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It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Milani Cosmetics and those that have been following me a while know that I use at least one product in each of the looks I create.  A few years ago, I purchased my first Milani eye shadow palette – A Runway Eyes kit and I enjoyed the pigmentation as well the price point and because of this I was completely hooked.  Fast forward five years and I am still craving that gold packaging… I consider Milani the high-end brand of drugstore cosmetics.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners


Recently Milani Cosmetics released a Limited Edition collection of goodies as a part of their Bedazzled Collection. The Constellation Gel Eye Liners available in three shades: 01-Enchanted Lapis, 02-Enchanted Black Opal and 03-Enchanted Emerald retail for $5.99 on and can also be found at select Walgreens locations for a limited time.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

Check out my thoughts on these liners in my video review embedded below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Each Constellation Gel Eye Liner comes with 0.14oz/4g of product and an eyeliner brush.  The liners are encased in the signature Milani gold packaging but the pot itself is quite lightweight in comparison to other Milani products.  I’m quite impressed with the packaging for these liners as it has a twist off/on cap that allows you to keep the liner protected and sealed shut when not in use.  The brush that comes with the product is well made in my opinion and I have been enjoying using it not only with these liners but also with others in my collection.  It’s dense enough to pick up product but still soft enough against the skin, no tugging.  While this brush is small, it picks up enough product needed and allows you ease of control & is easy to hold considering it’s size.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

At first glance, these gel liners are absolutely gorgeous in the pot… so much so that I didn’t want to open them, swatch them or use them.  I knew right away that the top layer of the liners had an over spray and I knew once I dipped into the pot, I would be sacrificing the gorgeous “Galaxy” look they had.  I was quite eager to try these in hopes that they would be as “galactic” (see what I did there? lol) as I thought they looked in the pot.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

Each liner is very creamy – much more creamy than I am used to and because of this… I think it offered a heavy amount of slip through the application process.  While applying, I had to take my time and apply in layers to not only build up the metallic look of each shade but also to get it to the consistency I want.  It didn’t take much to build it up.  As you used each product, while it still held the “metallic” look with some shimmer, the product lost the “over spray” I had mentioned I thought it had.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

01 – Enchanted Lapis is a gorgeous blue shade with a metallic sheen.  When applied it shows up a much deeper shade than what you see initially.  I would consider the end result a kind of metallic navy blue.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

In the pot, before use… Enchanted Lapis looks like it has blue, purple, silver and turquoise shades – but overall, when applied, it applies the metallic navy blue shade you see on my eyelid.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

02 – Enchanted Black Opal reminds me of a deep chrome/charcoal black shade when applied.  This color has light flecks of shimmer that can be seen in the application.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

In the pot, before use… Enchanted Black Opal has black, silver, pink and gold over spray in the pot before touching the product.  It’s gorgeous – but even in my swatch or use on my eyelid, only black/silver and some flecks of silver glitter were visible.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

03 – Enchanted Emerald applies and looks like a teal / emerald green when used or swatched.  There is are some small flecks of shimmer, but for the most part this looks metallic on the lid.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

In the pot, before use… Enchanted Emerald has a gorgeous array of shades in the overspray.  Dark emerald green, turquoise blue, bright green and purple are all laid upon the top of this liner.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

As you can see from the swatches, any of the pretty effects you see on the liner before use are no longer visible for the most part once you apply the liner.  While I don’t necessarily consider that a con, it would be awesome if these liners offered that option.  Each of them do lend for a gorgeous metallic hue which I think is still quite stunning.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

Now that I’ve given you the low down of these Milani Constellation Gel liners… let’s talk about my thoughts overall.  I think these are absolutely gorgeous in the pot and it’s disappointing that they lose that gorgeous overspray once you use the product.  However, I don’t think that is the most disappointing.  As much as I tried to love these, I struggled with the use of them.  After trying different techniques, I think the formulation could use a little adjusting.

First off all – these claim to be Smudge Proof and will “last from dusk to dawn”.  I have tried on many occasions to get these liners to stay in place for me… but they either run, smudged or became a mess and using them longer than an hour left me with panda eyes.  I have tried to set them with a powder shadow, but that did not quite work for me.  After using these for about a month, I found that the best way to apply for the best longevity would be to apply in light layers and build the color up.  However, even with that – it still smudged on my oily eyelids and I am not able to use it as a daily liner or out at night on a hot day or it will get everywhere.  Using these liners as an all over shadow base may work for some, but I also found the liner to be too creamy for me and because of this the shadow I applied on top moved around quite a bit and then creased in a short amount of time. I think these would be awesome for someone who does a lot of theatrical work or someone looking for a statement liner and something that doesn’t offer longevity.  I’m sure some of my cons may have some to do with the fact that I live in a humid/hot climate, but overall I had some difficulty getting the liners to stay in place, in tact and on my eyelids during each use.  Wearing this in my waterline caused my eyes to be irritated and again – I looked like a Panda who hadn’t slept in a week.  While these did not work for me, I’m still very impressed with how they look.  I think the overall creaminess and texture of the product could attest to the slip that the product offers.  At the price point, I think it’s definitely worth checking out to see if it will work for you as I know well that what may not work for me may work for someone else.  But for me, I consider these a miss, though that doesn’t mean I won’t try to make use of them in future looks.  Milani stole my heart years ago and while one product may not work for me, that doesn’t mean I still don’t love them so. Have you tried these liners? If not, is this something you have been interested in?  I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Signature Honey


This product was a Press Sample sent to me for consideration of review.  All reviews listed on this site are 100% honest and unbiased.

Yay for New Releases!  Recently I had the opportunity to test out and play with some new Rainbow Honey goodies that were just released with their Summer MixTape collection.  This collection includes 12 new cremes, shimmers and glitters and they are all jaw dropping and gorgeous.  This new collection (released July 18th) is now available for purchase on Rainbow Honey’s website and offers you a shade range you will be drooling over.

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Summer Mixtape! is available as a complete collection in full size (15 ml each, $90 promotional price for the whole collection of 12 polishes) and mini (5 ml each, $45 promotional price – currently sold out). Each full size color is also available separately (15 ml) for just $10 each.   Check out my reveal/video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.  Scroll down to see photos of the three shades I got.

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape

I received three colors from the collection and I wanted to share them with all of you.  Of course, the full size bottles come in the signature Rainbow Honey packaging (which I absolutely love).

Rainbow Honey MixTape


Left to Right:  Control, Work It Out and Elevate.

Rainbow Honey Control

Control is a shimmering fuchsia that is almost neon and is a great statement shade for summer or year round.  If you love hot pinks, this will surely be an awesome shade to add to your collection.

Rainbow Honey Work It Out

Work it Out is a creme coral that is another perfect summer staple.  This shade can be used alone or topped with your favorite statement glitter.

Rainbow Honey Elevate

Elevate is a glitter that includes a blend of blues, turquoise and other shades like green, yellow, pink and white.  This glitter is pretty cool in that it looks like confetti on the nails, and offers a variety of glitter shapes from micro glitter to hexes and circles and so much more.  Every time I think I have nailed down all the glitter in this bottle, I find another I didn’t see before. lol

Rainbow Honey MixTape Swatches


Each swatch was done on my nail wheel and each color was done in two coats.  The more coats you apply, the deeper Control and Work It Out become in shade.  I apologize for the nail wheel swatches, but as I do nail looks using these shades, I’ll definitely post them here.  Overall I think these shades are gorgeous.  Rainbow Honey is really great at creating a selection of colors.  For the price point of each, you are not only supporting a great brand, but getting awesome product.  I already have my eyes on I Wanna Get Better, Waves, One Minute More, and Lanterns.  The list goes on, but I am surely lovely them all regardless.

Want to check out Rainbow Honey and see all they have to offer?  Use promo code MIXTAPE20 to receive 20% off your next order.  Promo code expires on 8/31/2014 to take advantage of it while you can.  You can check out what Rainbow Honey has to offer on their site:

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Yes, it is public knowledge that I have a thing for purple.  Purple is my favorite color and I am super duper intrigued by purple lippies and tend to need them as soon as I see them.  Recently NYX Cosmetics rolled out their new Macaron lippies.  I caught sight of the purple shades and I absolutely know I had to have them.  NYX rolled these awesome lipsticks out in 12 shades, but I knew that I wouldn’t really make use of the others so I passed and placed my order.  Since NYX only ships to Hawaii with a $25 flat rate fee, I shipped it to a friend and then eagerly awaited its delivery.


NYX Macaron Lipsticks Violet and Lavender

Looking for fun daring shades of lipstick to add to your makeup collection at an affordable price tag?  Well, NYX recently came up with a solution for us makeup obsessed people who love experimenting with fun and exciting shades.  Newly released – the NYX Cosmetics Macaron lipsticks have already been a huge rave among those in the beauty and makeup community.  These colors – available in 12 different shades are daring, bold and not for the faint of heart, but surely show-stopping and most importantly – affordable.  Check out my video below for live “try-on” swatches or click here to watch them directly on YouTube.

For just $6.00 you can go bold this summer with shades that will surely attract attention.  Now available at ($5.99) or at your local Ulta Store and possibly at select drug stores, you can find these shades and pick one or all that suit your fancy.  I chose Violet (which NYX labels as a Royal Purple) and Lavender (NYX labels as a Lavender purple) and so far I am enjoying the formulation of each as well as the color pay-off.

NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lipsticks Violet and Lavender

Violet is a gorgeous purple shade (shown on the left in my photo above) – my absolute favorite of the two.  It applies nicely on the lips and is definitely the more wearable of the two shades, though it is still quite bold.  The color goes on evenly, has a slight gloss look to them (definitely not matte) with a cream type finish.  If worn with a fuchsia lip liner, this shade could definitely be a great one to rock out year round.  This lipstick applies very nicely and one swipe of the color on your lips can lend for an even application and full coverage.  I think it is much more wearable with just one layer, but adding a second layer on top will give the lipstick a bolder shade that you may be looking for.  This lipstick was the easiest to work with between the two.

Lavender is definitely a bold lavender shade.  It was probably the one that was most difficult for me to wear between the two.  This lipstick settles into the lines of my lips a lot, even if my lips are completely moisturized and exfoliated.  As you can see in my video, it was harder to apply.  This is definitely a shade that I would suggest you wear over a lip primer, or if you don’t use primer on your lips – then conceal or apply foundation prior to application of this lipstick.  Lipsticks with these kind of milky white look to them usually include a white based pigment to help give it its color, and I think that is why they tend to be harder to wear.  A blue or pink would lend for the same if the white pigment was used in them as well.  To create a nice even application, I definitely needed to take my time to apply the lipstick and then apply two layers to get an even and full coverage look.  The lipstick is definitely full coverage in one swipe, but it can be a bit patchy and apply unevenly.

Packaging is cute and looks very similar to that of the NYX Matte Lipsticks except instead of the black of the tube being matte (like on the matte lippies), it is shiny.  The Violet lipstick tube didn’t seem to want to stay up when I twisted the lipstick up – which sucks, but I think it is just a dud in that department and not necessarily the packaging for all in a nut shell.

These lipsticks seem like they are matte based with a cream finish, and because of this I didn’t have any issues with it drying out my lips and my lips felt moiturized for the time I had the lipsticks on.  Each lip color did move around on my lips a lot however, so I do suggest you using a lip liner to help keep it in check, or definitely prime your lips prior to application.  The pigmentation is awesome on each shade I received, but the color doesn’t last very long and reapplication is definitely a must if you are eating or drinking.  You can expect about an hour use out of these without too much movement.  Violet does stain slightly, not not enough to call it a stain… that is why I think it is a matte based pigment that was made creamy.

Overall – at $6.00 a piece and a “technically” drugstore product, I am pretty amazed with the quality of these lipsticks.  I may consider picking up Rose (the pink shade) just to have it, but I’m not quite sold on the other shades to warrant picking them up yet.  I think that they are pretty nice and good quality and since they are making waves in the bold and bright department when it comes to drug store – it shows me that it is much more promising for other drugstore companies to bring out bolder shades that highend brands offer.  If you are a makeup artist or someone that just loves bold lips, I think these would be pretty great for you to add to your stash.

Have you tried these macaron lipsticks yet?  If so – which ones do you have?  If not, are there any that you are interested in?

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BA Star Eye Shadow Palette Natural


BA Star is a company known for their bold colors and sparkle that is so widely used as performance makeup.  Most commonly used for dance, cheer and dramatic performance, BA Star offers a wide range of cosmetics and have recently added new Eye Shadow palettes to their brand.  A total of 6 different palettes are available for purchase.  Each palette comes with 5 shades in a range of colors that compliment one another.  These BA Star Eye Shadow Palettes, Retailing for just $8.75 – are affordable and offer good quality pigment.

BA Star Eye Shadow Palette in Spicy Natural

The palette I received is called Spicy Natural.  It includes a few neutrals and some pops of color in a shimmery 5 pan palette.  The following colors were included:  Champagne sparkle white, copper, chocolate brown, purple and golden yellow.  Each shade has a bit of sparkle and can cause fall out so patting motions when applying the shadows are best.  You can use these colors on their own without a primer or base and they will allow you to create a soft and every day wearable look.  I have swatched each shade in the photo above on dry skin – no base or primer so that you can see what it looks like on its own.

The lightest shade in the palette offers much more glitter and shimmer than the other four shades, so it can be the most challenging to work with dry, but over a sticky base it applies nicely and offers a gorgeous champagne color.  The other colors applied nicely and offered great color pigmentation to create my look.  I don’t have one to share since I forgot to take a photo of it the other day – but I’ll be sure to post one when I do.   Since I have a medium to dark skin tone, I did notice the gold didn’t show up as boldly as the other shades used over a regular primer, but used on a white or colored eye shadow base it offered a bright golden shade.  While the eye shadows are a little powdery – they are easy to work with, blend nicely and offer great color payoff.  I didn’t notice much fading after 5 hours and the color stayed pretty true to form over my favorite Eye shadow primer.

BA Star Eye Shadow Palette Spicy Natural

I also received an eye shadow base in the set and while I did test it out, I was not a fan of it.  It’s just a little more on the liquid side then I would have liked and it was difficult for me to work with.   Overall, I am impressed with this palette, just as I was when I reviewed the red lip pencil a few months ago.  The pigmentation is really nice, the colors are bold but you can work with them to create a wearable day time look and they offer pretty nice staying power when used over a base.  The only issue I think I had was with the champagne white which had the most fall out – but it was a gorgeous shade once I was able to work with it.

You can get this palette and others at  Be sure to check out their entire line of cosmetics – both affordable and great quality.

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March Ipsy Glam Bag - Destination Beauty

I have been subscribed to Ipsy now for about 3 years – since they were My Glam.  I took a break for about 6 months but have been really enjoyed the subscription now for the most part of the 3 years I have been signed up.  March’s Glam Bag is a very nice selection of products.  Included in this month’s bag I got the following items:

If you can’t see the video embedded above, check it out and watch it directly on YouTube here.  Don’t forget to Subscribe, Comment & Like! 😉

Ipsy provides you with 4-5 deluxe/sample size goodies in each bag and in some cases you also get a full sized item (or two or more) in your bag.  I have received products from brands like Urban Decay, bareMineral, Juice Beauty, NYX. Pixi Beauty and so much more.  I have also had the opportunity to try out new brands I have only heard of and never tried before.  Ipsy is just $10 a month (cancel anytime) and shipping is included.  It is the one sample subscription I have had the longest.  I used to be with Birchbox, Julep, NewBeauty Test Tube, Glossybox and BeautyFix (which is now Dermstore Beauty Fix) and I cancelled all but Ipsy.  I just like the goodies I get every month and for just $10 a month, it’s pretty worth it.  I can’t wait to do an eye look using the BoraBora palette.

Overall I’m very pleased with the products in this months bag.  Considering I got at least one full size product (Bora Bora Quad – $16.00) that already paid for the entire bag itself.  Ipsy bags can be a miss for me from time to time, but I am usually very pleased with what I receive each month.

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:

Do You have Ipsy?  What did you get this month?  I hope you enjoyed my March Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal for the Destination Beauty Glam Bag.

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