00) Now – this next item is awesome for me and I’m super excited to get it.  First off… it’s purple, yes… praise the purple loving Gods… it’s purple.  Then it is an awesome way to keep track of meal portions and is a great portable way for me to travel with a meal when I’m on the go.  I’m so busy sometimes, I skip out on a meal because I just don’t have the time, but this will really give me the option to pack something to eat ahead of time and be on my way.   www.goodbyn.com

Mason Jar Cookie Company

The Mason Jar Cookie Company Celebrate! Cookie Mix ($12) Being a mommy of boys, goodies are essential and I’m always looking to add new treats to our foodie line-up.  We haven’t had the chance to bake these up yet, but know that I will post all about it once I do.  This treat is festive and ready to go – just add butter and an egg and bake it up for a delectable treat.  www.masonjarprovisions.com

Lollia At Last Perfumed Shower Gel

Lollia At Last Perfumed Shower Gel ($22).  I was pretty excited to see this in my box, because I have heard of the brand but have never tried the products before.  It smells really nice, but sadly – my box was a complete mess when it arrived due to the fact that this shower gel leaked everywhere.  It seems like the cap was not tight on the bottle and even after cleaning it up and tightening the cap, it continues to leak.  This shower gel is infused with shea butter and jojoba oil so I’m excited to give it a whirl with what I have left in the bottle.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip

Ooh La La – the Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip in Popsugar was a surprise to me but I was so excited to get it. ($22.00).  I’m a huge fan of the brand and this will be the first lip gloss that I have been able to try.  To celebrate Popsugar’s Must Have’s second birthday, Bite Beauty created this new shade for the occasion and it’s so sweet.  Strawberry, Coconut and avocado oils leave my lips yummy and pink.  www.sephora.com/bite-beauty

Bite Beauty Popsugar

The shade of Popsugar is a tad sheer, but it’s a gorgeous shade nonetheless and I love how it feels on the lips.  A little sticky but not so much that it’s irritating to use.  Definitely a gorgeous color.

Overall – I’m quite impressed with this month’s Popsugar box.  Overall I received a total of $124+ worth of products and all of them in full size.  Each month the Must Have box is $39.95 and includes full size goodies for you to test out.  I love the goodies Popsugar sends out because this particular box is much more lifestyle based, then beauty – so you get a variety of goodies that you can use on yourself or with your family in mind.  Have you tried the Popsugar Must Have box?  If not – is this something you may be interested in?  If you have, what are your thoughts?  Popsugar is a great way to try out some new things, click here to learn more about it.

Due to where I live – I apologize that it took me a while to get my unboxing up and live.  But I do have a discount code for anyone interested:

Get $10 off of a 3-month subscription by using CODE: AUG14SELECT Code is live and expires on 9/10/14.

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DISCLAIMER: POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Let’s face it, as the only female in my household I am always looking for fun and creative ways to express my feminine side without cramping the style of my guys who live under the same roof as me.  Since we share a bathroom, I know that it can be a challenge for them to have my “woman hoohah products” staring them right in the face so I normally keep them concealed in the cabinet, until now.


On The Dot The Perfect Spot

So – what’s the deal with this box?  The On The Dot is a designer storage box to keep your feminine products like Pads, Panty liners and tampons all in one place.  Designed by mother and daughter – Audrey and Sonja Unrau, they wanted to ensure that women’s feminine products were right within reach without sacrificing discretion and compromising decorative appeal. 

It’s a great mother-daughter story.

One day, high school student Sonja left an unusual box on the floor in the bathroom. Audrey, Sonja’s mom, noticed it and had to take a look. She opened the box by pulling on the handle and found a unique inner compartment filled with tampons and pads.”Great idea,” Audrey smiled. Audrey knew Sonja had stumbled on a truly great idea, and she decided they needed to run with it. Audrey and her artist husband helped further develop Sonja’s original design, adding an upper drawer,lower storage compartment, a sliding feature as well as a plastic protective base and handle. Their project has gone from a box in the family bathroom to a decorative dispenser, ready to be shared with women everywhere. Now you, too, can be part of this great story. On The Dot will conveniently store your feminine hygiene products at home, at the office, or in your dorm room. Our stylish, discrete designs will bring a little luxury to your bathroom, period. Plus, 10% of all On The Dot profits will go to women’s charities, worldwide!

Story from onthedotperfectspot.com 

On the Dot

The goal of On The Dot Perfect Spot, is to add some dignity and design to all women needing a feminine hygiene product. We would like to see On The Dot Perfect Spot in as many bathrooms as possible – not only home bathrooms, but bathrooms in offices, libraries, coffee shops, yoga studios, doctors’ offices, restaurants, etc. Anywhere there’s a woman using a bathroom, we want her to find an On The Dot Perfect Spot full of the personal products she needs.

The large butterfly handle is not only decorative but also allows you to easily pull open and close your On The Dot unit.  I think that the handle is creatively designed and definitely unique and fun.  It’s easy to use – simply pull up and it will expose the compartments below that are hidden within the unit when it’s closed up.

On The Dot

The upper drawer gives you quick and easy access to the things you will need quickly.  It is the perfect size to fit my tampons and panty liners so that is what I use that drawer for most of the time.  You can easily fit a full sized pad in that drawer as well, so anything you need quickly – it’s right at your fingertips.

On The Dot

The lower compartment is large enough to store your back up items like your pads, panty liners and other things.  It is even large enough to store a basic size toilet tissue roll.

The box iteself is made of a sturdy recycled chipboard.  It will not bend, crease or tear without having a strong force applied to it.  I kept my On The Dot in the bathroom and since the men in my life use hot water in the shower, I was pretty worried about the cardboard starting to warp because of the steam.  While I did notice a little bit of compromise, it still held up really well after consistent steam in the area and after a month of being exposed.  I have since removed it from my restroom completely since I am worried it would affect it more in the future, but was amazed that it held up as long as it did.  It is pretty sturdy for sure.  One note, do not get any water on the actual cardboard of the object because it can warp if it is exposed to water drips consistently.

On The Dot

The decorative plastic base keeps the On The Dot off of the floor or other surfaces.  This is perfect for those of you who will be storing your unit on a counter space where water could be present… this will help protect your On The Dot.

On The Dot is 10″ tall (without the handle), 6.5″ wide and 4.25″ deep.  It will fit on most vanities and counter tops depending on the space available.

On The Dot

On The Dot is available in three different stylish designs:  Monarch (pictured), Dream Duskywing and California Sister.  Each unit costs $24.99 and you receive Free Shipping on all orders.  The designs are simple and you can easily find one that will fit in with your bathroom decor.  Please note that at this time, On The Dot ships within the US only.

On The Dot donates 10% of all profits to Women’s Organizations Worldwide.  So you are not only supporting a genius idea for storing your women products, but you are also supporting Women!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

As a busy wife & mother, I am always looking for ways to keep myself organized as well as being able to plan accordingly for my family’s very hectic schedule.  I have utilized many different ways of organizing our lives to keep us on track of the things we need to do.  One of those things is writing out our schedules in a planner.  I’ve had everything from a Filofax to a Day Runner and even Agenda and now – I’m rocking out a Keeping It Together Planner for 2014.

Keeping It Together Planner

I have a thing for bright, fun colors.  And, those that know me, know I am a HUGE Lisa Frank fan and this planner screams colors of happiness to me.  When I first opened the box, I was greeted with goodies and bright tissue paper.  Upon opening up the rest of the box, the Planner laid there in all of its colorful glory.  Needless to say – if I wasn’t already excited just knowing I was getting it – I was like a kid in a candy store eager to rip it all open and start planning.

Keeping It Together Planner 2014

Check out my video review and open box embedded below.  Or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

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Keeping It Together Planner 2014

For those of you that like no fuss planners that eliminate all the extras like Birthday / Anniversary Lists and Contact List – this planner is definitely for you.  It offers you the opportunity to go straight into planning and organizing your life, with enough room for a little doodle fun if that’s something you like to do.  I love that there is no time slots for listing appointments but instead an actual writing space (similar to that of a journal) that will allow you to write in each date the contents of your day as you please.

Keeping It Together 2014

Each day offers you not only the space to write but also areas for Exercise and Gratitude.  I especially love this because it allows me to keep track of my daily exercise, run/walk mileage as well as the amount of water I drink each day and I can reflect back on this each week for improvement on the next.  You also get a daily quote as well as a Fitness/Health Tip which helps to keep you motivated and inspired each day.

Keeping It Together 2014 Planner

One of my favorite parts of this planner is the weekly menu.  I currently plan my meals out in advance to not only assist with saving money when purchasing food items, but also to keep our family on track and to help with our healthy eating.  Since this portion is already built into the planner itself, it is the perfect way to keep track of what your family meals are.  This is such a great addition and I’m glad that it was included.

Keeping It Together 2014 Planner

Keeping yourself and your family organized is an investment.  This planner retails for $50 on the Keeping It Together Website.  In my opinion – with all the additions this planner has, it is well worth the money and I have already noticed how beneficial it has been in organizing my family’s many events as well as my Blog and YouTube Channel.  I absolutely love the daily inspiration listed on each page that helps to keep me motivated for the day and this planner is so easy to use with everything you need to keep yourself on track.  If you are in the market for an Agenda, Planner or Organizer (what ever you may call it) and want something that provides a little happiness as well as a way to keep you inspired and on top of things, definitely check out the Keeping It Together Planner.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.

You can get your own planner here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/88652759/keeping-it-together-life-planner-2014?ref=listing-shop-header-0.  For more photos and information about the planner – be sure to stop by their Facebook Page: facebook.com/KeepingitTogetherKIT

For a complete review and break down of the products included with the planner, shipping and more – be sure to watch my video reveal and review.

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