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Living in Hawaii during the Summer months can be beautiful and a well worth living experience, but it also means that my hair absolutely hates me due to humidity and funky weather.  My naturally curly hair tends to feel dry during the warmer months, leaving me using the same ol’ hairstyle each day to keep the frizz at bay.  All that craziness helps me to have a better appreciation for those who can use heat on their hair often, because straightening my hair during the summer not only causes my body to over heat, but my hair becomes damaged and takes a toll if I am not using the proper hair tools or products.  Now that Fall is so close – I can smell it in the air, I’m looking forward to using a tried and true hair style I have done for years and I want to share it with you today.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

It’s been over a year since I decided I would try to wear my hair much more natural so I haven’t used any heat on my hair since.  Because of this – I am excited to show you my straight locks for the Fall season.  But, as many who have naturally curly hair like I do know, it is not easy to go from super curly to straight without having a few challenges.  With curly hair going straight, you may experience frizzing, dryness and in my case – when I straighten my hair, I want my style to last at least 3 days before having to wash since it takes me almost two hours to create this perfection.  Here are some tips and what I do to keep my hair style looking fresh and great.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI
Before – Straightening my hair

Since I haven’t added heat to my hair in over a year and recently just cut and had my hair layered, I made sure to straighten my hair the day after I washed it.  This way some of my natural oils in my hair were able to develop and help to protect my hair in the straightening process.  I added a heat protectant spray to my hair to help protect from damage while my Ultra CHI Tropical Splash 1″ Flat Iron heated up.  This light weight heating tool heats up quickly – up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.  While the heat is not adjustable, it is the perfect temperature to flatten and straighten my curls without burning my locks.  When the iron has reached the full temperature, I then start flat ironing my hair – each strand about an inch in size.  The iron adds moisture and shine and penetrates the hair from the inside out so you reduce frizz and static electricity.   This is perfect for me and my curly hair gals as the last thing we want is the dreaded FRIZZ.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

Even after a lengthy trim, my hair is still fairly long, so it usually takes me about an hour to go through the strands and straighten completely.  Once that is done, I can leave my hair as is – but I like to add some coconut oil to help with the fly-aways, frizz and to help add some much needed moisture back into my locks.  To finish this very easy hairstyle, I spray my hair from mid length to the ends with CHI’s Dry Conditioner to help add extra shine and luster to my hair and leaving my hair soft and manageable.  This spray will help to keep my hair soft, easy to work with and even assist in extending the style for a few days until my next wash.  CHI’s Dry Conditioner is a waterless conditional spray that helps to make hair manageable in between shampoos.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

If I am to skip washing my hair for a couple of days, I’ll also use the CHI Dry Shampoo to help absorb excess oils and keep my hair looking refreshed between my next wash.  This Dry Shampoo from CHI smells great, works well and I love the waterless formula that helps extend the hair I worked so hard to create.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI
After – Straightening My Hair. This was taken immediately after.

To add a little bit of texture or volume to the crown of my style, I will use the CHI Texturizing Spray at the roots to help add some volume.  This spray is lightweight and has great hold so it’s perfect for those days when you are looking to add a little vavavoom to your hair.  I especially enjoy this on the 2nd or 3rd day I have my hair straight to allow me to still give my crown some volume without weighting down my hair.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

Once I do decide to wash my hair – CHI offers a variety of products that will also work well to keep my curly hair at bay as well as offer definition to my curls.  The CHI Styling Cream Gel is is Paraben free and helps to create sleek, smooth styles with a gel that is workable without flaking.  You get incredible shine and control and it keeps my curls soft and defined.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

The CHI Reworkable Taffy is a go-to when I want my curls to to look defined and my flyaways controlled.  It’s a non-sticky taffy that has impressive style memory to create reworkable styles that have texture.  It’s perfect for curly hair and a little goes a long way.  I use this product mostly on the tips of my hair to keep my curls in place and from frizzing.  Finishing off my curly hair look with the CHI Finishing Pomade which adds shine and a light hold.  It gives your look a polished shine and leaves your curls looking frizz free and your hair ends controlled and gorgeous.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

At the end of the day – my hair styles (no matter the season) are easy and manageable to allow me to go about my time without hassle.  The CHI Styling Line Extension has products that have been useful for my hair whether I decide to rock it straight or curly and they work well for any season.  Each product in the Styling Line Extension is enriched with silk and CHI Ceramic Compound which works hand in hand to achieve maximum shine and resist thermal damage.  The silk instantaneously works to provide your hair a layer of protection while steal leaving your hair looking fab and enhancing shine.  The weightless formulas are perfect to keep your favorite style in place without losing volume and each product offers a zesty, fresh-smelling fragrance with lavender and jasmine that leave your hair feeling replenished and ready to go.  Using CHI Styling Line Extenstion products with thermal styling tools help to seal the hair cuticle and secure the proteins in each strand of hair to increase strength and ensure protection for your styling needs.  I have been able to keep my hair straight for three days before washing due to the assistance of these products and even with my curly hair – I have enjoyed my style.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

Have you tried any of the CHI Styling Line Extension products or the Ultra CHI Tropical Splash 1″ Iron?  How could you incorporate these tools into your Fall hair style routine?  Do you wait till the colder months like me to add heat to your hair too?  Comment below and tell me, share your thoughts and tips too.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

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Disclaimer:  This post is in collaboration with the lovelies of The Beauty Council.  I was sent product for review, consideration and feature for free.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide this post and Affiliate links are through out.


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Dear Locks, 

After years of running away from you, I can finally embrace what you are and I love it.  No more are the days where I wish to wear you straight because I’m afraid of the torment and teasing your curliness brings.  Today – I am proud to have you, proud to say you are mine and happy to be your owner!



Macadamia Professional Hair Care

Spring is here… woohoo!  But, with the gorgeous blooms of spring come the repair of damage that Winter has done to my hair.  This particular cold season even had Hawaii experiencing the weather that does heavy damage to my ends and my lengthy locks.  In order to have gorgeous hair for Spring (which is the season I wear my hair down the most), I need to add in extra moisture to hydrate and repair the hurt that Winter has done.  This is no easy task and it is essential that the products I use nurture and revive my hair to the beauty it can be.

Macadamia Professional Hair Care

Macadamia Professional Hair Care products have been a favorite of mine for years and recently I incorporated some of the Nourishing Moisture line in my hair care routine.  The Nourishing Moisture Shampoo (net wt. 10 fl.oz. / 300ml), Conditioner (10 fl. oz / 300ml) and Oil Spray (4.2 fl.oz. / 125 ml) have provided my long locks with much needed moisture to combat the cold winter blues and adding lustre and softness that my hair desperately needed.  Perfect for Medium-Coarse textured hair, this product line provides much needed benefits like re-hydrating, restoring and re-balancing our hair and prepping it for the heat of summer months.  These products include their Pro Oil complex of Macadamia and Argan Oil blend which help to repair my hair giving it life once again.

Macadamia Professional Hair Care

Since I tend to use my hair natural now a days, no heat or styling tools in order for my curls to look soft and pretty, I need to ensure that the products I am using do not strip my hair of natural oils and provide my locks with much needed moisture to keep from frizzing.  All of Macadamia Professional Hair Care products are formulated to contain the highest amount of Omega 7 than any other oil out there.  This oil is the closest to resemble the human hair sebum and because of this, it mimics the scalps natural oil product, keeping my hair looking and feeling healthy, but also ensuring my scalp is protected to encourage good hair growth and a healthy hair shaft.  The products are created with a key value to repair the hair from the inside out, rather than just repairing the surface.  Honestly – it’s kind of like taking vitamins to encourage health, these products offer a similar concept and its goal is to renew your hair texture.

Macadamia Professional Hair Care

These products from Macadamia Hair are free of Sulfates, Parabens and Gluten, which further helps to keep my hair moisturized without the added chemicals that other products can include and I love that I don’t have to worry about my colored hair since this line is Color Safe.  Furthermore, Macadamia Hair is Cruelty-Free which is great for my fur and animal friends.  As I mentioned previously, I’m a long time supporter and user of Macadamia Hair Care and their line of products and after using the Nourishing Moisture line in my hair care regimen, I noticed my hair is softer, much more manageable and shiny.  With Winter waving Aloha and Spring getting started, I know my hair will be ready to show itself off.  I’m excited!

Dear Hair,

I’m excited to show you off!  

Don’t worry – I got you!

xo Honey

Have you tried any products from Macadamia Professional Hair Care before?  If so, what is your favorite?  If not, what products from the brand do you think would work for your hair needs?  Do you experience crazy hair like I do during the Winter months? What are your remedies for soft, gorgeous locks?

MAC-PRO-Logo-w-TM-3 (1)
FTC:  Products mentioned or discussed in this post were sent to me for editorial purposes.  While I did receive this product for free, all thoughts and opinions stated are my own and 100% honest & unbiased.  This post includes Affiliate links through out.  You are under no obligation to click the links, but should you do and purchase, I may receive a small commission from your sale.  This is a collaboration post with The Beauty Council Network.

2015 Beauty Resolutions???  Well, I am the type of person to make goals each year, but I’ve never taken the time to make one that is beauty related.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect… but I’m just the type of person that learned that sometimes I just need to do things as they come.  Yes, I think Goals are important… I do have a list as a guide.  But, I also think when it comes to beauty, I just can’t seem to strap on the cuffs and settle down – so to say.  Either way, doing this collaboration with my girls from The Beauty Council had my gears turning in my brain.  What could I possibly have as a beauty resolution?  Is there something I want to change or improve on personally when it comes to beauty?  Well, let’s just see what I came up with.

2015 Beauty Resolutions

Let me be honest with all of you for a quick second… I contemplated saying that this year I would take a backseat in purchasing cosmetics and taper my spending a bit when it came to makeup.  Then, I realized I couldn’t stop laughing because we all know that this will probably never happen.  I could consider myself a makeup addict, swooning over the newest release and yearning to make my next purchase.  But, I’m also a blogger and realistic.  There will be times I know I just can’t resist.  I can say that I have cut down my spending on makeup dramatically over the last few months… so maybe I can consider this resolution a win. #winning

On a serious note, I really did think hard about what I could possibly do for a beauty resolution this year and here are a few things I came up with.  Some people may not necessarily agree with me, but hey – they’re my resolutions… right?

  1. Start using and utilizing the makeup I currently own.  No one needs 4,200,601 makeup palettes or pieces of makeup.  Don’t get me wrong… no one can really have that much (I think), but my makeup collection is just too much and many pieces are purchased to use just once or twice and then thrown into the black hole that I call my makeup stash and forgotten about.  I get so caught up in the hype of a new makeup product release, trend or just the overall that my brain automatically buys on impulse… kind of like eating – no wonder I’m a plus sized girl. lol j/k
  2. Stop buying cosmetics based on their cute packaging.  Yeah – I don’t know that I’ll stick with that one… but I tried anyway. teehee!
  3. Get more rest / sleep.  Oh now I think I might be kidding myself with this one.  I have said for years I would be getting more rest and stop revolving around 2 hours or less of sleep each night.  I don’t think this one is possible, but one can dream… right – literally! lol  Sleep is an important part of any beauty regimen.  A good nights sleep will not only rejuvenate your body but your face and keep you looking younger, longer.  I’ll do my best to try it this year.
  4. Stop comparing myself to the “Elite Instagram Famous”.  Let me clarify on this one a little… I do look at Instagram photos and think to myself… what does this person have, that I may not.  Why do I not have as many likes on my photos as this person does?  Come on now, who doesn’t?  But the fact of the matter is that I need to remember that I don’t need to blur my skin, over saturate my images, add filters and make myself look like a doll.  My face looks great without makeup, without a filter, without editing and when I do those things, it’s never to hide imperfections that I’m uncomfortable with but for fun and creativity.  I’m not bashing on those that do, to each his own… but I don’t need to feel inferior in comparison to these people.  I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in and I can rock it too!
  5. Love Myself!  Last but not least, I thought this one would be important.  Like I mentioned before, I love the skin I’m in and I’m comfortable with me and who I am… but it took a long time to get to that point in my life.  Insecurities are something each person may have and have to deal with on their own.  I need to remember to take time for me and take care of me.  I must love myself, love me for all that I have done, all my accomplishments and most important celebrate who I am as a person.

2015 is going to the best year of my life and I am determined to ensure that it is.  Whether it means I need to make goals for life or for beauty, family or anything in general – I am confident that any resolution whether or big or small will be a great inspiration for success.  All kidding aside while this post was meant to poke fun on a few things I do, it was also meant to be a serious side of who I am.  I seek to be an inspiration for those who feel they just “cannot” and with a little self love and push – I know it can happen.  Don’t forget to stop on by and show some love to my girls from The Beauty Council.  Read what made their Beauty Resolutions list for 2015.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015.  May all your resolutions be accomplished and may you get all the happiness, love and prosperity your heart desires. xo!

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The Beauty Council

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Thanksgiving or the Holidays in general always excites me and I find that I am not only very happy and looking forward to making memories with my family but also a little on the emotional side as I remember past memories with loved ones who are no longer here.  While family time is important to me, I also consider my “beauty buddies” my extended family and the Beauty Council includes some of my favorite beauty loves.  Along with the Beauty Council, I bring to you Beauty products that I’m Thankful for… so grab a coffee, tea or cup of cocoa, have a seat and enjoy!

Beauty products that I am thankful for

I say this time and time again that finding and choosing a favorite product for me is kind of like asking me to choose between my sons.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have those that I cannot live without, but I also feel that I either love it or hate it and if I love it, I will definitely make use of it.  This year (2014) was all about either rediscovering old favorites or brands I stopped using or trying out products again that I haven’t used in a while.  I do have some new goodies on my list, but overall these are items that I know I have grown to love or have loved from the first use.  Some are newly introduced, others have been a favorite of mine for a while… but overall, these are the products I think I would thank the Beauty Gods for.

Beauty products that I am thankful for

Colour Pop Eye Shadows – These gorgeous shades with a weird and unique texture have captured my heart a few months back and I use them so often, how could they not be favorites?

Lorac Mega Pro Palette – I’m definitely thankful for this one, because I literally stalked the site to make sure I got my hands on this palette.  I’m thankful most importantly that I got a chance to get one… because it’s awesome.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Dress Your Face Palette – I’ve been rocking out the colors in this palette consistently, how could it not make this list.  Gorgeous shades for year round and pretty much any skin tone.

Milani Baked Blushes – It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Milani, but their baked blushes or any of their blushes are definitely favorites of mine and great for everyday use.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – Have you tried Hourglass Ambient lighting powders?  Well, this is a great set to try out some of these powders and fall in love as I have.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette – These are so gorgeous in the pan I don’t even want to use them sometimes… but they are worth it and you will fall in love with these too.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara – Hey, my lashes are so short and sparse but I have found the best “hands down” mascara on the market for volume and some length and it’s normally less than $4.00

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara – Top 5 of my favorite mascaras.  A mascara that I can use on it’s own and it offers me enough length and volume so you can see my little wittle lashes. lol

NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep – We all know I love my Sunny Bronzer from NYC, but this one is definitely a favorite and perfect for my skin tone.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance & Coastal Scents Step One Eye Primer T – My Holy Grail Primer is from Too Faced but lately I’ve been crushing on my Coastal Scents Primer.  Definitely must haves that I can’t live without.

Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter in Dusk – a great asset year round but especially during the colder months.  I’m so glad that I got to try this lovely treat for my pucker.

Beauty products that I am thankful for

Bite Beauty Lippies – they have definitely stolen my heart this year from their lipsticks and high pigment pencils to their Agave Lips Mask.  Fabulous brand and awesome lip goodies.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks – these are a new release and I own three of them.  So creamy, moisturizing and I love how awesome they feel on the lips.  Looking for a great matte lipstick, yup – check these out.

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks – my #1 love of lipsticks from the drugstore.  If you know anything about me, it’s that these are still my favorite.

Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils – I will pull for these before my Urban Decay 24/7 liners, because they really don’t budge on my waterline.  Less than $3.00 each these give high end eye liners a run for the money.  I can’t wait for Jordana to come out with a larger variety of shades.

New York Color Liquid Eyeliner in Black – If you watch my videos or follow me here you know this is an important one for me.  I’ve been using this eye liner now for over 6 years, before it became a cult favorite.  Back then, it was an affordable option that I loved and still do.

Paula Dorf 2+1 For Brows Kit – this is a new favorite but I’m glad to have had the opportunity to try it out because it makes doing my brows easy as pumpkin pie.

Color Switch Duo – The Beauty Gods know I have more than my fair share of makeup brushes and sometimes I’ll use 8 or more in one look.  This awesome little gadget allows me to switch between shades for blending or placing color and I can still use my same brush.  Of course, it is not meant to take the place of cleaning your brushes – you still have to do that, but it’s such a dandy tool.  A makeup artists’ dream.

Beauty products that I am thankful for

Be Delectable by Cake Beauty’s Lemon & Cream Hair & Body Mist – I need to get the rest of the scents, but these are fabulous.  A light mist of yummy on the body or hair makes for a showstopping entrance.  Yes, this is affordable and no it does not replace my love for perfume, but this is great for every day.  My favorite body mist.

Freeman Feeling Beauty Facial Masks – I pictured the Facial Brightening Mask but most of them are favorites of mine and considering I have super sensitive skin, I’m very thankful that these work pretty well for me without any issues.

Michael Todd Soniclear Cleansing Brush – Last year I had many issues with my Clarisonic.  While it does work for others, it just did not work for me and it was difficult to find something similar that would wow me.  This cleansing brush is gentle on my sensitive skin, anti-microbial and most importantly – it’s purple. lol

Argan Oil & Coconut Oil – pictured is one of my favorite Argan Oils from BebeLush. Used in combination with my Dr. Bronners coconut oil, these products have definitely improved my skin’s texture, look and overall appearance.  These oils have made a huge difference in my skincare and used alongside some of my favorite serums, it’s because of these products and caring for my skin that I no longer need foundation and concealer.

DermOrganic Hair Products – pictured is the Leave-In Spray Therapy which I use often, but DermOrganics products have really been a huge asset in how awesome my hair is.  Soft and manageable and my curls are pretty.  My hair loves these products to the end of the earth.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – African Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil and more.  Yes, I knew I would love this product.  The ingredients alone scream volumes of why I love it so much… so no explanation needed. lol

Be Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion in Strawberry & Cream – one of my all time favorite body lotions because who doesn’t love to smell like vanilla and strawberry?  Moisturizing with shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera, this is one that I know I will continue to love for years.

So – my very very long list of products is finally over.  I know, I know… I need to start learning how to narrow down my options.  But, there is nothing wrong with options and I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity this year to try out so many awesome products.

Happy Thanksgiving loves and don’t forget to head on over to the blogs below and check out what made my buddies thankful list. <3

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The Beauty Council


First off… I have a lesson for you before getting into the look.  I am so excited to  introduce you to The Beauty Council, a new group that consists of beauty and lifestyle bloggers that have come together to bring you beauty in all forms, shapes and sizes.  I’m thankful to be a part of this elite bunch of lovelies that will bring to you a new series of looks and posts two times a month featuring an array of inspirations.  You can expect us to cover beauty and makeup trends, inspired looks, collections of favorite products and everything else I haven’t mentioned.  This time around, The Beauty Council takes on the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) from 2014 and looks that are speaking to our souls.  Check out all the lovely ladies and their fabulous recreations (links below).

If you know anything about me… it’s that I’m a huge believer that every woman should have at least one red lipstick in her makeup arsenal.  Red lips offer a huge statement and in my opinion say that you are “Confident, Sexy, Sultry, Daring and Showstopping”…. plus countless other things. lol Rita Ora really wowed me at this years VMA’s with her statement red lips and bold lashes and because of that I used her makeup that she wore on the red carpet as inspiration for my look.

Rita Ora VMA 2014

Rita’s look screams “timeless” to me.  While red lips can be a bit too daring for some, I think that it can be a bold statement for many and done up the right way – it’s glamorous and beautiful.  Besides the bold red lips she wore on camera, she also had rich black winged liner and fabulous spike-like lashes.  Check out my video tutorial for this look embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

If you enjoyed my video – please don’t forget to subscribe. 😀

Rita Ora VMA's 2014 Red Carpet

Products used on my eyes and how to get the look

  • Milani Bella Taupe Bella Eyes Gel Powder Shadow – this shadow was used to fill in my eye brows to make them look darker and more defined.
  • Milani Brow Wax was then applied on my brows to keep my brow hair in place.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige (80) was then applied to the lid from lash line to the crease and blended out well with my finger.  This color is used as my base and primer.
  • Milani Bella Caffe Eye Shadow was then applied to my eye lids with a fluffy brush and blended into the crease so that there are no harsh lines.  This shadow is used as a base lid shade and is similar to my natural skin tone.
  • Milani Brow & Eye Highlight Pencil 01 – I apply Matte Beige to my brow bone to highlight below the arch of my brow.  I blend this creamy pencil well so that there are no harsh lines but making sure I still have a soft highlight.  Then I take the opposite side of the pencil in High Glow in the inner corner of my eyes as a base for the shadow I’ll be laying down shortly.
  • Milani Bella Chiffon Eye Shadow was then applied with my finger to the inner corner of my eyes over High Glow (Milani Brow & Eye Highlight Pencil).
  • Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Felt Tip liner was then applied to the upper lash line.  I created a small but defined wing and a thin liner on my lid.
  • Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Waterproof Liquid Pencil liner in Black Point was then applied to my inner rim (tight line) to give my lashes a thicker look.  I would normally apply this before my liquid liner, but I forgot.
  • I then curl my lashes and apply two coats of L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara.  Once that’s done, I apply a set of lashes from ebay (sorry – I do not have a name for them, but they had the spike like look I was aiming to achieve).

Rita Ora VMA's 2014

Products used on my face / lips and how to get the look

  • Olay Total Effects 7-in-One CC Cream was applied to my face and neck area to help even out my skin tone, protect my skin with SPF as well as moisturize.  I applied this product with my fingers.
  • I then applied NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep and used this product to contour my face, defining my cheek bones and applying to the temples of my forehead, along my hair line and on my jaw bone.
  • Milani Rose Powder blush in Romantic Rose was applied with a stippling brush to my cheeks and blended up towards the top of my cheek bones
  • Wet n Wild’s Centerstage Fergie Shimmer Palette in Photobomb was applied to the high points of my face and cheeks to give my face a soft golden glow.
  • Milani Color Statement Lip liner in True Red was applied to my lips – lining my lips on my natural lip line and then slightly filling in my lips.  Then pursing my lips together to distribute the color.
  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Ruby Valentine was then applied to my lips.
  • To finish the look, I applied Milani Brilliant Shine lip gloss in Red My Lips to add a nice shine.

Rita Ora inspired makeup look

The look is now complete!

Rita Ora VMA's 2014 Makeup

I hope you all enjoyed my recreation of Rita Ora’s VMA’s 2014 Red Carpet look.  Don’t forget to check out the other gorgeous recreations by my lovelies from The Beauty Council (links below).  If you haven’t already – check out my tutorial for this look, which can be found here.

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